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Gangaa 13 February 2021: Sagar walks outside where Ganga and Shiv were dancing in drunken state. Ganga’s face had been filled with color. Sagar straightens her. Riya had just arrived to take Ganga inside. She tells Sagar not to stare at her, as she is the wife of MathaDesh here.

Gangaa 13 February 2021 update: Outside in the lawn, Aashi was shocked to see Prakash. She tells him to leave right away. Kushal catches her going outside with Prakash. Prakash says he thought about enjoying with her and he won’t leave this chance at all.
Savitri stops Ganga and scolds her for creating a drama outside. Ganga laughs at her, then forbids Savitri to speak about self-respect, she is well aware of all about Savitri. Riya tells Savitri Ganga isn’t conscious right now, she takes her to pour cold water over her head. Shiv had reached the hall and sends Riya outside. He assures Riya about taking care of Ganga and holds her back. Ganga feels naughty and snatches the water hose from Shiv bathing him. Shiv takes his turn from her then.

Pratab and Savitri watch them playing closely from the terrace. Ganga and Shiv share an eye lock, Ganga shies getting her conscious, her head banging. Shiv tells her to go and change her clothes, else she would get cold. Ganga sneezes, Shiv tells her to hurry. Savitri says they have been connected a lot to each other. Pratab says Ganga is shrewd and Shiv is forgetting his old deceased wife. If Savitri doesn’t take an action, he must do something. Savitri forbids him take any action, he has already caused much trouble for her.
Prakash stops Aashi’s way and deters her to come along him, else he would shout at the villagers to tell them she ran with him. Kushal comes as savior. Savitri watches this. Kushal slaps Prakash as he accuses Aashi of being characterless. He deters to send Prakash to jail otherwise and assures Aashi he can’t ruin anything about her. Prakash turns to leave, Savitri stops him and warns he won’t be able to show his face across the village if he returns here. Aashi comes to hug Savitri.

In the room, Ganga was worried about her acts. She wonders how she got drunk, she was nervous what if Shiv is angry with her. Dai Maa says she must apologize when she has committed a mistake. Sagar was walking in the hall, Shiv comes to him concerned why he came over. He introduces himself as Shiv Jhaa and says he brought him to his home for treatment. Sagar thanks Shiv, Shiv tells him to stay inside for rest. Sagar says he felt as if someone his very own is nearby and he couldn’t stop himself. He says when you love someone more than life, they never go away from you. Shiv asks Sagar where he had to go. Sagar wish he knew about his destiny.

Ganga walks outside asking about Shiv, the servant says he is speaking to someone outside. Sagar was concerned about the accident. Shiv says he had the worst injury, others are fine. The lady was walking towards Shiv and Sagar when Pratab clutches her mouth and drags her behind a wall. He shuts her inside a room and ties a cloth piece over her mouth. Shiv takes Sagar inside.
A girl comes to Ganga and asks her for a shawl as Aashi’s clothes torn. Ganga goes inside to bring her a shawl and takes her inside. There, Ganga’s shoe breaks, she watches Pratab locking a door and wonders what Pratab had been doing here. She passes by to hear the girl’s cries. She goes to check inside the room and finds the girl tied there. She cries and complains Ganga, narrating Pratab’s promises with her. Ganga takes the girl along. Dai Maa asks Ganga what is she going to do, earlier everyone pushed her out of the house. Ganga says this time Shiv must trust her, else what the meaning of their relation is. The relation of husband and wife is based on trust.

Gangaa 13 February 2021 update: Sagar tells Shiv he has no time to take rest, he will always be restless until he doesn’t find his wife and daughter. Shiv says he realizes the importance of a family, and tells him to abide by him as an elder brother. Sagar asks if he loves his brother dearly. A servant comes to call Shiv. Outside, Shiv takes a leave from guests and asks about Ganga. Ganga had brought the girl, crying and shivering out of fear. Savitri asks who this girl is. Ganga tells them to question Pratab about her, he knows who this girl is. Shiv recalls the girl, and comes to her asking what she wanted to say earlier. Ganga tells Shiv she ran away, Pratab had deterred she would suffer if she enters their home. She says this girl wants to tell him about something. Ganga insists on the girl to tell the reality, what happened to her. The girl tells them about everything.

Pratab says this girl is lying, she wants money from them only. He tells her to lie as much as he wants to. Sagar had come to terrace but couldn’t watch Ganga. Savitri and Jhumki accuses Ganga for always accusing her husband. Ganga comes to Shiv and says she has no enmity with Pratab, she just met Geeta; can’t Shiv see the truth in her eyes. She came for justice, and today she wants to see if this girl gets justice in front of MathaDesh. Pratab says this girl is doing this all only for money. Ganga says she can recognize what’s true and what’s not. Sagar hears Ganga’s voice and says this is a known voice. Savitri says Shiv would never point towards his younger brother Pratab. Pratab was smiling. Shiv comes to Pratab and slaps hard on his face. Everyone was shocked.


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