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Gangaa 10 October 2020: Gangaa update Saturday 10th October 2020, In this Episode, sagar depressed in the court as yash got bail… niru tells him not to lose hope.. sagar walks away upset yash and prabha outside.. prabha happy cos he got bail… yash says sagar cant put me in jail.. sagar comes then and says the case is not over.. i will prove that u did everything.. yash tries to be sweet sweet .. sagar says ur entire life will be in jail and i will make sure that.. prabha starts bad mouthing gangaa.. then she says go get proof first then blame my son… sagar keeps shouting at yash and almost going to hit him… niru comes and stops him and asks him to come to his cabin immediately.

Gangaa update Saturday 10 October 2020: sagar starts complaining that other lawyer was wrong in supporting yash and bad mouthing gangaa … niru says it dint seem like a lawyer fighting his case.. it seemed like u were fighting for ur friend… even if i was judge i would have bailed yash cos u were not prepared nor had any proof… u need to fight d case smartly not like this… sagar understands..

janvi meets yash and asks him to destroy the camera asap.. and promises money for it.. yash holds her hand and asks what will sagar ganga do next in d case.. janvi thinks she needs to handle yash smartly.. and promises him to keep him updated.. just then ganga comes but yash is gone by then.. janvi tries to ask gangaa whats d next plan.. but he doesnt say anything.. she tries asking gangaa but she also goes away

sagar and gangaa come with cops to search yash house.. prabha starts ranting.. anyways dey still search while prabha doesnt allow them to.. anyways prabha husband comes and tells them to search as they have a warrant.. prabha on and on blaming gangaa.. she says gangaa made sagar enemy of his own cousin brother.. sagar says to help gangaa i can make the whole world my enemy.. gangaa goes …
prabha called yash and told him that they r searching proof… so yash says let them search… dey wont get anything.. he had d camera with him.. he thinks why to destroy it.. better sell it.. he is trying to sell in d shop.. one foriegner comes and asks for a camera.. so yash tries to fool him and sold it to him.. he says he will delete some things but the camera battery gets over so he is unable to delete it…

yash anyways says this is some random guy he will leave india soon… sagar wont get it anyways so big deal.. SaGa r walking on the streets and ppl are taking shiva idol for mahashivratri and dancing around it… gangaa thinks why does god not help us..

that foreigner is taking video there.. they bumo into him.. he asks so beautiful country ..whats happening here.. and gangaa says mahashivratri.. he requests them to make a video.. sagar says no we need to go… they leave.. gangaa says whats there in taking a small video.. we shouldnt have said no.. so sagar starts recording it.. suddenly sagar realises that he knows d camera… he says this camera i had gifted janvi.. and J is written on this.. i had engraved on this… sagar asks who gave him this … sagar shows him yash pic and that man says yes.. sagar searches d camera and finds d mms and also her and pulkit video… den suddenly sagar realised that it is janvi’s camera.. then he thought if janvi is also involved with yash..

sagar came home.. shouting out janvi.. all r like what happened… janvi came down and asked what happened.. sagar showed her d camera and asked her if he remembers it.. sagar tells her this same camera was used to make gangaa camera.. janvi us …

Gangaa Saturday 10 October 2020: Sagar confronts Janvi. I gave you this camera. Tell me how Yash got it. Were you with him in this plan? Did you help him in all this? Janvi asks him if he has gone mad. How did you think of this? I agree that this camera is mine. I gave it to Yash to make videos. So much happened and I forgot about it. You know me since all these years yet you know me this much only? Don’t you know me well? I am a girl. I know what respect means to a girl. Why would I do something like that with Ganga? Madhvi tells Sagar to think before blaming Janvi. Amma ji says he lost his mind after Ganga. Sagar calms down. He apologizes to Janvi. I cannot understand what’s right or wrong. I am sorry for mistaking you. She says its ok. You have the camera now. You can prove that Yash made the video. He will be punished. Sagar agrees. Janvi tells him not to spare Yash. He should be severely punished. Sagar remarks that Yash’s game will be up tomorrow. He leaves. Amma ji blames Ganga for everything. Supriya looks at Janvi.

Janvi calls Yash. I told you to destroy the camera but you did not do it. See what happens with you tomorrow. You will get stuck in a problem and get me in a problem too!

