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Game of Love 5 August 2020: Game of Love update wednesday 5th August 2020, Anika asks Lallan how is he. He says I m still the same. She asks the servant to get a cup of tea for Lallan. Shivaye comes. Lallan asks is he your husband. She says yes. Shivaye asks who is he. She says he is Lallan. He asks who. Lallan asks didn’t you tell him about me. She says my Chandni and Chameli are from his house, he makes my sandals. Shivaye asks why did you call him home, if you wanted a good shoe, I would have called a good shoe designer home. She says the designer would have extorted money from us, that’s the problem. Shivaye says we are rich, we shouldn’t brag but we are rich. She says thank God I haven’t changed, I m someone who loves to save money, middle class Anika. Lallan shows sandals and says this one is for 1500. she says 350rs for us, as we share an old bond. Shivaye says you are embarrassing me, don’t do this. She says these are slippers, I won’t wear them like a crown, this is footwear. He says its just 1500rs. She says let me manage, deal is done, have this 400rs. She tries the slippers. Lallan goes. Shivaye asks Lallan to stop, what is he doing, how will he earn profits if he allows such bargaining.. he has to become stern. Lallan asks what can I do, I m leaving. He goes.

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Shivaye says just let it be. Anika says its an issue to spend money, you get irritated when someone saves money, Bhavya is right, money affects relationship. Rishabh comes and says both off you should have your own show, I forgot my phone here. Shivaye sends Khanna to get the phone. Rishabh says many celebrities have graced my show, why don’t I call my neighborhood celebrities on my show. She says fine, I will bring Shivaye along. Shivaye says you are the celebrity, thanks for taking me along. She asks what will we do on the show. Rishabh says that you do every day, debate, wife who saves money and husband who… She says who splurges money. Shivaye says its not right to deprive someone of the money that they should get.

Rishabh says we will do this and its gonna be fun, my show aims at 12pm, so tomorrow at 12. Anika says we will be there at 12 sharp. Rishabh says I need to reach the radio station, so its done. He goes. Shivaye asks how do you find Rishabh. She says he is a nice guy, he loves his brother a lot. Rudra and Bhavya come. Bhavya refuses to listen. Anika asks should we ask what’s the matter. Rudra says I will tell you, Dadi told us to have a joint account. Shivaye says then have it, what’s the problem. Bhavya says don’t misunderstand me, I don’t want monetary matters in our relation. Rudra says to be honest, I m not opening the joint account to take money from you, I m your husband and you are my responsibility. Bhavya says that’s very sweet, but I m educated, I m a police officer, I m independent, I have done all this so that I can fulfill my responsibilities, I like financial freedom.

Rudra says I also like it, did we had problems regarding money. Shivaye says never. Rudra says my brother pays my credit card bill, I m independent but dependent on Shivaye. Shivaye says if someone forgets to pay his credit card bill every month, then someone else has to take care of it, remember this, money is like rain, relationships are like house, if your house is strong, then rain can’t enter the house, our home is quite strong. Anika says but she isn’t talking about the house, but about the family, she is talking about herself, I will explain, the thing is I agree with Bhavya, one’s earning is something own, when a girl earns, she gains confidence, she gains power, when I used to earn, I used to manage my expenses. Shivaye asks what’s the difference between the two.

Anika says when we go for a movie, you book those back steals with eyeliner. Shivaye says no, its called recliners. She says yes, I relax and sit on them, I watch the movie, when Sahil and I used to go for a movie, we used to book the front row seats and would hold heads high, when I would spend money and go for a movie, I used to hold head high with pride and watch, I don’t do that when I go with you, as you spend money then. Rudra says then spend wisely, watch the movie from front row and hold head high. She says you bring logic in emotional dialogue too, I believe women should earn. Om and Gauri come. Bhavya says I decided to rejoin the police force, commissioner called me, and I agreed.

