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Game of Love 19 August 2020: Game of Love update wednesday 19th August 2020, Priyanka says give me your hand. Shivaye sees Anika and gives the other hand. Priyanka asks for his hurting hand. Anika says I will check puja items. Priyanka opens the bandage. He says your phone is ringing, answer it, I will manage. Priyanka goes. The haldi bowl falls. Anika comes and holds it. He says its okay, I will do it. She says you are hurt. He says so are you. Mil ke bhi hum na mile…..plays….. They see each other. He signs her to apply haldi on her forehead wound. She does so. Priyanka says yes Daksh, I know you don’t like sweets, its a rasam, Guru ji said you can’t sit in puja until you have it, please have it. He says fine. He eats it and says I have eaten this only for you, not on your Guru ji’s saying. She thanks him.

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Anika says this will heal your wounds. Priyanka comes and says there is a problem, Daksh has fallen ill, he has stomach ache, I don’t think he can come for puja. Shivaye says Guru ji said its imp, don’t worry, I will do something. Anika thinks sweets have done its work. Guru ji says puja mahurat started, if puja doesn’t happen in next one hour, we have to delay the marriage for three years. Shivaye says that won’t happen, I went a doctor to attend Daksh, Daksh will reach on time. He gets Khanna’s call and says ask doctor to treat Daksh soon, so that Daksh reaches here in puja on time. He calls Tia and says doctor will reach there in two mins, he will treat Daksh, when Daksh feels better, come here. Anika thinks Daksh may come here, I have to think something else.

Anika comes to Daksh’s house. Khanna says yes, doctor has given medicines, Daksh is feeling better, we shall leave soon, I will personally escort Daksh. Anika says I was afraid for this, what if the car doesn’t start at all. She goes and empties the car fuel tank. She sees Daksh coming and hides. Daksh and family get in the car. Anika says car started, it means I didn’t take out all the petrol. The car stops. She says now they can’t reach in an hour, I m done. She leaves. Shivaye asks what do you mean, car petrol leaked? Just book a cab and come. Om asks did they not leave. Shivaye says car has some problem, Daksh’s cars went for servicing, they will come by cab. Guru ji says just 30 mins are left for puja. Rudra says its the peak hour of traffic, don’t know will they be able to make it. Priyanka says its raining so heavily, will they get a cab now. Dadi says its not a good shagun. Om says don’t worry, I will get them.

Shivaye says its not possible. Anika comes and thinks they all are so worried, sorry Lord, I have created hurdle in puja, but you know this was necessary. Guru ji says its just 20 mins now. Shivaye asks Tia where are you. She says we are outside the house, I don’t think we will reach on time. He says you have no other option. Guru ji says just 10 mins left. Anika says don’t be sad Priyanka, whatever happens is for the good. Guru ji says just 5mins left, if the bride and groom don’t sit in puja, this puja won’t happen, the marriage will delay for 3 years. Dadi says maybe its Lord’s will. Anika says Priyanka’s happiness lies in it.

Shivaye asks where are you going priyanka. She asks what will I do. He asks with whom will Daksh do the puja. She asks where is Daksh. She turns to go. Daksh says I swear to God….. I m here. They all smile seeing him. Dadi says thank God you are here. Anika thinks how did he reach so quickly. Om asks how did you reach so quickly. Tia says all thanks to Shivaye. Shivaye says I can do anything for the sake of my sister’s happiness. FB shows Shivaye asking Tia to reach soon, she has no other option. She asks but how, we can’t fly there, right. He says you have to fly, I m sending a chopper. FB ends. Everyone smiles. Rudra says thanks, now I don’t have to wait for 3 years for my shopping. Dadi asks them to come for puja. Daksh and Priyanka do the puja together. Anika thinks Shivaye’s love for his sister won today, but I won’t give up so easily, I will stop this marriage some how. Anika does her work and gives flowers according to engagement theme. Shivaye says marriage is after six days, but I want the venue two days prior for decoration, I will come and see the menu, make sure everything is good, its my sister’s marriage. Dadi asks Omru to pack the gifts. Rudra jokes.

