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Gangaa 12 December 2020: Gangaa update Saturday 12th December 2020, Krishna is boggled after what the priest says, and gets frustrated when she isnt able to clarify with ganga, who is busy on the call. she says that she shall will talk later.

sagar and madhvi make a plan of getting supriya and pulkit to an orphanage unawares and let things go on from there. they hook up individually with supriya and pulkit, on the pretext of some shopping they confirm to each other when their target agrees. they both move out.

As supriya arrives with madhavi, she understands whats going on. supriya asks whats the use, as pulkit wont agree. madhavi asks her to come along and let destiny take its course. Meanwhile, the lady warden is happy at their decision. supriya’s eyes stick on a girl sitting in one corner, making a painting, and tries to initiate a conversaion with her, and helps her in her kite making, while she looks on tensedly. she happily banters with her, and then they get to flying it together. the girl is super pleased. as madhavi comes out with the warden, she finds supriya with the girl. they both eye her bonding. meanwhile, sagar arrive swith pulkit, who gets furious at first, but after sagar’s coaxing and witnessing the love of supriya with the girl, he finally melts, and decides to give each other another chance. supriya is overwhelmed. madhavi and sagar smile through tears as they get emotional when the couple agrees to adopt the girl.

Kashish and ganga are unable to give time to her, and krishna continues to be restless with her dilemma. Later at night, when ganga comes and gets to know that krishna has dosed off, she talks to kashish about what happened earlier at the passport ofice. kashish again asks how long she plans to hide, but ganga is adamant. In the house, kashish asks ganga if they should tell krishna about her father. ganga says that she doesnt need to do anything like that, nor does she wish krishna to know about her father as she doesnt find it necessary and she wont ever tell her anything. they both turn around to find krishna confronting them, hurt, shocked and distraught. ganga is speechless. she continuously tries to assuage her, but krishna doesnt relent, demanding to know the name of the father. ganga is shocked to see such resilience. but kashish asks her to let be.

Gangaa 12 December 2020 update: Supriya and pulkit get juhi, the young girl back, and everyone receives her with happiness. zoya sees this and refuses to accept, and decides to do something that makes her get out of the house. she goes and instigates ammaji, a soft target, about the little girl supriya and pulkit have brought, while she is busy praying. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

As pulkit and sagar discuss adoption formalities, juhi wanders around the house and reaches the puja ghar. zoya is busy explaining to ammaji about the wrong of adoption. zoya asks her to get out, as this isnt her house. ammaji fumes and mumbles. she then finds juhi and asks who is it. zoya explains everything. sagar comes and says that juhi has been adopted. ammaji is shocked. she asks him to explain everything. he explains why he and madhavi made them take this step. she isnt convinced, and then he takes her to stand outside pulkit’s room, along with zoya, and they find the couple happily bantering something that they hadnt seen for a long time. ammaji is convinced. zoya tries to instigate but fails. she leaves. sagar is amused.

Later sagar comes and asks madhavi to pack up, as they shall leave now that everything is settled here. madhavi tries to say about staying back for a few days, to help supirya cope with juhi. sagar is about to give in, when they find niranjan overhearing them, and then remembering, that he said they are guests here, they change their decision and decide to leave.

Scene 2:
Location: Ganga’s residence
ganga tries to feed food to her, but krishna doesnt open the door, and screams at her reprimanding her for the way she behaved, and then how could she keep her biggest truth and lie to her onface. she says that she would find out herself. outside, kashish tells her to relax, as she is enraged right now. she again picks up the topic of telling her that sagar is the father, but ganga is adamant and vehemently refuses it.

Gangaa 12 December 2020: The next morning, ganga finds the door still closed, and starts getting worried. inside, krishna surfs through everything to get a clue but doesnt find anything. then she overhears about some astrologer on the radio and rushes to go there. she leaves a note behind. Later, Ganga enters the room to find krishna noweher to be found, and then finds a letter from her, saying that she has gone in search of her father, and she would come back in the house, only when she returns with her father. she is shocked to read this. she starts trying everyone’s number, starting from kashish, totally dishevelled and distraught, who asks her to calm down. ganga is extremely upset. ganga continuously keeps trying everyone’s number, but in vain.

Scene 3:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
While sagar is packing, madhavi sits tensedly. he senses she doesnt wish to leave. he asks whats keeping her back, as everyone they care for, are leaving with them, and then asks if she is still attached to niru. she gets tensed and he reminds her of what he did to her, and she starts helping him with his packing. she finds some of niru’s clothes mixed in sagar’s, and says that she shall come back having kept them in niru’s room. she leaves. he is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Temple
Ganga rushes to the temple, and then vents out her sadness at lord krishna asking him to let her faith in him intact and bring back her krishna to her, as she has been named after her, and was even born on the same day. she says that her belief in him, now lies in his hands. she leaves.

Later, while krishna prays to the lord, she is oblivious as sagar passes by in the cab, along with madhavi, both saddened to be leaving. the screen freezes on krishna’s face, as she desperately prays to find clues about her father.

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