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Gangaa 18 January 2021: In the car Sagar was packing when Krishna brings a family photograph. Sagar assures Niru is still there, close to their hearts; as he places her hand over her heart. He says Niru is listening to everything and watching over to help them. Would he be happy to see her sad. He then goes to call Ganga to pack her bag. Krishna hugs the photograph.

Ganga was crying as she sat alone when Sagar comes there. Ganga was upset that Madhvi even tried taking her life, she is really disturbed and they shouldn’t leave her alone. She asks Sagar if they are doing it fine as it has been difficult to take care of Madhvi and Amma ji both. Sagar assures even Niru should have taken this very step.

On the way, Sagar drove the car while only Pulkit was awake. All of a sudden their car stops with a jerk. The cars of their tyre get punctured. Sagar was worried, as they are just half way. Pulkit points towards a building, Sagar and Ganga go to look for some help. Sagar points towards a guest house and suggests about staying here. Ganga wasn’t sure if it is fine, Sagar decides to stay here as even Madhvi and Amma ji are there and can’t spend the night in car.

A man in veil comes to take the nails that had made the puncture in their tyres. The man at reception was not responding as Sagar asked him about the available rooms. He then looks up, and replies they can get as many as they want to. Ganga whispers in Sagar’s ear to go somewhere else but Sagar insists to stay. The man tells them to wait, as he gets the rooms ready. After getting the family seated, Sagar comes out but the receptionist was nowhere to be found. He finds the outdoor of the guest house shut as well.

He comes in concerned, when the lights go off at once. Supriya suspects something wrong in all this, as all this can never be a coincidence. Ghunghat wali mata arrive at the door in veil. Sagar moves to attack her, but the goons behind them come in with guns pointed towards each of them. They forces them all to seats. Prabha orders to tie them all, except for hands.
Sagar resisted, Ganga questions who she to tease their family is. Prabha says this girl has made her really tired, today she will reveal her identity. She turns around to throw her veil away, everyone was shocked to see Prabha there. She teases Madhvi about making them dance over her fingertips; calling them idiots. Madhvi was disgusted that Prabha did this all for money. Prabha holds a gun over Sagar that he will die, as he killed Yash. She hysterically moves between Ganga and Sagar, then Krishna.


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