He says I m a gift given to girls by Lord. Om says cheap gift which girls reject. Dadi asks will you pack the gifts or shall I send you to London to your parents. Om says send him. Rudra says I will go. Shivaye comes and says I m going to check venue. Dadi asks him to safely keep the engagement rings. Shivaye asks why, keep it with yourself. She says what if I forget. Rudra says yes, she forgot that I m a model, not a gift wrapping guy. Om says you can’t do any work without being beaten up. Rudra says hit me. Shivaye pats on his head. Om thanks him. Dadi says Guru ji has placed the rings in puja, so these rings will be exchanged in engagement, I don’t want Priyanka to face any problems in life. Anika looks on.

Dadi says I want to conduct all rasam on mahurats. Shivaye says don’t worry, I will take care of the rings, nothing will go wrong, I will be back. Anika says engagement rings…. She goes after him. He turns to see. She hides. He stops again. She sits behind a vase. She says where did he go. He says I m here, why are you following me. She says why would I, you were walking ahead of me. He asks why are you hiding. She says I m not hiding, I was trying to get network. He asks will you get network on the floor. She says see for yourself, I was hoping to get it here, I didn’t get it. She goes. He says why is she acting strange, any way, none of my business. He goes to his room and keeps rings in cupboard. He gets Khanna’s call and goes. She comes there and thinks where could he keep the rings. She checks cupboard and gets it in a drawer. She gets the rings from boxes. Shivaye says you… She sees him and hides. He asks why are you calling me from other number, you should keep a power bank, you are an idiot, I will do it on my own. He throws his phone and says Khanna is a duffer, I have to leave now. He throws out his coat. Anika catches it. He looks for his phone. She worries. Rudra comes and says Dadi is calling you. Shivaye says I m coming. Rudra asks what are you looking for, did you lose the engagement rings.

Shivaye says I m looking for my phone, duffer. Anika kicks the phone. Rudra says I can see it from here, its lying there. Shivaye says why couldn’t I see it, its my phone. He stops and looks back. Rudra asks what happened now. Shivaye says I felt somebody is here. Rudra says its me, come, you are working too much these days. Dadi gives an envelope and says its your salary. Anika asks why so soon, the marriage is not yet over. Dadi says person’s needs should be met at the right time, Priyanka told me that you are in need of money, you managed all the work well and today you are managing the engagement preparations, consider it my blessing and keep it. She goes. Anika thinks they are nice people, how can I let something bad happen with them, I won’t let Daksh play with Priyanka’s life, I have to stop this engagement first.

Anika keeps rings near the idol. She says sorry, I know stealing is a sin, but I still did, you know my intention isn’t wrong, I want to stop this engagement, I have placed these rings in your feet as I have no right on these, once engagement gets delayed, I will put them back, forgive me, help me expose Daksh. She holds ears and says sorry. She turns and sees Shivaye. She says you… He says yes, its me. They ask what are you doing here… she says I came to seek Lord’s blessings. She goes. He says she is behaving strange today, what do I care. He goes. Daksh hugs Omru and Shivaye. They congratulate Daksh. Tia hugs them too. She says you look good. Shivaye says you too look good. Omru laugh. Tia asks what’s so funny. Om says its fun to watch Shivaye in social gathering, it gets awkward for him, he keeps moving so that nobody hugs him. She asks what do you mean. He says we are going to show you a demo. He goes and hugs Shivaye. Shivaye says what are you doing. Rudra says I wanted to hug you, carry on. Om says now its my turn.

He goes and hugs Shivaye. Shivaye says what’s wrong with you. Om says I saw Rudra hugging you, I couldn’t resist and came to hug. Shivaye says stay in your limits. Rudra laughs. Shivaye asks what’s all this. Rudra says its a demo, we wanted to show what’s in store for her after marriage. Om says ideally, what’s not in store for her. Rudra says you can’t sing this song, Baahon me chala aa, because there’s no hug in Shivaye’s dictionary. Om says yes, forget it. Shivaye says shut up. Tia says you guys always pull his leg, very bad. Rudra says we can’t hug him, then why not pull his leg. Om laughs. Shivaye says not funny, I better go check the arrangements than hearing your stupid jokes. Tia also goes. Rudra says Tia didn’t react, I thought she would be angry, she would think, how will he love if he can’t even hug. Om says don’t worry, Shivaye will learn how to hug and love, you know how, she is going to teach him. They laugh.

