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Gangaa 21 September 2020: Gangaa update Monday 21st September 2020, MLA orders police to arrest Pulkit. Beat him till he tells me about my daughter. Ganga comes just then. I should be the one who should get arrested, not Bhaiya! He is only doung his duty of bring an elder brother. He is only hiding my mistake. It was I who brought Saloni Didi from her home. Bhaiya did not know anything. I made a mistake, so only I should be sent to jail. She accepts her mistake before Sagar. I held onto my belief and went too far! Only I deserve to be punished, no one else. Arrest me inspector. Sagar tells Ganga she cannot take entire blame on herself. I was also involved in this. Saloni comes there just then. She tells her father to stop. He asks her if she is alright. These people kidnapped you, right? I will get them punished, don’t worry. She declines. No one kidnapped me. I went to meet Pulkit on my own. I wanted to meet him once before my marriage. Ganga and Pulkit did not force me at all. Ganga tells her to let it be. I don’t need your pity. You cannot accept truth but I can! I made this mistake. I am ready to bear the punishment too. She apologizes to Niru. You were blamed today because of me. MLA calls it her arrogance. Sagar calls it her honesty. It was my plan. I kidnapped Saloni Didi from her house. I should be punished. I will go to jail. Ganga argues with him. don’t take blame for my fault. I made the plan. Pulkit says they both are lying. Its happening because of me. Punish me.

Gangaa update Monday 21 September 2020: MLA is irked. Stop it! Ganga is behind it. She came to my house. It can be clearly shown in the footage. Sagar points out that he too would have been in the video. You want to avenge for old things. She ended your political career! MLA asks the inspector to arrest Ganga or Pulkit. I will levy so many charges that Chaturvedi family will be finished. Ganga and Sagar warn him not to take Niru’s name. You will regret it if you take his name now. Niru angrily shouts at them to shut up. There is no doubt that my kids made a mistake. The father, whose kids made such a big mistake, wont be able to look at himself only for life. You 3 are the reason for my embarrassment and insult. MLA Srivastava only showed me a mirror. What do you want? Their careers and lives will be ruined if they are put in jail. I wont want it. I am ready for any punishment though. My upbringing lacked something. My kids took a wrong path. MLA says I wish a similar end for your kids like I faced. It is the perfect time to complete my wish today. If it is done then I will take back my complain. You are so proud of your ideals. I don’t like it when you walk with your head held high. I want to see you all helpless. I will forgive everything if it happens. Chaturvedi family is shocked. Pulkit, Ganga, Sagar, Madhvi, and Amma ji tell Niru not to bow down before a wrong person. You dint do anything wrong. MLA tells Niru that his one apology can keep the careers of all 3 kids intact. The city will otherwise taunt you for life. They will call you a father of a criminal.

Madhvi requests Niru not to do it. Ganga holds his feet. Kill me but don’t lose your self-respect before such a low man. Niru walks towards MLA in trance. He looks all heartbroken as he folds his hands before MLA. Everyone is in tears to see him thus except MLA. He bows down before MLA Srivastava. MLA feels at peace. I am happy to see how much you love your family. You saved your kids but sadly, your respect, arrogance, all broke down right before my eyes today! The game is up. I take my complain back. He leaves with Saloni.

Niru sits rooted to his place. Ganga says sorry to him. Please forgive me. Please say something, don’t be all quiet. He says you must be happy now. He says the same to Pulkit and Sagar too. everyone would be happy today. Amma ji denies. He gets up. You all made me stoop down for forever today. Madhvi asks him to come inside. He calls them all equal culprits in the crime! He questions Madhvi too. You hid the matter from me when Ganga went to MLA’s house. Amma ji too chose to keep quiet. He is hurt with Ganga most of all. You broke my trust completely. I did not expect this stupidity from you! Who should I trust? My own family cheated me today. They kept me in dark. That MLA dint punish me, but my own family did! He leaves from there.

