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Gangaa 20 September 2020: Gangaa update Sunday 20th September 2020, Sagar sends Janvi and Sahil upstairs. Ganga mutters surely Babu and Bhaiya had a fight. Bhaiya should not always speak to Babu like that and similarly, Babu should not always poke Bhaiya about every small matter. Sagar agrees to talk to both his papa and Bhaiya. Ganga stops him. I have to tell you something first.

Sagar does not find the situation tough. Both Bhaiya and Saloni Didi are adults. Ganga reasons that MLA wont let them go to their house.

Sagar says those who love don’t fear anything. The path of love is not easy. He says a shayari. Ganga asks him if he thinks alike. Sagar nods. two lovers should be united, even if the world is against it. Ganga says what about Babu, Amma ji and Bahu ji. Sagar tells her not to worry about mom and Dadi. Papa is a judge. He understands the system well. He will support what is right. We are not doing anything wrong, right? She looks at him. You think two lovers should not worry about anything at all in life. They should hold each other’s hands, come what may! He affirms. Everything is fair in love and war. Society and people don’t matter! Don’t worry. I will get them marry nicely in court. I am a lawyer after all. She is impressed with his new attitude. You used to get scared in childhood. Janvi points out that Sagar has been the most daring one in their college. At times, I feel you are speaking about some other Sagar. She replies that Sagar is same. He might have just changed a little. I know him better than him. Janvi says that was 10 years ago. He has changed a lot now. He has become adventurous.

Ganga asks him if he has changed so much after going to London. Sagar gets up and inches closer to her. They share an eye lock. No, I haven’t changed that much that you cannot recognize me. She thinks she can recognize him in a crowd of lacs. We share a relation from the soul. He breaks her thoughts. She says I will get Saloni Didi from her house anyhow and you will get her married to Bhaiya. Sagar keeps his hand in hers to finalise the plan. All four of them sit down to make the plan. Sahil and Janvi ask them to think once again. Ganga speaks up. Sagar and I have decided to do anything for love. She corrects herself. We will do anything to unite two lovers. Sagar gives them their tasks. Sahil should go to Saloni’s house with Ganga. I will handle court. Janvi will manage everyone at home. Ganga insists upon going with Sagar only. Sahil knows nothing about Banaras. Sagar makes her understand. Sahil too is uncomfortable about the matter. Sagar hints at Ganga. Sahil readily agrees for the plan then. Ganga thinks she will make sure she wont go with this dumb guy from London.

Next morning, Sahil waits for Ganga under a mango tree. She had asked him to meet her here itself. Ganga peeks at him. He looks for his phone but Ganga has already stolen it. A flashback is shown. Ganga enters Sahil’s room and hides. Janvi calls out for her brother. Ganga gets the phone when Sahil goes out.

Ganga meets Sagar. I am waiting here since so long. Your friend dint come. Sagar suggests going to that place to check on Sahil. She denies. we don’t have time. We have to hurry up. Sagar offers to go with her. I will not let you go alone anyways! She smiles. This is why I got that Sahil out of my way. I could be with my Sagar for a while.

Janvi tells Madhvi that Sagar went out with Ganga. She thinks to do something to stop Sagar and Ganga from getting closer. I should do something. She notices Janvi’s phone. There is a photo of Sagar and Janvi in it. You both look really close. She makes Janvi sit next to her. You both look good together. I feel your relation is a bit ahead than friendship. Am I right? Janvi remembers Sagar telling her not to tell anyone that they are dating. Madhvi tries to make Janvi comfortable. Janvi lies that they are just friends. You can ask Sagar. She excuses herself. Madhvi thinks there is something for sure. She asked me to speak to Sagar. I wish what I want is right! May my doubt regarding Ganga and Sagar is wrong!

Sagar and Ganga decide to climb up through a pipe. She reminds him of Janvi’s words. She called you adventurous and the one who lives up to their challenges. Sagar accepts her challenge. He climbs up first. Ganga is climbing up the wall when a security guard comes in the courtyard. Sagar signals Ganga to wait. The security guard goes in different direction. Sagar pulls up Ganga. She is about to fall but he holds her in time. They share an eye lock. Sweet background music plays. He says no, you are not like the old Ganga anymore. She would have done everything on her own otherwise! She thinks she had no one who could handle / take care of her. He shakes her out of her reverie. She points at Saloni Didi’s room. They both head there.

Saloni is shocked to see Sagar and Ganga there. You know my father’s anger. Sagar gives his intro. Nobody can make her marry against her wish. It is illegal. I will help you. You will only marry who you want to. She refuses to go anywhere. Sagar and Ganga keep on talking about marrying the one she loves. Saloni calls them both mad. I wont go anywhere. You both are creating problems from yourself and me too. Ganga knew Saloni will react this way. I have come prepared.

