In Game of Love Update Wednesday 4th December 2019 on Starlife, Naira coming to temple with her family. She sees some girls dancing. She sees ghungroos. She recalls her past.

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Krishna ki har baat….plays…. Kartik is sitting there. She turns and doesn’t see him. He thinks what shall I do, how shall I remind my Naira. She recalls her dance. Devyaani asks where is Naira. Everyone calls out Naira. Kartik hears them and goes out to see. He sees Naira dancing. Everyone looks on and smiles. Naira gets dizzy. Kartik runs to her. He holds her in arms. O morey saiyyan…..plays…..A chunri falls over them. He gets away and goes. Everyone goes to Naira and ask is she fine. Devyaani asks her to sit.

Naira drinks water. Kartik hides and looks on. Devyaani asks are you feeling okay. Naira says I m fine, I candance, I know how to dance. Kirti says yes, you are a born dancer. Devyaani says you liked to dance. Naksh says you used to dance for hours. Kirti says dance was your passion, we have done many shows together. Kartik recalls and says how did I forget, dance, your first love, your stress buster. She thinks why do I feel like someone is close by, but who, why does this person not come in front. She turns and sees Radha Krishna poster. Kartik rolls it up. He sees Naira going to pray. He says Naira will make a new identity, I will help her, I know what to do now. Kirti asks Bhabhimaa to ask Naira to put Krish in cradle, else he will get habitual.

Bhabhimaa says I have no courage to tell Naira. Seema comes to meet them and says I have seen Naira in temple, we run charitable events, we find artists who want to do something for society by using their talents, who don’t run after money. Naksh says we will discuss and inform you. She says fine, inform me soon, our next event is happening next week. She goes. Naira says I want to dance, I feel really connected, let me dance. She goes. Naksh asks what if anything happens to her. Bhabhimaa says nothingwill happen. They explain Naksh and say dance will keep Naira busy, the thoughts will not trouble her. Naksh calls Seema. She says fine, send Naira to the address. She says your work is done Sir. Kartik smiles and gives her a cheque.

She says this is the highest donation amount so far. He says I request you… She says I remember, your name won’t be revealed, why are you doing this. He says personal reason. He thinks people do a lot for love, I m just hiding my identity. Naira writes down her feelings, that she felt good after dancing, heartbeat got faster at the time when that person came in front of her, but she hasn’t seen him. She makes a drawing of Kartik’s feet. She draws a frog and thinks why did I choose to draw a frog. Kartik says I m happy, Naira remembered dancing, I will work hard to help you, you have drown all your sorrows while you dance, you will make a new beginning, my lioness. They sleep.

Game of Love Update Wednesday 4th December 2019 on Starlife

Its morning, Manish comes to Kartik and asks him to go to office, Akhilesh will get help. Kartik says I have decided a new project, to settle Naira in her life, I m not sure if I will be part of her life, she will be happy, what happened, are you not happy, I thought my family will support me. They smile and agree to support. Dadi says I think Singhanias will also support us. Manish says I feel very proud, do whatever you want, don’t hurt anyone, they are already hurt. Dadi says you can do anything you want, our blessings are with you. Naira gets ready. Naksh says this is your new phone, I have fed numbers. Naira says I remember the address and numbers. She tells them numbers. Kirti says this is Kartik’s number. Naksh looks on.

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