Anika comes. Shivaye looks at her. Tu jaane na…..plays….. She stumbles by footing the carpet. He holds her and hugs. He opens arms for her. She gets away. He gets his hands back. She turns away. He goes. Rudra asks did you see that, are you thinking the same. Om says yes, what are you thinking. Rudra says Shivaye hugged Anika. Om says he didn’t hug her, she slipped, he was just helping her. Rudra says if you were in Anika’s place, would he help you this way. Om signs don’t know. Rudra says let me test, I will go and fall near Shivaye. Om says we will talk to him later. Dadi asks shall we perform the rituals if you are done talking. Rudra jokes. Dadi asks Shivaye to get engagement rings. She says I had kept the rings in puja as well, Guru ji said when you exchange those rings, there won’t be any problem. She asks them to exchange rings. She opens the boxes and sees rings missing. She asks where are the rings.

Shivaye and everyone get shocked. Shivaye says I kept these in cupboard and just got it. Rudra says it means the rings got stolen. Dadi asks who will steal the rings, its just family here, mahurat will end in some time. Shivaye says don’t worry, I will check and come. He goes and checks the cupboard well. He says I didn’t get the rings. He sees Anika smiling. He says we couldn’t find the rings, but the engagement will surely happen. Dadi asks how will it happen without rings. Shivaye says there are still 10 mins left. Om asks what can we do in 10mins. Shivaye says leave that to me. Anika says engagement won’t happen, I will get time to get proof against Daksh.

Shivaye holds her. She asks what are you doing. He says when you couldn’t stop the marriage, you are trying to break it, you tried to stop the puja yesterday and today the engagement. She says I don’t know what you are talking about. He says you made Daksh fall sick and emptied the car fuel, you stole the rings today, I know this. She says leave my hand. He pulls her back and says what about you being after my sister’s happiness. She says I m doing this for Priyanka’s welfare, that guy is wrong. He says Daksh is not wrong, you are wrong, your antics, thinking and perception is wrong, I have warned you before, its my final warning, if there is any problem in Priyanka’s marriage, then, I will do something which you will never be able to forget. She says you won’t be able to do anything. She goes. He says you don’t know who I m.

Daksh says I swear to God…. and holds her. He says you are crazy for me, is this how much you like me, did you think I won’t know it, you have hid the rings so that my engagement breaks, beautiful girls are stupid, you thought you will call off my marriage, it will happen, I promise I will never break your heart and spend time with you as well. She pushes him and says get lost, else I will slap you, if you say such nonsense, I will beat you with my sandal, even I get anger, I wasn’t showing it up as I didn’t want to create a scene, the day I lost it, I won’t control my anger that day, I was khidkitod before and I m still khidkitod. He looks at her. She says stop dreaming of marrying Priyanka, I won’t let that happen, even in your dreams. She goes.

Dadi says engagement mahurat will end in 5mins, how will marriage happen then. Shivaye says engagement will happen and marriage too, I got the rings. Dadi asks where did you get them. He recalls seeing Anika on camera feed. He says in the temple, I kept them there and forgot. Dadi says make it fast, exchange rings. Priyanka asks where is Anika. Om says I saw her going towards outhouse. Dadi says mahurat will end, exchange rings fast. Priyanka and Daksh exchange the rings. Everyone showers flowers on them. They smile. Everyone claps. Dadi says everything is done well on time, thanks Lord. Om asks her to give sweets to everyone. Dadi asks Shivaye where is he going. He says I have an imp work pending, I will just finish it and come. He thinks I won’t allow that girl to stay in my house. He goes.

Gauri asks Nikhil not to be shy and have biscuits. She says you have come late with a marriage proposal. He says I know I made Anika wait a lot, I fulfilled my promise and got my parents to fix our alliance. Gauri says lets not make them wait, lets get you both married soon. His dad says we are ready to get baraat soon. Sahil’s mum says no, we are not in a condition to give dowry. Nikhil’s mum says we don’t want dowry, we just want Anika, she is precious to us, we will find a mahurat for marriage. Gauri asks pandit to give mahurat. She asks Anika and Nikhil to feed sweets to each other. Shivaye comes shouting Anika. Anika stops and sees him. Sahil’s mum says Anika’s marriage is getting fixed. He asks marriage. She says yes. She asks Gauri to give him sweets. Gauri asks him to have sweets. He takes a laddoo. Sahil’s mum asks him to sit, the house belongs to him. He says no, its fine, I wanted to talk to you, can you come out. He goes.

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