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Gangaa 22 February 2021 update: Shiv assures Ganga he won’t let anything happen to her Sagar, as Ganga cries beside Sagar.

At home, Savitri was angry that Pratab would now be known as a murderer. Pratab laughed hysterically, then breaks into cry calling himself unlucky. He wanted to kill Shiv but Sagar was shot instead. Pratab tells Savitri he won’t leave Shiv alive. Savitri tells him to leave this place for now, she gets teary and says she wants him to be the MathaDesh. She prays for Sagar’s life, and wish Ganga leaves.

In the OT, doctors remove bullets from Sagar’s chest. Ganga was crying outside, recalling her times with Sagar. She recalls her hairline being filled by Shiv, his care and love for her. Shiv comes closer as she was badly crying. He tells her not to worry, Sagar would be fine. Ganga requests him to save her Sagar, she owes him a lot but this last favor please. Shiv brings his hands forward to hold her joint hands, and tells him to have faith on God. She asks Shiv to call Banaras. She tells him about Niru’s number to call Bapu, then goes to doctor to ask about Sagar. The doctor says he is conscious, they will shift him in ICU so that she can see him.

Ganga comes to the ICU, and comes to sit beside Sagar. Sagar removes his oxygen mask and holds her hand. He was happy she recalled her memory just because of the bullet. Ganga tells him not to speak. Sagar says he can bear a thousand such bullets. Sagar begins panting and tells her Krishna is also missing. Ganga was taken aback at the news, she tells him not to worry as they will find Krishna together. Sagar’s condition had begun to worsen. Ganga puts the oxygen mask and goes calling the doctor. She runs back to Shiv. The doctor comes to the room and asks if they didn’t get the medicines. Ganga goes to look for Shiv. Savitri and Kushal had come there too and watches Ganga asking Shiv about the medicine. Savitri thinks if Ganga has recollected her memory. The nurse takes the medicines inside. Ganga insists to come in. Ganga sits on a bench reassuring herself nothing would happen to Sagar. Madhvi calls from behind.

Ganga runs to hug Madhvi and cries. Madhvi asks about Sagar, Ganga says he got a bullet shot. Madhvi assures Ganga Sagar would be fine. Ganga asks Madhvi about Niru. Madhvi breaks into cry. Ganga asks where Niru is. Madhvi tells Ganga that the storm ended everything, she and Krishna had lost; Sagar never returned, Niru couldn’t bear this and left them due to heart attack. They tried to find them all. Sagar only called two days ago to inform he found Ganga and wanted her to inform Niru about it. Ganga mourns Niru placing her head in Madhvi’s lap. The nurse comes out and gives them a list of medicines. Shiv takes the prescription. The doctor allows them to go inside, but one at a time. Madhvi goes inside first. Sagar removes his oxygen mask as Madhvi complains if he didn’t miss her at all. Sagar requests Madhvi to listen to him, he has less time left. Sagar wanted to speak to her about an important matter and asks to call Shiv. Ganga says only Ganga can make Sagar fine, nothing would happen to him if Ganga is near to him.

There, Sagar begins to breathe hard again. Ganga comes to the room. Shiv goes to call the doctor. Madhvi and Ganga both cry as Sagar didn’t move. Doctor comes in announcing Sagar is no more.


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