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Game of Love 26 August 2020: Rudra says Daksh is missing and even his car is missing. Priyanka asks what are you trying to say, that Daksh has run away, how can he run in the middle of the marriage, how can I go without Daksh, I will stay here, go and call him. Shivaye says I will call him. She asks is this a prank, did you hide Daksh, come out Daksh, its a really bad prank. She cries and says tell Daksh to come out, mahurat is passing off. Shivaye asks Tia where is Daksh. Tia says don’t know, I m puzzled, I have no idea. Dadi looks on. Priyanka hugs Om and says please bring him back. Shivaye says don’t worry, I will find him. He asks Khanna to take out the car. Reporters come and asks why did Daksh leave the marriage and run away, is there any enmity between Oberois and Kapoors, was there any problem between Priyanka and Daksh. Anika looks on and thinks sorry Shivaye, I tried my best that you and your family don’t get defamed, even then its happening, Lord give courage to Priyanka and entire family. I m sure that Shivaye will make everything fine.

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Reporter asks why did Daksh run away. Tyagi comes and asks why did Daksh run away, did he come to know about your family secrets, did he have any problem about your sister’s character. Shivaye holds his neck and says if you speak a word against her, I will bury you alive. Om stops Shivaye. Shivaye says its my family matter, who are you to question me, Daksh didn’t run away, he just went missing, marriage didn’t break, its delayed, I will bring back Daksh and complete this wedding. Tyagi says that will be possible when you get Daksh. Shivaye asks Khanna to make them out. Shivaye says I m going to find Daksh, Om take care of Priyanka. Anika passes by and her fake teeth fall off. Shivaye shouts. She turns. He says Anika…. Shanno… She picks the fake teeth and runs. He thinks that means she is behind Daksh’s disappearance, I won’t spare her. Om asks Priyanka where is she going. She says to get Daksh, I know where I will find him. Shivaye says stay with Dadi, I will just come. He follows Priyanka.

Anika comes home. Sahil’s mum asks why did you come back, you could have spend more nights outside. Gauri says ask her what happened. Sahil’s mum argues. Gauri says what happened, we called you many times, I was worried. Anika says Shivaye…. Sahil’s mum says I told you she must be there with Shivaye, she lost her honor, she sold her respect for the sake of money. Anika asks her to shut up else… Sahil’s mum asks what else remains now, you have already crossed limit, you left your shagun and went to enjoy with someone else, you should have died by shame, you won’t get married, Nikhil won’t marry you. Anika says you don’t need to worry for my married, I will talk to Nikhil. Nikhil comes and asks what will you talk, what’s there to discuss now. Priyanka calls Daksh and cries. Shivaye tries to call her. Om calls Shivaye and Priyanka, and says their phones are unreachable, don’t worry Dadi, everything will be fine. He hugs Dadi.

Tia checks basement and says both Payal and Anika aren’t here, did Daksh run for this, he is an idiot, he ruined my plan by his overconfidence. Shivaye sees Priyanka’s car and runs to check. He sees Priyanka running. She runs after Daksh and shouts. Shivaye shouts to her. Anika says this should have not happened, but I had to go to Shivaye’s house. Nikhil says so you were there, my doubt was right, I went there to find you, he said you aren’t there. She says he didn’t know about me. He says enough of this Shivaye, stop chanting his name, nothing matters to you than him. She says its nothing like that. He asks why did you go to his house leaving our shagun, he fired you from job and ousted you from his home, you care for that man, but about my family’s respect. She says I had gone to save Priyanka, else her life would have got ruined. He asks what about our insult, relatives were laughing and asking about you, what could I answer that you care for Shivaye’s family more than our marriage. She says trust me, I didn’t do this willingly, I thought I will come back soon, Payal was in danger, I couldn’t leave her. He asks who is Payal.

She says she is Shivaye’s sister’s…. He says again Shivaye, I m fed up, just decide first. She says everything got fine there. Sahil’s mum says your marriage also broke up, Nikhil’s parents clearly said that they won’t make you their bahu. Priyanka sees Daksh and runs. A car hits her. She falls down. Shivaye gets shocked. People gather. Shivaye holds her and says my sister…. Priyanka, somebody call the ambulance, nothing will happen to you. He hugs Priyanka and cries. Anika says sorry, I admit its my mistake, give me a chance, I will explain everything to your parents and apologize, I m sure they will forgive me, give me one chance. Nikhil says fine, you are pleading so much, I will give you a chance, I will handle my parents, but I have a condition, you should not even mention Shivaye’s name from now, you won’t meet him, you won’t be in touch with him. Shivaye gets Priyanka to hospital. He asks doctor to save Priyanka at any cost. Doctor says we will try our best. Shivaye says I want my sister, if anything happens to her, I will destroy this hospital.

Shivaye cries. She is taken for treatment. Nikhil asks Anika do you accept it. She says I accept it, I promise, I will have nothing to do with Shivaye from now on. Shivaye cries and says she was going to start life afresh and this happened…. He recalls Priyanka and cries. He thinks of Anika. He says this happened because of Anika, I won’t leave her. Anika says I know that Priyanka would have grief now, but this is temporary, I just hope she overcomes this grief and her life gets filled with happiness, Shivaye would be devastated, but just he can handle Priyanka right now, I know he would not let Priyanka shed a tear, I have done what I had to, now I have to keep my promise, forget past and focus on future. Shivaye says I can never forget what you have done, I will not let you forget this, I will make you pay for every tear shed by my sister, you have made her cry, I won’t let you be happy. He breaks a lamp in anger.