Next morning, Ganga is praying. Raghav ji tells Sagar he has all the proofs with him now. Sagar agrees. There isn’t much time when Ganga will be proved innocent. Ganga gives them Prasad. She makes him wear his coat and hands him his file. Sudha, Mamta and another lady come there. Sudha says hope you are ready. Not just Ganga but many other ladies like her will get justice today through her. They too want justice but don’t have the strength to fight. What you are doing is invaluable but keep this with you. Sagar refuses to take fees to fight Ganga’s case. She calls it a shagun, their blessings and love. Sagar looks at Ganga. Sudha says don’t look at her. You are going to fight your first case. Will you fight it without fees? Sagar accepts it. Not I but someone else deserve it. Raghav ji asks him the name of the person.

Amma ji asks Maharaj ji about the preps for puja. Sagar keeps his first salary in his Dadi’s hands. Only you have a right on this. Everyone is proud of him. He seeks her blessings. She says I can only pray to God to deliver justice and make truth win. Sagar is sure he will win now. It is our family tradition to fight for justice. It started with grandfather, then papa and now me! I will put my heart in it. Niru smiles hearing it. Supriya brings sweetened curd. Sagar points out that his mother used to feed it to him in exam days. I know she will still be praying for my win. He gives the bowl to Madhvi. She nods teary eyed. She feeds it to him and blesses him to be victorious. Janvi is irked. Niru also hugs his son proudly. Pulkit goes with Sagar. Niru remarks that a father cannot see a happy day than this. Our son has grown up to fight his first case today. Will you (Madhvi) not come to the court to be a part of it?

Gangaa update 10 October 2020: Outside the court, Niru wishes good luck to Sagar. Madhvi has also come. They see Ratan beating Yash to make him speak the truth. Prabha asks Madhvi to do something. Madhvi stops her brother. Yash apologizes to Ganga and Sagar. Prabha requests Ganga to talk to Sagar. He will only listen to you. Take the case back. Sagar tells Ganga not to even say so. It is not just about Ganga but of a many more girls like her. I will make sure she gets justice and Yash gets punished! He takes Ganga inside. Prabha shouts after him. My son did not do anything. Madhvi talks to her brother. I don’t know what to do. Ratan says you are not to be blamed. No one can do anything when my own son is wrong. Court will do justice now. Yash hears them talking.

Mr. Pathak is sure Sagar will only waste their time today too. He has no proof against my client. Sagar counters him. He presents the proof in the court. Yash and Janvi looks at the camera in shock. Sagar tells the same story in court that Janvi told him. Mr. Pathak asks for a solid proof which can prove Yash guilty. Sagar knew he will ask this. The fake / morphed video uploaded by Yash is in the camera. There is the IP address detail as well. Raghav ji tells NIru that Sagar reminded him of young Niru. You used to present case in court like this only when you started.

Mr. Pathak wants some time to collect proofs in his client’s favour too. Yash’s bail should not be cancelled. Sagar says a girl is not given a chance to speak up. It is so easy to point fingers at her but do we ever think of what she goes through? No! The women, with no roof over their head, living on road, are living such life since decades. Men use them as they know such women will not raise their voice against them. I am happy that Ganga did not choose to keep quiet but raised her voice against it. She got together her courage to fight it. She is a fighter and survivor! So many women must have got inspired from her. It is our responsibility to make a society free of such people. What is the surety that people like Yash will come out on bail and not try to threaten the weak women? Judge cancels Yash’s bail after looking at the given evidences. Yash is to be locked again in jail. Everyone is happy except Yash, Janvi and Prabha. Yash tells the judge he did not do anything. My career will be spoiled. He asks Sagar to say something. I did not do anything. Prabha tells them to leave. He runs when the inspector takes him down the witness box. Pulkit catches hold of him. I would have taught you a lesson if it wasn’t court. Sagar says law will punish him. You think of law as a joke. See what happens with you now. Don’t try to even think to do anything against Ganga or any woman in general from now onwards. Police takes him away.

Gangaa Saturday 10 October 2020: Niru tells Sagar that he made him proud today. you showed your excellence in the first case only. Sagar says I learnt it from you only. I just hope I live up to your expectations. Everyone looks proudly at him.

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