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Game of Love 16 September 2020: Game of Love update wednesday 16th September 2020, Anika sees Shivaye and says Majnu ji…. Shivaye says I was checking if the door opens both ways, I came to ask about dinner. Anika says it will be different for everyone. She explains him and says I will come with you to kitchen. She goes to dressing table. Her saree pallu catches fire. He shouts Anika and runs to her. She gets shocked. He blows off the fire. She looks at him. He leaves her and says sorry, are you fine. She says Shivaye….. He says no, I m Majnu. She says no, you are my Shivaye, my eyes didn’t identify you, the moment you touched me, I recognized you. He says you think about Shivaye so much that you see Shivaye everywhere, relax, have lassi. She shuts the door and says no, I didn’t finish yet, you won’t go out of this room. He says don’t joke with Majnu, I m a cook, you made me a businessman. She says I m not joking. She makes him keep hand over her head and says now swear and tell me, you aren’t my Shivaye.

He says I don’t eat anything before dinner, I don’t even swear. She says you mean you don’t false swear. She hugs him. O jaana…plays…. She says I was so mad, I didn’t identify you when you were so close, are you fine. He says if you were mad, you would have not identified me in this disguise, I have to prove my innocence, I need your help, you won’t let anyone know. She says but you can tell family members. He says yes, but I don’t want police to trouble them, you know Rudra, he can do anything being emotional. She says fine, I m with you. He hides. She sees Tej coming. Tej asks for keys of Shivaye’s file cabinet. Shivaye signs her. She goes to get. She gives the keys. Tej goes. She asks why did Tej ask for keys. Shivaye says maybe he needs some documents, I shall leave now. Rudra gets upset and misses Shivaye. He asks did you call private investigator. Om says yes, I didn’t get to know anything. Rudra says I hope Shivaye is fine. Shivaye comes singing. Rudra asks him not to sing. He says you sing bad like Shivaye. Shivaye asks does Shivaye sing bad. Om says really bad.

Shivaye says no one is perfect, even moon has a stain, look there. Rudra says Shivaye is not any moon, his height is less, he has much anger. Shivaye says you are counting his flaws behind his back, its wrong. Rudra says no, we are missing him a lot. Shivaye says come on Rudy, don’t be cry baby. Omru look at him. Rudra says Shivaye would have said the same, same words, same voice. Om says yes. Shivaye asks why are you cooking here, its my dept. Om says we are missing Shivaye. Rudra says we used to help Shivaye in cooking. Shivaye says think I m Shivaye and help me in cooking. They cook and dance. Shivaye hugs them. Mohit comes clapping. Om asks where did you go. Mohit says its good I went, else you would have not got a chance to sing, you are singing and dancing, when I lost my wife. Shivaye says we are making food for you, taste it. Mohit says really, let me see. He adds plenty of salt, chilli powder and oil in the dish. Om asks did you go mad. Mohit asks did you feel bad when I spoiled your small moment, you don’t care that my wife died. He leaves. Rudra asks why is he acting weird.

Shivaye says he isn’t out of his wife’s death’s trauma. Anika comes and says Shivaye….. sorry. Om says we understand you are missing Shivaye a lot. Anika signs Shivaye and goes. Shivaye goes after her. She says there was a call from Morocco for you. He calls and talks to someone. She asks what happened. He says I asked my business associate to find about Nancy, she is from a poor family, she can’t have any enemy. Anika says maybe someone did this to fulfill enmity with Mohit. He says yes, just Mohit can say this. She says he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. He says he will just talk to Shivaye, Mohit and Shivaye have to get together to catch Nancy’s murderer. She says think again, if anyone sees you. He says I have to take this risk. They see Bhavya and hide. Bhavya says I have search warrant this time, we got info about the new chef, call him, I have to interrogate, someone made call to Morocco from Anika’s phone, call Anika and that chef Majnu too. She asks Omru to call them. She asks staff to find that chef.

Shivaye asks Anika to go. Anika asks what’s the matter. Bhavya says I have to ask about calls made to Morocco, whom did you call and why. Anika turns back. Shivaye wears his fake beard. Bhavya goes there to see. Anika signs Omru. Rudra stops Bhavya and asks where are you going, you think this is a garden that you can walk anywhere, bad manners. She says you may have free time to waste, I think someone is behind that pillar, I need to check. Shivaye goes. Anika sees Shivaye hiding away. Shivaye signs her about moustache. Anika sees it on floor. She says my leg got twisted and acts. She throws the moustache towards Shivaye. Om goes to get spray. Rudra makes Anika sit. Bhavya asks why did you make international calls and to whom. Anika says its my phone, why shall I say. Bhavya says if you help police, police will hep you.

Anika says I felt the same, you know Shivaye well and will understand that he can’t kill anyone, you will help him, but you didn’t do this, you said you feel some connection with this, is this the connection. Bhavya says I m just doing my duty. Anika says Patni dharm comes first for me, I m doing my duty. Omru clap. Rudra asks Bhavya to leave. Shivaye comes as Majnu. Bhavya looks at him.

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