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Game of Love 7 July 2020: Game of Love 7th July 2020 written update Anika asks what happened now. Shivaye says nothing. She asks why are you following us then, Patidev will you come to drop us till the car. Anika, Aryan and Bhavya sit in the car. Shivaye waves. Anika says he is not moving, we have to leave. The car leaves. Shivaye goes. Gauri whistles and signs them to come back. They come back. Gauri says Shivaye will see there. They go by window. Anika says we will be celebrating Holi tomorrow, there will be many guests, we have to hide and protect Aryan. Gauri says this won’t be easy, ShivOmru have doubt on us. Bhavya says it will be impossible to hide Aryan. Anika says I found a way to make this possible, did you have bhaang ever. Gauri says I never tried it. Bhavya says I saw people having it. Anika says it directly affects brain, people usually have bhaang on Holi, when everyone get intoxicated, it will be easy to hide Aryan. Bhavya says good idea, then we can solve our mystery.

Game of Love update Tuesday 7th July 2020 Shivaye says its Oberois’ holi, I will make Soumya have this bhaang, she wants to have Rudra, she would have made some plan, she will say the entire truth in intoxicated state. Veer says those three saved Aryan’s life and Oberois’ reputation today, this is not going to happen tomorrow, its Holi, after consuming this bhaang, they will bring Aryan in front of everyone, and then Oberois will be humiliated. Tia says Its Oberois’ Holi tomorrow, I won’t get a better chance to reach Robin and my baby, I will make Veer and Soumya consume these bhaang, my work will get easy.

Its morning, Shivaye sings Rang barse….Omru also sing the same song and get ready. They come out of their rooms. Shivaye gets drenched by the coloured water. Om falls over the colours. Shivaye and Om see each other. Rudra comes singing and laughs seeing them. He asks are you going to play Holi or coming back after playing Holi. Game of Love update Tuesday 7 July 2020 They ask him to shut up. Rudra jokes on them. A water balloon falls over his head. They laugh and clap. Shivaye asks what happened now. Om asks what was he saying, are you going to play Holi or coming back after playing Holi. Rudra says fine, we are even now. They take colours and apply to each other. They hug and throw colours in the air. Rudra says who smeared the colours on us. Om says I m sure Anika, Gauri and Bhavya did this. Tej, Jhanvi, Pinky and Shakti come and wish happy holi. Shivaye asks did you do this. Pinky asks why, can’t we play holi with you. Shakti says Holi isn’t over till we celebrate it.

Tej says we will play Holi like a family today. He applies colours to everyone and sees Om. Om smiles. Tej applies holi to him. Lafzon ka yeh….plays…. They all play Holi and hug. Rudra says I can’t believe you planned this prank, as you all just fight always. They all laugh. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya come. Anika says you are playing Holi without us. They throw the colours on ShivOmru. They shout happy Holi and run. ShivOmru run after them. Veer and Soumya look on. Game of Love 7 July 2020 Veer says once they get busy in Holi, you mix bhaang in fake Anika, Gauri and Bhavya’s thandai, then they will get us to Aryan, they will conduct his DNA test, we will prove by fake reports that he is yours and Rudra’s child and then… She says then Rudra has to marry me. He says exactly. They go. Tia says I have to add bhaang in their drinks, only then I can go and save Robin and my baby.

Anika, Gauri and Bhavya turn. Shivaye says you guys can’t run now. Anika says Dadi….. They throw colours and laugh. Rudra says this is cheating. Bhavya says no, its Holi, happy holi. Shivaye says smearing colour is not a big deal. Anika says then smear colour to me and show. Shivaye says challenge accepted. Anika says you can’t do this. Rudra says lets do this. ShivOmru throw colours. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya sit and get saved. They throw colours again and run off. Rudra says they have run away. Shivaye says we will apply colours to them. Rudra asks how. They follow…. Balam pichkari…..plays….. ShivOmru pick a handful of colours. Game of Love 7 July 2020 They all dance. Roop looks on. Veer thinks this is the chance to add bhaang in thandai. Veer comes to them. ShivOmru walk around him with a serious look. They smile and apply colours to Veer. Veer wishes and applies colours to them. Shivaye says Soumya has come, go and execute our plan. Rudra goes to Soumya and dances around. She laughs and dances. He starts coughing. He says lets drink thandai, I didn’t say to have bhaang. She sees Veer and thinks Veer is standing there, it means thandai has bhaang mixed.