Rudra says Om, I m sure you would know when will Priyanka get conscious, its been two days, when will she wake up. Om say she will wake up soon and get fine. Dadi says why are you both crying, you both look so ugly when you cry, nothing will happen to Priyanka, she is your only sister, she is lucky, she will be fine in few days, don’t cry, why do you worry when Shivaye is here, he will set everything right. Shivaye says I have lost Dadi, my sister’s wedding broke, she met with an accident and went in coma, I couldn’t do anything. He cries.

Shivaye sees the bridal jewelry and clothes. He cries and thinks of Priyanka. Khanna says Sir, he is here. Daksh comes. Shivaye says how dare you leave my sister in mandap. Daksh holds his feet and says forgive me. Shivaye says you made her cry, she slipped in coma because of you. Daksh says I know I did a mistake, I was helpless because of Anika, she blackmailed me that if I marry Priyanka, she will ruin everything, I ran away from mandap, but not for myself, I ran away for the sake of Priyanka’s happiness and Oberoi family respect, she told me that if I don’t break the marriage, she will make that video viral in which you confessed the truth of your parents’ death, if that video got viral, you know the consequences. Shivaye says Anika did this. Daksh says Priyanka wouldn’t have tolerated this, I didn’t wish to hurt her, I did this for her happiness and had to agree to Anika. Shivaye recalls the video. Khanna says we have found a letter for Priyanka, its from Anika. Daksh recalls and thinks this is same letter in which Anika mentioned about me and Payal, if Shivaye believes this, I have to run again, think something.

She says she must have written bad about me, so that Priyanka breaks the marriage, she stooped low, she was mad and wanted to get me, she took Halwain’s disguise and came here. Shivaye recalls Anika. Daksh says she is very clever, she just wants a rich man, when I told her that I just love Priyanka, she said she is okay with it, she wanted to be my mistress. Shivaye gets shocked. Daksh says if I didn’t had to marry, why would I get baraat here, I ran from the mandap for Priyanka’s happiness, I didn’t faint, I was acting because I was really scared seeing Anika, that she will make video viral, it was about Priyanka’s happiness and Oberoi family respect, what else could I do.

Nikhil’s mum comes home. Sahil’s mum says we were coming to meet you, did you come to break marriage. Gauri asks her not to think much. Nikhil’s mum says I came to do rasam, we forgot whatever happened, we have forgiven Anika, don’t remind us, Anika this is shagun for you, we want you to wear this bridal dress and bangles. Anika takes her blessings. Nikhil’s mum says please be on time for wedding, don’t disappear like that day. Anika says no, that mistake won’t happen again. Sahil’s mum asks them to get ready. Gauri and Sahil dance and hug Anika. Anika smiles. Anika thinks my mum couldn’t keep her marriage, but I will keep my marriage, because when a marriage breaks, both the family lose reputation. Daksh says I m really sorry, I didn’t know Priyanka will end up in the hospital, please save her, I can’t live without her, I promise you, I will only marry her, I love her, bring Priyanka back to me. He hugs Shivaye. He asks can I meet Priyanka.

Anika gets ready. Gauri compliments her. She applies black dot to Anika and says its perfect now, something is missing, I will show you. She makes Anika wear a chain and says its gold chain. Anika asks whose chain is it. Gauri says its yours, its a gift from my side. Anika says its expensive. Gauri says you are precious, your inlaws should know that we also have a class. Anika hugs her and says when did you grow up. Gauri says I used to pray that you get married to the person who is made for you, who gives you happiness, I didn’t know Lord will fulfill my wish so soon. She jokes and hugs Anika. Shivaye says Priyanka, see I got Daksh, open your eyes, I have fulfilled my promise, forgive me, look at Daksh. Doctor comes and says sorry to say, your sister has less chances to recover from coma. Shivaye gets shocked. Doctor says even this happens…

Shivaye asks what. Doctor says even then she won’t recover completely, she will just be in a vegetative state. Dadi cries and goes. Daksh says this happened because of Anika, Priyanka will never get up now. Shivaye shouts how dare you, she will get fine, I will make sure that she receives, I will call the best doctors and get her treated, else I will destroy everything, Priyanka I always agree to you, I fulfilled all your demands, I m asking you something, get up. Daksh asks him to be strong, its strange justice of Lord, Priyanka was not at fault, she is fighting with death because of Anika, Anika is having fun, she is happily getting married by ruining our house, she is marrying Nikhil, Nikhil recently got a new job. Shivaye looks on.

Pandit says we shall start puja, else mahurat will pass. Gauri goes and gets Anika. Anika sits in mandap and gives her hand to Nikhil. They smile. Pandit says puja is completed, now we shall start wedding rituals. Shivaye comes there. He shouts Anika and signs her to come. Everyone gets shocked. Nikhil says Shivaye… Anika asks why have you come here. Shivaye says I should ask you, what are you doing here, marriage? No, you love me, then how can you marry someone else, whatever happened between us that night, I agree we had an argument, will you punish me and marry someone else. Nikhil asks Anika what is he saying. Shivaye says forgive me for my mistake.

Anika says he is lying. Shivaye says she is upset with me, sorry, Nikhil shut up, I m talking to her, you want to accept that girl who is already mine, I should appreciate you. People gossip about them. Anika says Nikhil trust me, there is nothing between us, he is lying. She asks Shivaye what does he want, why is he trying to defame her. Shivaye recalls Priyanka’s accident. He says you wanted to call off the wedding, you couldn’t do it, no problem, I did this for you. Nikhil asks what does he mean. Gauri asks Anika to say something. Shivaye says tell them what happened between us, we have crossed all limits, we have spent many nights together. They all get shocked.

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