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Gangaa update saturday 30th May 2020; Gangaa update saturday 30 May 2020, Amma ji says I sent her away. She cannot stay here after what she has done. He yet again asks where Ganga is. Pulkit says Sagar knows. He is with her. AMma ji is irked that he went with her. Janvi and madhvi speak against Sagar’s action but Niru says my son is just like me. This is what people will say! I am proud of him. He stood by Ganga’s side in this situation. That’s like my son. Everyone is surprised.

Gangaa update saturday 30 May 2020 Sagar gets Niru’s call. She breaks down as soon as she hears his voice. He tells her to message him the address right away. I want to meet you. he tells the same to his family. janvi goes with him. Amma ji shouts after them to bring Sagar home at any cost.

Gangaa update saturday 30th May 2020 zee world Niru and Sagar reach the hotel. Janvi asks Sagar why he dint pick any of her calls last night. She looks at the bed. It doesn’t look like anyone slept there. Niru asks Sagar who did this. Sagar says it is Yash. He tried to misbehave with Ganga in the past too. I reached there on time last time or! Niru cannot believe it that someone from his family could fall so low. What do you want to do now? Sagar says I want justice to happen with Ganga. Niru tells him if he wants Yash to be arrested. Will your file FIR against him? Janvi is worried thinking of Yash’s threat. Niru asks Sagar and Ganga if they will be able to do it. they both look at each other. Niru tells Ganga to think first. It wont be east. Women and girls are often asked questions which will embarrass you like anything. Everyone is made to be repeated time and again. will you be able to do it? She affirms. I will bear anything and fight with the society if my loved ones believe me. janvi says we all trust Ganga. we know she cannot do so. Why drag family matter in court? Sagar denies. he should be punished. Niru exclaims that the lawyer wants Ganga to get justice. Think that this is your first case then. Janvi denies. he has to go to London. Niru asks Sagar if he will fight Ganga’s case or not. Sagar wants to but he thinks of his job. Niru says you backed off when first challenge came in front of you. he turns to Ganga. I am sad that when you need your childhood friend the most he isn’t there. I am still sure you can fight for your self-respect all by yourself. You don’t need anyone’s support. Sagar requests him to listen to him once. Niru asks Ganga to come home with him. Sagar denies. dadi has insulted her a lot. Ganga and I will step in that house only after the case. Niru points out that he will leave for London tomorrow. Anyways you both can stay at Raghav ji’s house. I am waiting outside.

zee world update on Gangaa saturday 30 May 2020 Janvi tells Sagar he cannot miss this chance. This is about your career. Ganga goes outside. Janvi says I know you are worried for Ganga and so am I. You cannot waste your life like this. You will come to London, right?

Gangaa 30 May 2020 zee world Niru speaks to Raghav ji. Janvi pulls Ganga aside. I know you love Sagar and you wont want anything wrong to happen to him. She gets Yash’s call but disconnects it. She tells Ganga to think about Sagar’s future. His life will be ruined if he gets emotional and thinks to stay back for the case. Sacrifice is the second name of love. You only said this to me. How can you be selfish then? Let him go. Will you destroy Sagar’s life for your own reasons? She gets a message from Yash. Why did he go there?

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Gangaa saturday 30 May 2020 update Prabha tells Madhvi and Amma ji that Sagar beat Yash so badly. You think he can do such a cheap thing? Madhvi and Amma ji are all quiet. Prabha speaks in his favour. Pulkit says you cannot blame anyone without any reason. supriya also asks her why Ganga would lie. Prabha says it means me and my son are liars. This new bride will tell me this? Why are you both after my son? I have raised my son nicely. That widow girl was after my son. Would he have come here if he was wrong? Wouldn’t he have left Banaras? They all stay quiet. Prabha says that stranger girl is everything for you. I have no respect. Niru asks what’s happening here. He looks angrily at Yash and holds his collar! You misbehaved with Ganga? Yash tries to say something when Niru slaps him. Prabha angrily asks him if he has proof. Yash looks at Janvi who signals him to be quiet. Niru says Ganga’s words are proof enough for me. he glares at Yash. Why did you do this? Yash acts innocent. Someone else might have done it. I have no enmity with her. Someone must have taken revenge from her. Niru angrily asks him if he is trying to put the blame on someone else to avoid the punishment. Yash takes MLA’s name. Janvi smiles relieved. Ganga sent him to jail and abducted Saloni. Niru asks for proof. You might not know Ganga. she is very determined. She always does when she makes up her mind to it. She doesn’t lack strength. Think what will happen to you if you are indeed the culprit! He leaves from there. Prabha is all the more upset now. Niru also disrespected us. I wont come here again even if you (Madhvi) will call me. She leaves with Yash.

Ganga begins to pick up Sagar’s stuff. She sees the blood on his jacket and recalls the fight with Yash. Janvi’s words echo in her head. Sagar asks her what she is thinking. She asks him if she should tell the truth.

Gangaa saturday update 30 May 2020 Yash comes to meet Janvi. She asks him why he came here. Uncle scolded you a lot. He says it is your problem. You look extra cute in anger. She gets angry but he wanrs her again. how much will you pay me to lie? I can take your name tomorrow. She says you cannot do so but he doesn’t mind it. I can do anything. No one can even imagine what all I can do to you. She gives him money. He tells her not to worry about police or court. I will handle everything. You should just keep giving me money like this. He goes.

zee world saturday update on Gangaa: Ganga brings Sagar to Chaturvedi house. He repeats that he doesn’t want to go home. don’t you remember how Dadi behaved with you? Mom was standing quietly. This meant she also does not trust you. She again asks him to come. He asks her what happened to you. What happened to your self-respect! How did you forget everything so easily? She replies that she hasn’t forgotten anything. I am not going home but you are! He is taken aback. I cannot go. She reminds him of his London trip. Pack your bags. I don’t want you to destroy your future or career. He denies. I cannot leave you alone in all this. She says it is enough that you thought so much about me. Babu is here. Ganga tells Sagar to go to London if he respects their friendship or her even a bit. Janvi smiles as she hears their convo. He doesn’t want to leave her. She says this relation is my pride. I don’t want anyone to blame me for ruining your future tomorrow. For our relation’s sake, please go. he says no but she insists. Janvi thinks Ganga is stupid. It is very easy to make people like you stupid. It is all fate. You used to feel hurt seeing me with Sagar. You yourself came to give him to me today! She smirks.


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