Gangaa 21 September 2020: Ganga feels sad. Sagar dint hear me. He left with Janvi. The bus left too. He dint even ask me once who will I go with. He dint even look back. She recalls pundit ji’s words. Wild animals roam here at night. She is about to call Sagar but then decides against it. My existence does not matter to you. Let it be! I will only go home now when you will come to take me. She switches off her phone.

Sagar, Janvi and Ijaz reach home. Amma ji asks about Ganga. Sagar says I thought she was coming with you. Madhvi denies. She was going to come with you all in jeep. Janvi says I thought she will get to spend time with Bhai. Amma ji realises that Ganga is still in Ashram. Sagar worries for Ganga.

Ganga is waiting for Sagar. You left me alone here. The area is complete isolated and quiet at night. She hears some sounds and gets scared. It is the sound of some wild animals. She shouts back at them. Come and eat me! Sagar does not care about me. He has no idea where I am. It is so late. Or it might be he lost his way. He has stayed out of India for too long. I should go and check.

Sagar and Sahil leave for the Ashram in jeep.

Gangaa Monday update 21 September 2020: Ganga is walking alone at night. It is so late. I wonder where Sagar will be. She comes across two drunk me. They block her way when she tries to go. She keeps asking them to let her go or she will hit them. They challenge her. She picks up a stick but they aren’t afraid of her. She decides to run to save herself. They chase her. She finds one door open and gets inside. She switches her cell phone on. The men try beat at the door, asking her to open it. She is tensed.

Sahil keeps trying Ganga’s phone as Sagar drives. Sahil says we are only 5 minutes away. Sagar is very much concerned for Ganga. 5 minutes are a lot. Anything can happen. We should reach there soon.

The men keep hitting at the door to break it open. Ganga puts a bed against it to hold it for long but fails. She waits anxiously for Sagar. Come and save me! The guys succeed in opening the door. They walk towards her. She warns them not to come near her. She throws things at them but they are cheap people. They hear the sound of an approaching car. They run away. Sagar notices them too. He runs towards the house but then stops. Ganga is sure it is Sagar. Sagar sends Sahil ahead. Ganga notices the shadow. I was sure you will come, Sagar. Sahil steps forward to clear her misunderstanding. She is taken aback to see him. Where is Sagar? He asks her to come with him. She is heartbroken to know Sagar has not come to take her. Where is he? Sagar hears her from far. Sahil stays mum. Sagar calls Sahil. He asks Sahil to bring Ganga home. Don’t tell her I came with you. I am heading home. This is a good chance to be a hero in her eyes. Sahil is not so convinced but Sagar insists. Sagar leaves. Ganga asks Sahil again about Sagar. He did come with you, right? Sahil lies that Sagar is waiting for them at home. I came alone. She is hurt. She quietly goes towards the jeep.

Gangaa update Monday 21 September 2020: Sahil and Ganga reach home. Sagar is already there. Everyone is relieved to see them. Madhvi asks Ganga if she is fine. Ganga nods. Amma ji mutters she gave everyone a lot of trouble. Ganga refuses to eat anything. Sagar talks to Ganga. I was worried for the wild animals. They were in danger. Ganga leaves from there without saying a word. Janvi asks Sahil if everything is ok. Ganga looked tensed. He shares that she was completely quiet on the way back.

In her room, Ganga packs her stuff. She sadly thinks of how Sagar did not come to take her back. I thought he will come running to get me. I was so wrong. Amma ji comes there all tired. Ganga massages her feet. Amma ji asks her why she did that. You could have come with me in the bus. I kept trying to make you understand but in vain! A lone girl in that isolated area! It is so unsafe. Ganga says I made a mistake again. I should be punished for it. Amma ji is surprised. Ganga says I will be punished.

Next morning, Sagar gets to know that Ganga left for Ashram even when everyone tried to stop her. Today is Pulkit’s roka ceremony. Sagar thinks it means Ganga is very upset with me.

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