Ganga makes Saloni smell chloroform. Sagar is completely shocked. She says one gets good ideas from movies. He asks her if she is mad. Now we will have to pick her up! There are so many people outside. They hear some footsteps outside. Ganga looks at the carpet.

Pulkit reaches the spot where Sagar and Ganga had called him. Pulkit is curious. Ganga removes the carpet. Pulkit is shocked to see Saloni dressed as a bride. Sagar asks him to marry now. Pulkit tries to wake up Saloni. Ganga says bhaiya loves her a lot. Saloni wakes up. She gets up shock and slaps Pulkit. So you are behind this! I dint expect it from you. You got me kidnapped. Ganga tries to speak up but Saloni tells her to be quiet. I told you to be quiet that day also and today too! How did you think I will marry Pulkit? Ganga and Sagar question Saloni on her marriage. Saloni denies. It isn’t a forced marriage. Ganga says we have made all the arrangements for a court marriage. You love Pulkit Bhaiya so you should marry him only! Saloni asks her who said so. I don’t love Pulkit! You (Ganga) imagined things on your own. I was marrying on my own. What will I get by marrying Pulkit? What has he done till date in his life? My would-be husband is well qualified, multi-millionaire. Pulkit is just a mechanic! Pulkit is hurt. Ganga points out to their love letters. You both used to talk on phone even when you went to hostel. Saloni repeats that she does not love Pulkit. That was a thing of childhood. Ganga tries to make her understand but this time Sagar tells her to stop. Why do you see everyone equally? You have grown up but you still act all childhish. Everything went wrong because of you today!

Ganga follows Sagar in the by-lanes. He refuses to listen to her. I have faced enough humiliation because of you. I was a fool to believe you. why did you do it? Ganga says I am not lying. I did not know Saloni Didi does not love Bhaiya. How can we forget that love? Sagar replies that the past remains in past. We are aalking about present. That childhood’s attraction does not remain lifelong. She reasons it was not just an infatuation. He insists that in that age, it is only infatuations. We understand love when we grow up. You should think of it yourself. We like whoever talks to us sweetly. It all goes away as we grow up. The same has happened with Saloni. Time changes, people change, their thinking changes. People move on! They mature. They move on! Why don’t you understand? Grow up. She cannot understand where Saloni Didi and Bhaiya’s love went. He advises her to move on. The love is childhood goes away with maturity. I don’t understand how Pulkit BHaiya could not understand the difference! He walks away. Ganga feels bad. Is Sagar taking my love as infatuation too? Did he change with time? Has he moved on in life forgetting the past? I am still where you (Sagar) left me 10 years ago.

Ganga thinks of Saloni and Sagar’s words. She really does not love Bhaiya? How did I make such a big mistake?

Pulkit asks Saloni if she really does not love him. Saloni affirms. Pulkit says Ganga did a big blunder. Saloni is sure her dad wont sit quietly this time. He is already upset with her for when she came home last time. This time he will certainly do something! Pulkit gets worried. What if he reaches my home and tells everything to my father? He runs towards home. Saloni wonders what will happen now.

MLA calls out angrily for Niru from outside Chaturvedi House. Niru is shocked to see MLA at his doorstep. Madhvi, Amma ji, Sahil, Janvi and Maharaj ji too come outside. Police has come as well. MLA taunts Niru. You became judge but your family still acts cheap. The neighbours look on. MLA accuses Pulkit for eloping with his daughter. He tried to fill my daughter’s ears against it too. Niru tells him to be careful. Who gave you a right to point a finger at my family? MLA takes Pulkit and Ganga’s name. Ganga came on Saloni’s mehendi too. I had come to warn your family members then also. Niru looks at his Madhvi and Amma ji. No one took it seriously. Ganga has become so daring now that she kidnapped my daughter! Everyone looks shocked. MLA asks for Saloni. He orders the policemen to search the house. Niru stops them. Saloni is not here. Amma ji notices Pulkit coming in. MLA grabs his collar. Give me my daughter or I wont leave you! Niru frees Pulkit. Don’t dare to touch my son! You will get your answer. He asks Pulkit about Saloni. MLA is saying you got her kidnapped along with Ganga’s help. Is it true? You can never stoop this low. I trust you this much. Is MLA saying the truth? Where is Saloni? Pulkit nods. MLA asks Niru if he understood it now. What are you (Pulkit)? Where do you stand? You are hopeless and unemployed! Amma ji feels sad that her family got disrespected before everyone.

Sagar thinks Saloni’s father might reach home. no one at home knows anything. I thought to take Saloni Did and Bhaiya home with me. We will tell them everything then. What did you do Ganga?

MLA tells Niru to do justice now. Your own son is playing with law. I will see what all ways you will use to take care of your spoilt kid! He points his finger towards Niru. Sagar holds his hand.

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