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Gangaa update sunday 16th february 2020; The kidnapper brings Ganga to a hut and removes the shawl over him, it was Shiv. Ganga was shocked to look at him as he moves towards her with red eyes. Ganga moves back forbidding him to move towards her as she is afraid. Shiv pins her to a wall and says she insulted him in front of his family. Today he would show her what rape is, his God is witnessed he never held his intentions wrong. Today, he will prove her accusations as true. Ganga pushes Shiv away and runs into another room bolting the door. Shiv comes to her front and carries her inside over his shoulders. He throws her over a pile of straw and bend towards her. He chases her as she tries to run away, her sleeve gets torn. He says today he will prove how wild he is. Ganga throws mud into his eyes. Shiv holds her to the wall while she cries in pain, her bangles break with his tight grip. Ganga gets a chance to pull her leg and make him fell.

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Kushal returns to tell Riya that Shiv was nowhere near the cliff. Jhumki comes to inform Savitri Ganga is nowhere in the house. Savitri wonders what’s happening.
Ganga pleads Shiv as he goes shirtless. Shiv asks Ganga if she now understands what it truly could be, what he accused him for. He can ruin her self-respect today, she would then cry the whole life and he would keep on cursing himself. He won’t do any such act. She must think about the ladies who undergo such harassment, she accused him to love her body. He is bearing a pain as if being burnt in oil today, he drank for the first time in life today; hadn’t been tied with promise of Sagar he must have killed her today. He warns her to do such to anyone again in life. He tells her to go, he has spared her already. Ganga cries while Shiv goes out.

Gangaa update sunday 16th february 2020

Outside, Panch stood to wait for Shiv. Shiv apologizes them all for putting them in trouble. He tells Panch that they have decided to stay with each other like spouses. Panch watches Ganga in torn clothes, Shiv says they are related to each other and Ganga is a bit shy in coming to face them. He requests them not to question Ganga much about it, she holds her self-respect dearer. They have taken the decision before completion of one month to spend their life with each other. Ganga calls it a lie and says Shiv tried to enforce her into it. Shiv says he already explained Ganga might denied. Ganga asks Shiv why he is doing this. The Panch watches Ganga’s clothes torn, and says they watched through the door. Ganga accuses Shiv to have kidnapped her. The Panch asks if Ganga can prove this. Ganga feels helpless. Panch weren’t ready to listen to Ganga anymore and tells her to go with Shiv as an obedient wife. The elder tells her to live with Shiv, as the rules of society are equal for each other. Ganga denies accepting their decision, Shiv is compelling her to stay in his house. The Panch tells Shiv to take care of her, she is his responsibility. Ganga was in disbelief that Shiv can do this. Shiv tells Ganga he is being what she accused him of, he never dreamed he would behave with her this way but she accused him, now she would see what he is capable of. She has changed the old Shiv, the new one can do anything; she is a lawyer and would demand a proof. He has created a proof and watching them anyone can say what happened between them. Ganga calls it a lie, Shiv asks who cares about the truth? She turned a Raam into a Ravan, she would now see what this Ravan can do.

Shiv walks towards his car and calms himself down, he thinks he has bear a lot for her happiness. He lied to ease her, she never tried to understand him. Whatever he is doing today is to save her, he might fall in her eyes but he can’t see her in white attire no matter what he has to do. He comes to take Ganga along and drags her into the car. Ganga keeps on resisting, not wanting to go with him but he locks the doors of car and forcefully takes her home. Ganga apologizes for accusing her falsely, she requests him to forget about it. Shiv says she actually got late in recognizing his true colors, even Panchait has left her life’s decision to him. Ganga was ready to die but to lead his life according to his will, he pushes her towards the seat forcefully.

Gangaa update sunday 16th february 2020

Pratab curtly says he didn’t get any news about Shiv or Ganga, he wish they die falling off the cliff. Savitri says she always wants him to become Matha Desh as soon as possible. Riya comes there concerned.
The jeep stops outside the house, Shiv drags Ganga inside. Riya was happy watching them. They were all shocked to see Ganga. Shiv was happy Radhika isn’t here, he must send her away for some time. He instructs Riya to pack Radhika’s bag, he is sending her to Mumbai. Savitri asks Ganga where she had been. Shiv drags Ganga inside. Ganga tells Savitri that Shiv has gone crazy, she saved them from panchait else he must have to leave the village. Shiv stuffs her mouth and forbids everyone to interfere between him and Ganga. They will all bear whatever he behaves with Ganga. He drags Ganga inside. Savitri says he is MathaDesh, this doesn’t suit him. Shiv tells them about the decision of Panch. Savitri thinks she must discover about the change in Shiv, it’s an alarm for them.
Shiv was crying in the room. Ganga shouts from inside at him to open the door, she would leave this house and can’t stay here, she got peaceful for a while but he is really a wild man. She hates him. She won’t stay here, Shiv opens the door and enters the room. Ganga backs up afraid, Shiv holds her by hair and challenges her that this time he would win over her. He comes out to find the family outside and tells them to go and sleep.
Shiv sat on the stairs thinking about his act. He was disturbed and bathes himself. There, Ganga breaks all the glasses in the room and destroys everything. She struggles to get the door opened. Shiv sat outside, water dripping off his head. Riya comes to Shiv and asks why he is doing this. Shiv reminds her to pack Radhika’s bag, he doesn’t want Radhika to see this. Riya goes silently.

Gangaa update sunday 16th february 2020
In the room, Ganga cries thinking she would see how far he goes. Shiv says he is only doing this to fill her life with colors and happiness, this is difficult but he would win it. The next morning, Radhika leaves. Shiv comes downstairs, Ganga had fallen asleep by side board, in a messed up room. She knocks the door again. Dai Maa comes to Shiv and hands him tea as Ganga hasn’t eaten anything. Shiv unbolts the door and enters. He watches blood over Ganga’s hand and says he didn’t want to do this all, she is forcing him to do this. He pushes her towards the bed and brings the rope to tie her with the bed. He instructs Dai Maa she would now only eat and drink by his hand, she will stay hungry until she agrees to his terms.
Pratab comes to inform Shiv everyone has arrived at Math. Shiv tells Ganga to decide until his return if she wants to eat with his hands or not. Ganga was left crying. Shiv leaves. Dai Maa peeks through the window and tells Ganga that Shiv wasn’t this way, he was hurt for whatever she said. She should cease being stubborn.
At the Math, Shiv says he called them all here because he wants to announce his inability to be a Mathadesh anymore. He takes his turban off.


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