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Gangaa saturday 23rd May 2020; Gangaa update saturday 23 May 2020, Janvi continues to vomit. Madhvi is worried for her. Amma ji is also concerned as Janvi is their guest. What if something goes wrong? Ganga has called doc. Janvi will be fine once she takes medicine. Janvi vomits again. Ganga gives her water. Janvi thinks Ganga can think good for her but only bad will happen with her. They hear a car honk. Sagar, Pulkit and Supriya have come back. Sagar rushes to Janvi’s side immediately. I told you to come to doc with me. Amma ji says I will visit Vaid ji. Sagar denies. Janvi is not used to it. He assures Janvi she will be fine. Janvi wants to go to room as she is feeling suffocated here. She gets up and acts like fainting. She falls in Sagar’s arms. He makes her sit down once again. He asks Ganga about the doc. She says he is on his way. Sagar is all tensed.

Gangaa update saturday 23 May 2020 Doc comes just then. He checks Janvi. Doc shares that she is all weak because of vomiting. He gives her an injection. Which medicine did you give to her? Ganga shows him the medicine that she had brought. He says she would have felt better after taking it. He checks the one that Janvi has. It is another one. Ganga says I brought the one written in the prescription. Doc points out that this particular medicine can have a very bad effect on an ulcer patient. Sagar looks at Ganga. Janvi is relieved now. the drama will begin now. Doc agrees to check back on JAnvi in the evening. You did wrong by giving her the wrong medicine.

Gangaa update saturday 23rd May 2020 zee world Sagar sits down beside Janvi. Madhvi questions Ganga on the medicine. What if something had happened to Janvi? You are well educated. Janvi acts again. you hate me so much that you want to kill me now? Ganga declines but Madhvi supports Janvi. You could have asked me to take care of Janvi if you were not interested. Amma ji too reprimands Ganga. Pulkit tries to explain from Ganga’s side but Madhvi does not let him speak. Ganga turns to Sagar. I am saying the truth. I brought the medicine that you wrote. Do you think I can be this careless? He is clueless. We all just saw you brought the wrong medicine. Ganga feels hurt. You all think I am at fault? Janvi’s condition worsened because of my mistake so I will be punished. She too takes the same medicine. Everyone tries to stop her but in vain. Niru comes just then. He tells her to throw the medicine. You have to listen to your Babu. She vomits the tablet. He pats at her head asking her if she is fine. She nods. Niru asks everyone what’s happening. Janvi is tensed. He came a little early. Madhvi tells him everything. Niru tells Ganga to look at him. did you give her the wrong medicine intentionally? She declines. why would I do that with anyone? Niru points out that everyone knows she never lies. You all forced her to eat the medicine. Why should she be punished when she dint do anything wrong? Janvi says even I am not lying. The tablet is here. I got ill after taking it. niru says I am assured to see you healthy but I am fully sure Ganga can never harm anyone. Amma ji asks him why he is covering Ganga’s mistake. Niru asks her who is brining her medicine since last 10-12 years. Has she ever done something like that? Madhvi too knows Ganga will not do anything like that intentionally, but the mistake is huge. The consequence could be big! Niru says maybe the chemist made a mistake in reading it. I bet Ganga can never harm anyone! Janvi’s plan is ruined. Niru tells Ganga she made a mistake. Everyone was scolding you. would you punish yourself for it? Being a lawyer you should have known it is wrong to hurt someone. It is all the more wrong to hurt yourself! He leaves from there.

Sagar takes Janvi to her room. Ganga is in tears. Amma ji still tells Ganga she acted all careless today. You are testing my patience. Next time I will not spare you if you make any mistake. No one lets Pulkit speak again. He leaves for his room after assuring Ganga its ok. Ganga stands there teary eyed.

Gangaa update 23 May 2020 Ganga thanks Niru for coming there on time. No one would have believed me otherwise. I am very lucky to have you. You trust me just the way Bappa trusted me. He says both your Bappa and I know how honest you are. I still recall the first day I saw / met you. I could see honesty in you. I still haven’t forgotten it. I still recognize it. She thanks him. I will never fall weak till you trust me. He nods. don’t make this mistake ever again. what if something had happened to you? Janvi overhears their convo. Sagar is worried for Ganga and now uncle is taking Ganga’s side. What should I do now? Madhvi pats at her shoulder. What are you doing here? Janvi says I wanted to drink ice tea. Madhvi sends her to her room. Madhvi looks at Niru and Ganga. Ganga offers to bring tea for Niru. He smiles happily. she turns to go. Babu still trusts me but I did not see that trust in Sagar’s eyes today. she collides with the ink kept on the table. The bottle breaks as it touches the ground. She goes to bring a cloth to wipe it clean. Her feet are all red because of the ink.

