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Game of Love Update Wednesday 2nd October 2019 Starlife, Anika completely changes the room and says to Shivaye, didn’t transform anything, things can’t assume an individual’s position, I have missed you each minute.

He inquires as to for what reason did you not disclose to me that my family broke. She asks what might I reveal to you that your siblings can’t hear your name, your relations broke, on the off chance that I advised this to you, your desire to get discharged would have finished, I comprehend what you are experiencing. He says its not their issue, I did the error, I have slaughtered Tej. She says lets overlook it and live the present.

She embraces him. She requests that he proceed to spruce up. She demonstrates his organizer and reminds closet the executives. He says this is of no utilization for me that Shivaye is dead. He gets garments from pack and goes. Anika says I can’t see you like this, I need my Tadibaaz irate Shivaye back, by what means will I get him back. Its night, Shivaye sees Anika fixing dream catcher close to the bed. She says its done, come, for what reason are you remaining there, come and rest, let me know, did you take meds or not. He says not yet. She gives him prescriptions.

He sees the bed and rests. He gets up. She asks what occurred. He says I m not getting rest, I m not constant to rest on bed now. He sits on the floor. She says time and life don’t stop for anybody, this is your home at this point. He says I m this current house’s guilty party, I have grabbed Tej from Omru and furthermore their bliss, that injury is still crisp, Dadi, Jhanvi and Omru, I m their offender. She says laws have rebuffed you, for what reason are you rebuffing yourself. He says any discipline would be less. He lies on the floor. She lies adjacent to him and holds him.

Shivaye gets a bad dream about Tej. He shouts no Omru… He wakes up. Anika asks what happened. Shivaye says stay away, I’m not a human, I’m an animal, you will get hurt, you have to stay safe. She asks what are you saying. He goes out. He sees a car coming. Priyanka gets down the car.

He holds her and gets shocked seeing Priyanka drunk. He says I’m looking for you since morning, how are you. She shouts don’t touch me, I hope my friends didn’t see you, they left, nobody has seen you. He says I wanted to see you. She says don’t touch me, leave. Anika comes and asks what’s this way to talk to your elder brother. Priyanka laughs and asks are brothers such. Om comes and asks what’s going on. Priyanka says I’m drunk, but I can identify a murderer well.

Anika says don’t forget he is your elder brother. Priyanka says he isn’t, Om is my brother, he doesn’t hurt me. She hugs Om and cries. Om says you should have food, freshen up now. She says I have to take a bath now, a murderer has touched me. Om takes her. Shivaye asks Anika to leave him alone. Anika asks where will you go now. Gauri’s phone rings. She says aunt is calling. Om asks why does she call at this time. She says I will explain. Rudra says I know your aunt cares for you, tell her you are married now and she shouldn’t call at this time. Bhavya says fine, I will tell her you don’t like this. Gauri and Bhavya go and enter the cupboard. Anika looks at them.

Anika says sorry to call you two here, you had to lie to Omru, I couldn’t stop myself, Shivaye isn’t fine, he has come home, but his mind and heart are still caged, how shall I make him normal. Gauri says have patience, he will get fine, give him some time. Bhavya says yes, jail experience makes the person shaken up. Gauri says you have to become Shivaye’s strength. Bhavya says sorry for Rudra’s words. Anika says its not your mistake, Shivaye and I have no complains with Rudra, situation is such, hearts got distant. Bhavya gets Rudra’s call and answers. Rudra says tell your aunt to come and stay with us, where are you. Bhavya says fine, I have come to guest room while talking. He comes to guest room. She opens cupboard and sees him. He says I’m also in guest room, where are you. Gauri disconnects call. Bhavya asks why did you disconnect. Rudra hears sound and goes to check. Maid comes and says Dadi is calling you. He goes. Anika comes to room and says Shivaye didn’t return till now, he doesn’t have phone. She asks Khanna to find him. He asks her not to worry. She says I will come along.

