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Game of Love 14 October 2020: Game of Love wednesday 14th October 2020, Shivaye is on the way. Dadi and everyone pray at home. Dadi and Nani do aarti. O palan haare….plays… Rudra and Bhavya also pray. Everyone thinks of Anika. The man says no one has come to represent Oberoi industries. Jai smiles and thinks no one will come and I will get this deal. He gets shocked seeing Om. Om thinks of Shivaye’s words. Gauri consoles Sahil and hugs. Om gets ahead with presentation. Gauri and Priyanka do the aarti and pray. Everyone claps for Om. Jai gets angry. The man says well done, nice presentation. Om thanks them and smiles.

Jai says Shivaye has troubled me a lot, its your turn to trouble him, Anika is his life, he shouldn’t get Anika, I want to see Shivaye breaking down, do anything, make sure that Shivaye doesn’t reach Anika, do anything, you don’t let them meet at any cost. Priyanka sees him and comes. Jai says kill him if needed, I don’t care. She asks whom are you talking about, I m your wife and have right to know the matter. She asks are you responsible for Anika’s kidnapping, answer me. He says no, my enmity is with your brother, not Anika, my business rival has won again. She says I m scared, I m your wife, but I haven’t ended my ties with family, I m Shivaye’s sister, I m an Oberoi first, if I get to know that you were behind Anika’s kidnapping then, you will witness the courage of Oberoi family women, I can do anything for my family, if you cause harm to my family, I will end my ties with you. Sahil hears them and says I just got to know today that Shivaye and Jai are enemies. Rudra cries and drives fast.

Bhavya asks him to drive carefully, they have to reach safely for Shivaye. He says I can’t live without you, I wasn’t able to process any thought when I felt I lost you, I was angry, I was thinking about Shivaye, what he is going through, he can’t live without Anika, if something happens to her, he will be devastated, the family will shatter. She says nothing will happen to Shivaye, he is fine as Anika is fine, I m sure we will find out something in this factory. He says Shivaye is very strong, he handles everything. She holds his hand.

Shivaye calls Bhavya. He says I reached the factory, I m going in. Rudra says we are reaching, wait. Shivaye says I can’t wait. Bhavya says he won’t wait, speed up Rudra, we need to reach there fast. Shivaye enters the factory and sees Rajiv. He thinks its Rajiv….he has a gun, I have to find Anika without making any noise. He steps on the glass bottle. Rajiv hears the sound and looks around. Shivaye hides. Rajiv points gun at him and says I didn’t expect you to reach here. Shivaye asks where is Anika. Rajiv says I will shoot you. Shivaye says tell me where is Anika.

Rajiv says keep your phone in your pocket. Shivaye hits him and makes the gun fall. He kicks the gun away. He beats up Rajiv. He asks where is my Anika. Rajiv says you won’t get your wife, even if you get her, you won’t get her alive. Shivaye pushes him. He shouts Anika and looks for her. Jaane kaise…..plays… Anika is tied up to the chair. A gun points towards her, fixed with a string connected to door. He gets Anika’s bracelet and thinks its of Anika, she has dropped this bracelet to give me clue, it means she is around here. He pushes the boxes. He sees Anika inside a locked room and shouts to her. Rudra drives the car inside the factory. Rudra and Bhavya rush to Shivaye. They break the door. The trigger gets pulled by the string attached to the door. The bullet arrow gets shot at Anika’s neck. They get shocked seeing this. They try to rush in. A blast occurs. They all fall back. Shivaye shouts Anika and cries. Rudra and Bhavya cry and hold him. Shivaye cries and thinks of Anika. He shouts out Anika…..

After some years, At the launch of Dhinchak Ishq Tera Mera….. the girls shout SSO We love you. Reporter Film Diwani/FD says its a festival for everyone, Shivaansh’s film is releasing today, all the celebs gave good wishes for SSO. Kulfi, Amyra, Sikandar, Mohena give good wishes to Shivaansh.

Publicist Aasya talks to reports. Manager Avi comes. Aasya asks where is SSO. Avi says where he should be. Shivaansh comes, wearing a stylish floral embroidered black suit and golden shoes. Bachna Ae haseeno…plays…. He throws hearts at his female fans. Some men see Shivaansh’s video. A girl asks the price of tomatoes. She sees the vendors busy watching video. She gets Mohini’s call. She says I m getting Bhindi, let my salary come, I will get paneer for you, I m coming home. Reporter says Shivaansh doesn’t belong to any film family, his father Shivaye Singh Oberoi was a leading industrialist, whatever happened with his parents, anyone could have broken down, but Shivaansh learnt not to lose from his father and smiling from his mother, it means he got swag from his mom and style from his dad, whenever they see Shivaansh from heaven, they would be feeling proud. Junior Khanna, bodyguard stops the fans.

Shivaansh hugs the girls. He gives an autograph to a girl on her shoulder. Aasya gets commenting on girls. Avi says he is a big star. Khanna says I m Khanna, I m SSO’s bodyguard. He coughs. Avi says sorry, have this. He gives him a chocolate and gives water. Khanna says lets go to Shivaansh. The girl is on the way. Some men comment on other girl and get cheap talking. She asks why are you troubling her. The man asks whom will you call to save her, your dad or brother, take the phone. The other girl goes. The man says she has gone, what about you now. He holds her. She turns and says enough.

She bashes them up. Shivaansh is with his fans. The girl throws the goons around. Swag se swagat…plays… Everyone claps for the girl. She takes the veg bag and goes. Inspector Gaitonde and constable Nana salute her. She asks whose area is this. They say ours. She asks where were you two. They make excuses. She scolds them. She goes. They say did goons get this girl to fight, ACP Aditi Vijay Deshmukh. Aasya says this movie will cross 300 crores. Avi says it has to cross 500 crores. A boy shouts SSO. He runs and falls down. Shivaansh comes to him and asks what happened. The boy says I got hurt. Shivaansh says my dad used to say that kids become strong when they get hurt, smile now, what shall we do to make this pain away. The boy asks for a selfie.

Shivaansh takes selfie with him and gives away his shades. Dadi says my son…. Nani asks her not to cry. Dadi says I m missing Shivaye and Anika a lot. Nani says memories do come in always. Dadi says they always used to say, that Shivaye and Anika aren’t anything without each other. Nani says they were Ishqbaaz in real sense, Shivaansh wasn’t born when there was a threat on Anika, Shivaye did everything to find her. FB shows Bhavya showing the wax built hand to Shivaye. Rudra says it means it wasn’t Anika, but her dummy. Shivaye says it means Anika is alive, find out wax making companies, inform the police. Shivaye, Rudra and Bhavya meet Anika. Shivaye hugs her. He asks are you fine. Anika says I m find now. They all hug. Shivaye asks how did you get here. Inspector says they were taking Anika away by hiding her along wax statues, its good you informed us, we will reach the mastermind. Anika says I didn’t lose hope, I knew you won’t let anything happen to me. He makes her wear the charm bracelet and kisses her hand.

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