In Game of Love Update Wednesday 6th November 2019 on Starlife, Nana asks am i able to leave early nowadays, my better half desires to envision SSO’s film.

Aditi says we’ve got to travel in Kapadia store gap. Nana says SSO are coming back there. He gets his wife’s decision. She goes. He attends the decision. Shivaansh plays table football and thinks of the news. He asks Avi et al. to come back. He says i will be able to drive alone.

Aasya says take us on. Shivaansh says are available in alternative automotive. Aditi asks him to shut up. Gaitonde says you’ll watch SSO live there. Aditi says come back if you guys area unit through with it. the women outside the jewelry store, shout we love SSO. newsperson FD asks who is that the biggest SSO. the women say what nice things they are doing for SSO. Shivaansh is on the method. Police reaches there. Aditi asks them to create the folks aside. Shivaansh reaches within the automotive. newsperson says SSO is here.

Khanna et al. get down the automotive. A chopper comes towards that space and lifts the automotive to abduct Shivaansh. Hindu deity thinks SSO is in this automotive. everybody appearance on dismayed. Chopper takes away the automotive. Aditi appearance on. The newsperson says SSO got kidnaped, before of the police.

The news spreads. newsperson says the film discharged nowadays and SSO got kidnaped, this news may be a shock for his fans, who is behind his seizure, once the seizure happened, police was gift at the spot. Nandini says Shivaansh can reach you before long, i will be able to send my best officer, all the answers are given in group discussion. She asks Aditi however did this happen, its robust for a lady policeman to sustain in an exceedingly police dept. Aditi says sorry.

Nandini says you have got 5 hours, i would like Shivaansh safely back. Goons take Shivaansh into a dark placeand tie him to some chair. Nana says we might have followed them if we had a heavier-than-air craft. Gaitonde says i believe associate degree alien is behind this. Nana asks who is alien. Gaitonde says I meant alien, jadoo.. Aditi asks them to prevent their gossip and find back to figure.

Mohini calls her and asks who has kidnaped my SSO. Aditi says i do know concerning it, seizure happened before of me. Mohini says its your duty to save lots of him, if something happens to him, many ladies can die. Hindu deity says nothing can happen to SSO, its my promise. She disconnects the decision. She says SSO, wherever area unit you. Shivaansh is seen engaged.

Avi and Aasya answer calls. Khanna says I m lecture Hanuman Islamic Group for Shivaansh’s safety. Aditi queries a trafficker concerning SSO’s seizure. the person says I didn’t see something. She asks for CCTV footage. She checks the footage. Nana says this can be referred to as hotshot, seizure happened by a chopper. He jokes. Aditi checks the footage once more. She calls traffic management and asks for chopper’s data. Nana gets a decision once more and says it absolutely was my wife’s decision, she is finite concerning SSO. Aditi says do some work and finish your wife’s tension, facilitate me find SSO.

Shivaansh tries to urge free. somebody comes and opens the ropes. He removes the blindfold and asks for water. somebody provides cold water. He asks for traditional temporary worker water. He gets hat and drinks. He asks did you get some brewage. Aasya, Avi and Khanna smile. Lights get on. SSO is reception. They decision him nice. SSO asks however did you wish my stunt. They praise him.

Aasya says you have got done nice acting, media is simply talking concerning you. Shivaansh asks what concerning collections. Avi says folks are praying for you, they require you back. Khanna says I got emotional and cried. Shivaansh says I got this idea concerning Nani and Dadi, I had planned my very own seizure. Khanna asks him to demand huge ransom from himself. Shivaansh jokes on him. Aasya says pic assortment can cross five hundred crores, we’ll create the fans emotional, they’re going to watch the pic repeatedly. Khanna gets pizza pie for everybody. Shivaansh asks dish on behalf of me. Aasya says cheating is allowed nowadays.

Shivaansh says I don’t break my commitments. Avi says its distributor’s decision. He answers and asks very, is it containerful, omg… however don’t recognize wherever is SSO. Shivaansh chow the dish. Avi fakes cry and ends decision. Aasya shows the comments on social media.

Shivaansh asks what’s FD locution. newsperson FD says SSO got kidnaped and therefore the fans area unit in queue in get the tickets, SSO return before long, the country is wish for your safety. Aditi says trace the chopper, until then, faucet the phones of SSO’s family, ransom decision could come back, i would like all details of all the air movements nowadays. She thinks i will be able to decide SSO. Shivaansh smiles.

Aditi says the chopper can’t go too way automotiverying the car, where that chopper landed, SSO would be shut. Shivaansh and team dance on Badtameez Dil. Shivaansh says I created a blunder, I created an honest set up however forgot to decision Dadi and Nani, offer me my phone. Avi provides the phone and winks.

Aasya asks can you hide phone in your hair. He says secret phone at secret place. Shivaansh calls Nani and says I m fine, simply hear Maine. Aasya checks Aditi’s statement on news. newsperson asks Aditi if police can’t offer protection to any individual, then what is going to the human expect from police.

Aditi says we’ll notice Shivaansh before the day ends, Shivaansh are before of you. Avi says it suggests that she is going to notice SSO nowadays. Khanna says she is locution as if she is going to trace Shivaansh’s phone and notice his location. Shivaansh gets dismayed. Aasya says no one has this sign. Avi says however Dadi’s phone will get copied. Aasya says SSO’s image will get spoiled.

Shivaansh says decision the conjure man to urge wound marks. Aditi learns that a decision is formed from SSO’s phone to his Nani. Shivaansh and team get the pretend marks on his face. Shivaansh says we’ve got to indicate them, I actually have an answer, don’t worry. Aditi walks in Oberoi mansion, followed by Nana and Gaitonde. Media asks Aditi concerning Shivaansh. Hindu deity goes ahead. Nana says its an enormous house. Gaitonde says I got an opportunity to come back in SSO’s house. Nana says come back, we’ll take a selfie there.

Aditi greets Nani and Dadi. She introduces herself and her team. Aditi asks them to try and do their work, and let her do her work. She says I actually have to raise concerning SSO. Nana gets his wife’s decision once more and says she didn’t eat something since SSO got kidnaped, she goes to wish for him. Dadi and Nani say everyone seems to be praying for SSO. Aditi asks wherever is Shivaansh.

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