Gangaa update Monday 13th January 2020 on Zee World


Gangaa update Monday 13th January 2020 on Zee World

Gangaa update Monday 13th January 2020 on Zee World; While pouring food for Ganga, Madhvi tells Sagar that he needs to assure Ganga everything would be fine in her life again. He comes to the room. Ganga shares with Sagar about her conditions, and the flashes she get in her mind repeatedly. Sagar suggests a solution. He set the table, spray fragrance, light candles and then call Ganga for candle light dinner. Ganga smiles and goes with him. Both feed each other. Later, Sagar brings Ganga to bed and gives her medicines to her, and come to sit beside her in bed. Ganga fell asleep. Later, Ganga wakes up to find Sagar sleeping, she covers him with a quilt and herself lay over his shoulder.

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The next morning, Sagar comes to Krishna’s room and wakes her up. He wish her good morning, then asks about Ganga. Sagar asks her to let Ganga rest, he would get Krishna ready. Krishna points towards a date in calender. Sagar reads about Maka Sakranit, and tells Krishna it’s an event on which sweets are made. Ganga comes to hear this, and recalls missing her father on the same date.

Madhvi and Supriya were selecting sarees when Ganga comes out. Madhvi tells her to select a new saree for herself. Ganga compliemts Supriya’s one. Madhvi selects one for Ganga as well. Amma ji comes to inform Maharaj ji would no longer stay with them. Madhvi and Ganga were worried. Amma ji says he had already discussed this with her. Maharaj ji says in their village is a girl like Ganga, her name is also Ganga. Her parents died a long time ago, and he has to bear the responsibility of her marriage now. He says now he feels like staying in his village, as he is old as well. Amma ji allows him to come as his own house, here. Madhvi says if they couldn’t manage, she herself would bring him back. He nods. Ganga brings him a saree for her Ganga, as a gift for her wedding. The salesman gives another similar saree. Ganga cheers that both of Maharaj ji’s daughters would now have same dresses. Madhvi brings him a bag, Amma ji scolds him to keep the gift. Sagar and Pulkit bid him a well. Ganga gets weepy.

Gangaa update Monday 13th January 2020 on Zee World

Later, Amma ji was watering the plants, kids come to demand her for a story. Amma ji narrates them Geeta. The girls hear her intently, Amma ji says one always clearly realizes the change coming over one’s life. Ganga hears this and wonders if there is going to be a change in her life as well. She turns around to see Niru walking towards oil on floor and slips. She screams Bapu, but Niru wasn’t there. She realizes it was a day dream, but soon Niru actually appears and fell off the similar way. Pulkit and Supriya come to help Niru get up. Ganga thinks this wasn’t really fine.
Ganga comes to the room, and tells Sagar she had envisioned Niru slip over water, but Niru wasn’t there. But after a while, Niru actually fell off. Why is she facing this all. Sagar tells her to stop over thinking, he presents her a new ring. He then asks if this is a romantic start, and puts the ring in her hand. The ring suddenly fell over the floor. He looks around but couldn’t find it. Ganga was worried.


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