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Game of Love Update Wednesday 30th October 2019 on starlife, Rudra says we will celebrate in my style, we will be going out for dinner.

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Anika says Oberoi industries cracked a big deal, have sweets. He says congrats, I have come to take juice, its a big day for you, go and celebrate with your husbands. Gauri says fine. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya go. Surya says this ginger tea would be for Dadi, can I get some juice. Maid says sure, I will get it. He keeps the chit under the tea cup. He takes the juice.

Rudra turns to him and sees him gone. Om says Rudy, tell Shivaye that he won the bid. Jai says my bid was lower than Shivaye’s bid, how did he get the tender. Rudra calls Shivaye and says yes, we got the bid, its the result of revised quotation.

Rudra says I have to say it, your sense of business and instincts are amazing like me, I m going to Om now. Jai hears him. Rudra goes. Jai says Shivaye has scored this, but the game isn’t over, he got this deal, but he won’t retain it, I will snatch this deal.

Shivaye hugs Omru and say well done. Anika jokes and says sweets would be good. Dadi says where is everyone, call them. Bhavya says of course, we should celebrate. Surya reads his letter, dear Kalyani, our pool side date got spoiled, so I have a plan, since you won’t meet me in the house. He comes to kitchen.

Bhavya says there is Jagrata at Tandons. Om asks what. Shivomru start coughing. Anika says why do you eat quickly like kids, easy… Shivaye says Jagrata was yesterday right. Gauri says no, they have returned from Delhi today. Shivaye signs Omru. Om says Jagrata is tonight, go and get ready. Gauri says there is still much time left.

Rudra says time is up, time passes so soon. Shivaye says Tandons are coming from Delhi, they would be tired, let me speak, I m elder, go and help them. Om says yes, its your duty as a good neighbor. Rudra says show the world that Oberois are world’s best neighbor, India’s best neighbor. They make their wives leave.

Rudra says Dadi lied to us. Shivaye says Dadi was humming the same song as Surya uncle. Om says this mean… Rudra says this means Dadi and Surya were together last night. Shivaye says no, we are thinking wrong. Maid takes tea for Dadi.

Shivaye says we will take it to her. He says we will go and ask her. Rudra sits crying aloud. He says I m in shock, Dadi is having an affair in this age, why didn’t you die before hearing this Om. Shivaye says there is some confusion, she isn’t having an affair. Rudra says I will sue Su. Shivaye gets the letter and says its for Dadi. Rudra says Dadi has an affair with our maid as well. Shivaye asks have you gone mad. He reads. I know you won’t meet me in the house, after our pool side date got spoiled, so we will meet in the park tomorrow morning, tell children that you are going for a morning walk, love Surya….

Shivaye says what’s going on, I m thinking to have a full chapter written on Dada and Dadi’s love story in Dada ji’s biography, and …. Rudra says and Dadi is having an affair with his friend. Shivaye says yes, I got depressed. Om says whatever happens, our wives shouldn’t know this matter, we have to promise this. Rudra says yes, if we tell them, they will suspect us. Shivaye asks why, its about Dadi.

Rudra says because grandsons will be like Dadi. Shivaye says Dadi is different, we are different. Om says focus on the big problem. Shivaye says maybe Surya and Dadi had a past, its possible. Om says yes. Shivaye says our doubt would get cleared when someone tells us. Rudra says Dadi can tell us. Om says Dadi created this confusion.

Shivaye says Nani. Om says just imagine, how can a grandson ask this to Nani, its awkward. Shivaye says but we have to talk. Om says fine, what about this letter, shall we give this to Dadi. Shivaye says we will first talk to Dadi and then think of this letter. Shivomru come to Nani. Shivaye says we need to ask you something. Rudra says about Surya. She asks what do you want to know about him.

Shivaye asks why didn’t he get married. She asks why do you want to know this. Shivaye says its a big decision. Om says Surya is young, dashing, he sings and wears stylish clothes, he is a bachelor. She says he didn’t get married, because the girl who he wanted to marry, she got married to someone else, he was heartbroken, he shifted to Canada. Shivaye asks what happened to that girl.

Shivaye says no, they could meet for any reason, maybe he wants to discuss with Dadi before telling us about Dada ji. Rudra jokes. Om corrects him. Rudra says how will you justify, ‘Love, Surya’, Dadi is surely having an affair. Gauri comes and asks what are you guys talking. Shivaye says we were congratulating each other for the deal. Gauri says fine, we are going shopping and then we will go for Jagrata.

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