Game of Love update Monday 6th July 2020 on starlife

She says I don’t want to have thandai, I want to eat something. Rudra says we have aloo paratha in our menu, I told the caterer to add it for you. She asks really. He asks her to come. She smiles and eats the paratha. He winks to Shivaye and Om. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya come to the thandai. Anika thinks its time to add bhaang, so that we can go out and find about Aryan. She says we have to feed this to three of them. Gauri says I will go. Anika says no need, you will get nervous, someone strong should do this. Bhavya says then you should do this. Anika says I can make Omru have this, but Shivaye is annoyed with me, you go, make a cute face and convince him. Bhavya asks puppy face like this. Anika says yes, go. Veer says serve me thandai as well.

Veer asks for thandai. Anika says no, we made this for our husbands, how can we give it to you. Gauri says its special. Veer sprinkles some bhaang powder over the Gujiyas. Rudra winks to Shivaye and Om. Soumya says I love Aloo paratha, I love you. Rudra smiles. He goes and says work is done, Soumya is high. Shivaye says go and ask her plan. Rudra asks will she tell me. Om asks him to use his irresistible charm. Rudra agrees. Veer asks them to have Gujiya, its diet Gujiya, have it. Anika says yes, we will have it. They have it and like the taste. Bhavya says I will give them thandai and come. Gauri goes to Maasi. Bhavya says I have got thandai.

star life Game of Love 7th July 2020 Rudra says I don’t want. Shivaye says sorry Bhavya, Obros unity. Bhavya says I thought you two will never refuse to me, after all I m would be bahu of this house, its my first holi. Shivaye says okay, don’t be upset, we will have it, its festive day, don’t fight okay. Veer says no, jalebi is fine for me. Tia looks on and sprinkles powder over the jalebis. Anika says I will get jalebis for you, have it partner, have more. Veer eats it and says enough. Anika says we will meet later. Tia says thanks Anika, you made my work easy, Veer will be high and I can leave. Om asks Rudra to have thandai. Rudra refuses. Shivaye asks Bhavya to feed Rudra. She shouts happy holi and goes to get more thandai. They dance.

Anika and Gauri laugh. Gauri says I didn’t have such amazing Gujiya. Bhavya says I have fed them thandai. They joke and laugh. Anika says we will have one more round, come on. Gauri says feed me, I will feed her. Bhavya says they wanted more thandai, I will give them and come. She goes. Anika says Gauri, bring your ear closer, I hope your hair doesn’t have lice, as soon as those three get high, we have find out about Aryan. They laugh. Gauri says get up, what if the kid goes somewhere, I will check and come. She goes. Veer follows and gets dizzy. He sees multiple visuals of Gauri and says where are these three going… Shivaye sees Anika…. Anika sees him…. Ang se ang lagana…..plays…… bhavya takes thandai. Rudra comes to her. She says you here…. He says wherever you are…. She says you will be there, I m where you are…. She laughs.

Game of Love update Tuesday 7 July 2020 Anika sees Shivaye gone. She looks for him. He hides and smiles. She says where did he go. Veer goes after Gauri. Shivaye gets close to Anika. Music plays……. She asks what are you doing. He says don’t ask what happened. She asks where were you, how did you disappear suddenly. He asks did you get restless. She says no, I was scared that Veer… He removes the plait and says enough of Rosie rani drama, I want my Anika now. Gauri sees Aryan sleeping and kisses him. She says happy holi and goes. Veer says where did these three go, what do they think, they can fool me by wearing identical clothes, I m Veer, I will find the kid. Tia sees him and goes. Gauri comes back. Shivaye loosens Anika’s hair. O Rangrez…..plays. He holds her closes. She says if anyone sees…. He says I don’t care, its Holi and I will apply colours on my wife. She says then apply colours without touching me. He asks are you challenging me. She says think as such. He says okay, challenge accepting. He pulls her dupatta and wears as the stole. Rudra applies colours to Bhavya. She also applies colours to him. They laugh.

Shivaye sees Anika. Om throws colours at Gauri. She sees him. Om smears more colours. Shivaye gets close and applies the colours by his face/cheek to Anika’s face. She smiles. Om hugs Gauri and applies more colour. Anika says this is cheating, you did the same thing last Holi. Shivaye says I will always do the same, Jab tak hai jaan. Game of Love 7th July 2020 She says think something new. He says this is cheated, I completed my challenged, I applied colours to you without touching, now its your turn. He lifts her and says you will apply colours to me without stepping down. She asks what’s the big deal. He asks really. She takes some colours and applies colours to him. Music plays….. They smile. He kisses her.

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