They all congratulate. Bhavya thanks them. Om jokes on Rudra. Rudra says you are reciting naughty shayari, stick to serious ones. Bhavya says stop laughing and pay your credit card bills. Rudra jokes. They all smile. Om says he won’t change. He asks Gauri will you come for a long drive. They leave. Shivaye thinks of Rakesh’s words and goes out. He sees the dog and shouts don’t, stop there, I got the precautionary medicine. The maid takes the dog in and plays Rishabh’s show on radio. Shivaye hides and looks from the window. Rakesh comes out and makes tea for himself. He goes to his room. Shivaye peeps in from the window. Rakesh switches on the lamp and sits reading a book. Shivaye says he is perfecting fine.

At the radio station, Rishabh thanks Shivaye and Anika for coming. Shivaye says I don’t know what we need to say. Anika says give me any topic, I can talk for hours. Shivaye says you can talk for hours even without the topic.

She says yes, that’s my talent, I m not like you, I don’t weigh my words, I speak a lot, but I say the truth. He says you think so. She says you just keep agreeing to me. He says I can’t do this. Rishabh says I want this chemistry, you both don’t agree on anything. Shivaye says we will try, you mean we should go on air and have a fight. Rishabh says yes. Anika says okay. Maid says Disco, its show time. Rishabh begins his show. He says today’s topic is money, money comes between friendship and blood ties, money makes the relation go sour, can money come between husband and wife, to discuss this topic, we have our special guests. Maid says our neighbors Oberois are the guests today. Rakesh sees the time and goes out of his room.

Rishabh welcomes Mr and Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi. He asks Anika do you think that money hampers marriages. Rakesh meets the dog and goes to make tea. Anika says my husband comes between me and money, he stops me from saving money, Shivaye thinks if I bargain, I m depriving someone of what he deserves, he doesn’t understand I m saving his money, he should be happy, but he becomes upset. Rishabh smiles. Shivaye says the thing you are purchasing is your choice, one who is selling it, its his necessity, if he doesn’t sell it, how will he take care of his family. She says he is trying to say, if the seller is selling the pair of slippers worth 200rs for 2000rs, then I should not bargain.

Shivaye says if he sells the slipper at 200rs, what will he earn, how will he feed his family. She says then let him sell the slippers for 300rs or 400rs, what’s the rate of 2000rs. He says seller gives a high rate as he knows you will pay one fourth price. Rishabh says this argument will never end, monetary matters affects a couple’s relationship, we will be taking a short break, keep listening to Jasbeet, Mere tumhare,… stay tuned. He says Gili Gili Choo… Hoja tu shuru….The dog hears his voice and goes from his seat. Rakesh takes the tea and switches on the lamp. He gets electrocuted and screams. Maid asks him to open the door, what happened. Rakesh falls dead. Shivaye says time is money, when you bargain, you waste time, you are wasting your time and money. Anik says for us, money is imp and time is something that should be passed, you maybe a big businessman, its not a big deal if we waste a few mins. Rishabh gets a call. He says its time to listen to the next song Apna sapna money money… Anika says we will talk later. Rishabh answers the call and shouts what. He drops his phone and says my brother Rakesh is no more…. They get shocked. Shivaye thinks of Rakesh’s words.

Bhavya and staff check the house for clues. Rishabh says my brother left me, he knew I have nobody in my life. Shivaye and Anika look on. Rishabh cries. Anika asks him to calm down, when the time comes, none can avoid death. Bhavya says just you were here at the time of Rakesh’s death, tell me truth, what happened exactly. Maid says everything was going on as per Rakesh’s routine, it was time for Rishabh’s show to start, disco and I started listening to him, Rakesh came out and made green tea, then he went back to his room, he must have sat on his bed, switched on the lamp and started reading. Bhavya asks when did you know then.

Maid says I heard him screaming, I ran to check and found the door locked from inside. Bhavya asks if we need any other info, we will call you at the police station. The man says we got this wire, maybe death happened by electrocution, victim must have switched on the lamp. Bhavya says yes, this death is an accident because the door and windows were locked from inside, when nobody entered the room, how can this be a murder, file this case, the case is closed. Shivaye says the case is closed, what do you mean. She says there is nothing left to investigate, the door was locked from inside, there were no marks on his body, we didn’t get anyone’s fingerprints, we have found a live wire, this death was accidental. Rishabh says its my mistake, I wish I was at home and saw that wire, my brother would have been alive today. He cries. Shivaye looks at him.

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