Shivaye walks on the road. Anika sees someone and calls out Shivaye. She sees someone else and goes ahead. Shivaye collides with a man and says sorry. The man says why are you sorry, did you recognize me, I used to beg at signal, you used to give me 2000rs note and asked me to pray for your family, you got jailed, I can’t believe you can kill someone, I’m glad seeing you released, how are you. Shivaye asks how do I look, sorry, I have nothing to give you today. The man says you gave me a lot, I will ask for your time, come and be a part of our celebration. Shivaye asks any special reason. The man says we are alive, what can be better reason, we celebrate every day that we will live one more day. Shivaye nods and goes with him. Arziyaan….plays…. The people celebrate. Bhavya calls Anika and says I found out, a constable has seen Shivaye to some signal. Anika thanks her. Shivaye sits there and looks at the people.

Anika and Khanna come there. Anika holds Shivaye. She asks shall we go home. The man says go, those who have a house and family are lucky, your wife have reached here finding you. Shivaye asks what’s your name. The man says Altaf, thanks. Shivaye asks why. The man says Shivaye asked my name, what can be better than this. He tells everyone that Shivaye asked his name. Anika says this man has nothing, even then he is so happy. The man waves to Shivaye. Anika and Shivaye come home. She says don’t do this again, you won’t go without telling me. He says I can’t promise. She says fine, talk to me. He says I want to know, why did you wait for a murderer for five years. She says I’m your wife, your Anika, tears or smile, happiness or sorrow, I will not leave you. He says you will just get troubles. She says I will be happy with that also, you and I are happy, its big thing for me, if this happened with me, would you leave me. O jaana….plays….. She says you would have not left me, so I didn’t leave you, this is called keeping the marriage, you will understand this one day, sleep now. Anika makes him sleep. He stays awake. Its morning, Dadi asks maid for knee pain relief oil. Shivaye greets her. Dadi asks him to stop and not think of crossing the line.

Dadi stops Shivaye from crossing the line. She tries to open the bottle. He says give it to me, I will open it. He pulls the table and gets the bottle. He opens the bottle lid and keeps it back. He slides the table and says I have removed the cap without crossing the line, you taught us, that its fate to get pain, but bearing it is our wish, don’t bear more pain, apply the oil. Rudra comes and throws away the bottle. Shivaye asks what’s wrong with you. Rudra says tell this man that even Amrit touched by him is poison for us. Shivaye says I m your brother. Rudra says you aren’t my brother, but my dad’s murderer. He asks Dadi to come, he will get a new bottle for her. They go. A man says there is a courier for you, please sign to receive.

Shivaye signs and asks whom is this meant for. The man says its Tej’s insurance papers. Shivaye gets shocked and starts seeing blood. A vase breaks. Anika comes and asks what happened. He says Tej’s blood are on my hands. She says there is nothing. He goes to wash hands and sees Tej’s murder in the mirror. He breaks mirror. Anika comes and says there is nothing on your hands. He says its not coming off.
She says look, tell me. She makes him hold her face and asks is there anything on my face, there is nothing. He says there is nothing and falls back. He says just leave me alone. She leaves. Its morning, Rudra attends call. Om asks about new tender. Rudra says we will know about it in few days. Shivaye comes. Anika asks him to have breakfast. Rudra pulls the chair and sits. Bhavya says Rudra…. He asks what happened. She says nothing, have your breakfast. He asks her to serve it.

Om asks manager to send invitations for founders day event. Manager says everything is done. He goes. Rudra says we shall personally invite Agarwals. Om says I m going to invite, who will deliver the speech. Rudra says we will deliver the speech even this year like we are doing since last five years.

Priyanka comes and greets everyone. Shivaye looks on. Anika asks him to come. Rudra asks Om when are we appealing in supreme court, I don’t want our dad’s murderer to roam free in our house and eat food for free. Anika says don’t forget Shivaye is your elder brother. Om says we can’t forget that this man killed our dad. Gauri asks what are you saying. Om asks her not to take Anika’s side. Dadi asks them to have food. Rudra says I m not hungry. Shivaye says I should have not come home. He goes.

Om says this year, even he is here. Rudra says I won’t even let his shadow fall near Oberoi industries, if anyone sees him, we will lose the contract, make sure, he is nowhere close. Om says he still has 50% shares. Rudra says I don’t care, I will deliver the speech.


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