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Gangaa saturday 23 May 2020 Sagar holds her as she was about to trip. They share an eye lock. She backs off. Why do you come to save me every time? He replies that he cares for her. Did you get hurt? What’s this red color all about? She tells him that she got the ink in her feet by mistake. He says it looks good on you. It looks quite similar like Alta (the red colour worn by brides in their feet). She points out that he only brought colours in her life first and then took that right away from her! You only don’t want to give this right to me. He holds her hand as she turns to go. Will you only taunt me? She pulls her hand free. What about what you did to me? You looked at me with doubt. He explains that he knew he shouted on her as he got upset. I got worried seeing Janv’s condition. I was looking for you so I can apologize to you. Just give me a chance. I know you are angry with me. She reminds him that one gets upset with their own people only. You forgot that we broke our ties with one another. We had agreed not to talk. Why will I feel bad about what you say when our relation has changed? She leaves from there. Sagar looks at the red marks formed by her feet.

update on Gangaa saturday 23 May 2020 Ganga thinks of what all happened today at home. Maharaj ji is coming back from Janvi’s room muttering to himself. He tells Ganga that everyone has their own tantrums. Janvi does not like sugar in her milk. Ganga recalls seeing Janvi in the kitchen in the afternoon. Janvi was holding the salt container and asked for sugar from Ganga. Ganga asks Maharaj ji what happens when one takes water mixed with salt. He says people will vomit. Don’t even think to do so by mistake.

saturday Gangaa update 23 May 2020 Janvi is sitting in her room. The lights are switched off. Ganga sits on the sofa. Janvi shouts and immediately switches on the lights. She is shocked to see Ganga. Ganga calls her weak hearted. You always do something or the other. You take the wrong medicine or drink water mixed with salt. She shows the right medicine to Janvi. I brought this one for you. You hid it very nicely in the shelf. I cannot understand how low you will stoop down for this enmity. You risked your own life. I really did get worried for you. I rushed to chemist to bring medicine for you and even called doc. You played such a dirty trick against me. I doubt if you actually did law. I think you studied only how to do cheap tricks against others. Janvi agrees lying to everyone. I did all this drama so this family throws you out of this house. Ganga says I thought you were smart but you are mad. Tilld ate, you could not realise how deeply rooted I am in this house. You saw with your own eyes today how much Babu trusts me. this relation is no easy to break. Give up. My roots are very strong here in this house. Stop your cheap tactics. Nothing will come out of it. Sleep now, you must be tired after all the vomiting. She leaves from there. Janvi angrily throws some stuff.

Janvi walks in the corridor. How can I sleep peacefully till Ganga is in the house! She overhears Madhvi and Niru’s convo. Niru is leaving for Delhi for a few days. Madhvi tells him to come back before Sagar leaves. He agrees. Don’t hide anything from me that happens in the house. Janvi is thrilled.

Gangaa saturday update 23 May 2020 Amma ji refuses to take the medicine from Ganga. What if you try to hurt me as I scold you all the time? Ganga reasons that she has been doing it since years. Amma ji is surprised. Janvi thinks her move is going in the right direction. Now the drama will be double than before. Even Ganga’s Babu wont come to save her this time. Be ready Ganga! You wont be able to stay back here for long.

Gangaa saturday 23 May 2020 update Janvi gets a call from her friend Neeti. Neeti hopes the lovebirds come soon. Janvi had completely forgotten that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. She lies to Neeti. Sagar did plan a surprise for me. She ends the call. Ganga has to go out of the house anyways. I will give her such a gift before leaving that she will remember for life! How will she feel when she will see Sagar celebrating V-Day with me! She will have to accept it tomorrow that Sagar is only mine!

Gangaa 23rd May 2020 zee world Ganga thinks she thought Sagar was hers only which is why she kept all these gifts for him since all these years. She sadly looks at the cards and gifts. Every day is special for lovers. One day cannot be called a special day for love. Every day was V-Day for me but still I feel sad when the entire world celebrates it! How I wish you were with me on this day! I waited for this every year. I celebrated it alone every year thinking you will come and! She thinks of Sagar’s hurtful words about thinking of her as only his best friend. She keeps them back in the trunk. She asks Ganga if she will stay alone for life.

Gangaa 23 May 2020 Ganga stands outside in the balcony at night. Sagar kisses on her shoulder and holds her hand. He hugs her from behind. People who don’t understand themselves give up hope. Sagar is only yours and you are only Sagar’s. She closes her eyes as he caresses her hands. She pushes him slightly. Ganga reminds Sagar he does not love her. He puts a finger on her lips. one only needs to read the eyes and listen to the heart beats when in love. Listen to my heart beats. He makes her rest her head on his chest. They stand that ways holding each other for a while. They break the hug. Look at the moon from my eyes now. He turns Ganga towards the moon and hugs her once again. Ask your moon how much I thought of you every year on V-Day. She tries to say something but he shushes her. you will not say or hear anything. You will only feel it. She says this is the reason behind this big cheating. She turns to look at him. He asks her what cheating she is talking about. Look into my eyes. Can you not see yourself in my eyes; can you not see how much I love you? Don’t you know that just the way it is the destiny of Ganga to mix up in Sagar; Sagar is also incomplete without Ganga? She is in tears. He holds one drop on his finger. They are not tears but valuable pearls. Why do you hold it back in your eyes? Let them glow. Give me all your pains. Take all the good things and happiness from me. He kisses on her forehead. I love you Ganga. He leans closer for a kiss. Amma ji calls out for Ganga just then. ganga realises she had been day dreaming.


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