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Gangaa 12 October 2020: Gangaa update Monday 12th October 2020, Everyone talks of the scorpion biting Ganga. Niru tells Janvi’s parents that she is Sagar’s childhood friend. They don’t mind it. you get to know of people in times of problem only. He takes so much care of his friend so he will obviously keep his wife happy. She is lucky to have Sagar. Niru calls them lucky too. We got a DIL like Janvi. Madhvi shares that doc has checked Ganga. she will be fine by morning.

Gangaa update Monday 12 October 2020: Sagar tells Ganga to sleep. I will sit by your side. she tells him to be with Janvi’s parents. He does not want to hear it from her what he should be doing. She folds her hands to request him. He angrily leaves from there. Ganga is in tears. Outside, Sagar thinks of Ganga’s request. He hits his hand angrily on the wall again. Prabha smiles seeing him. What happened? Is everything fine? He heads upstairs without saying anything. Prabha smirks. She goes inside the room to talk to Ganga. The fire is equally lit on both the sides. There will be a storm in the house when Sagar announces his love openly for Ganga. the happiness of this house will end just like they ended the happiness of my house.

Janvi seeks the blessings of elders. Madhvi says the house will be empty without her. Janvi’s parents say it is only a matter of few days. she will be here after the wedding. Amma ji says it is good or people will talk about it. Prabha seconds her. She thinks Sagar and Ganga’s love will blossom only when Janvi will leave. Niru tells Sagar about Janvi leaving with her parents. Niru, Madhvi and Amma ji are also leaving for some place. Ganga stumbles in her step. Something falls. Sagar immediately rushes to her side. why did you come out? Doc asked you to rest. She says I wanted water. He replies that she could have asked someone to bring it. He offers to stay with her at home. You all can drop off Janvi and her parents at the airport. Janvi looks uncomfortable. Madhvi asks Sagar not to do this. You cannot leave your would be in-laws like this. Ganga tells Sagar to go. Maharaj ji is at home. He tells her to be quiet. I did not ask you what I should be doing. Prabha offers to take care of Ganga. don’t worry about her. Niru also asks Sagar to come. He goes with them.

Prabha asks Maharaj ji to bring water. Ganga is sleepy. Prabha makes her take the medicine. She assures Maharaj ji she will manage things here. Ganga lies down to sleep. Prabha looks at her. Sleep peacefully princess! Your prince will come when you will be asleep and wake you up with love. Sleep well!

Prabha sends Maharaj ji to market for some work. He is reluctant but she says Ganga slept. She wont wake for 2-3 hours. Market isn’t far. He leaves. He asks her to watch the coal (which he left on gas).

Prabha brings the hot coals in Ganga’s room. She closes all the windows and door of the room next. I am so smart. This smoke will set fire now. She leaves.

Gangaa Monday 12 October 2020: Janvi pulls Sagar aside. I don’t want to leave you. I will miss you. But I am happy that I will be back as your wfe soon. His phone rings. He is shocked. In Ganga’s room? Prabha lies that there is fire in Ganga’s room. She is inside. She isn’t opening the door. I am scared. He leaves for home. Janvi wants to go with him but he does not even listen to her. Madhvi asks her where Sagar went. Janvi replies that Ganga called him to her on some pretext. Are you sure you will handle everything? I mean, Sagar and Ganga?

Sagar drives in full speed. On the other hand, Prabha peeks inside Ganga’s room. Maharaj ji comes home. Prabha shouts his name. Ganga can hear her voice but she is too drowsy. Maharaj ji knocks at the door. Prabha tells him to break open the door. Sagar enters just then. Prabha hears him. she shouts Ganga. He rushes to her room. Prabha asks Sagar what if Ganga dies. He says nothing like that will happen. He tries to open the door but in vain. Both Maharaj ji and Prabha go to bring something to break open the door. Sagar asks Ganga to get up. She coughs and tries getting up. He is panicking with every passing second. Open the door. The door is finally opened by him. He picks her up in his arms and brings her outside. She is coughing badly. He asks her if she is fine. She nods.

He asks her what happened. Do you know what happened to me? For a second I felt you will leave me for forever. They share a hug. Why couldn’t you understand what was happening inside? Why weren’t you opening the door? How can you be so careless? How would I live if anything had happened to you? She says Sagar. He holds her face. Ganga I love you! She is stunned. I love you. I cannot lose you at any cost. I wont be able to live without you. If anything had happened to you then your Sagar would have died without you! You were right Ganga. I understand everything slow. I was mad. I called our relation childhood friendship but I have realised it today. it isn’t friendship but love. I realised it today why I worry so much for you. Why I feel pain when you are in pain! Why I am restless! I got all my answers. This is love. I love you Ganga! I really do! Tears fill her eyes. They hug again. She realises something and pushes him. This cannot be! He is taken aback. I really love you. She tells him not to say anything. This cannot be! He asks her why. Ganga runs upstairs while he keeps calling out after her to stop. He stands there shocked.

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