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Gangaa update Sunday 21 February 2021 Shiv watches Dai Maa crying while he stood at the room door with Parvati’s dress and jewelry. He says if Ganga would wear these, Parvati would be happy. Ganga stood in front of Parvati’s photo, Dai Maa conveys the message to Ganga crying badly. Shiv hears Ganga ask why Shiv sent this through Dai Maa. He must have brought it to her by himself. She assures Dai Maa she would wear this, she will do whatever Shiv wishes for. Shiv leaves the hall as Ganga walks out of the room.

Savitri sat in the temple wondering what punishment has she gotten. Her son committed a huge sin. She is ready to repent for what her son did. The villagers stood there and demands Savitri that Shiv must repent for the sin he committed. They would never let Savitri pay the cost of his sins. Savitri takes a leave from villagers and wipes her tears outside.

There, Pratab was in a disbelief about the ongoing activities. He says he must do what no one must have thought about; he won’t let Savitri know about it and sends his man to find about Shiv.
Kushal comes to call Shiv home from Math as Ganga is leaving. Shiv says there is much important work to be done at Math and sends Kushal to look for every of their comfort. Kushal gets a call from Munshi jee, then informs Shiv they have won the will case. Shiv says in his life, he has lost everything even after winning it. His heart has stoned and he is unable to feel anything.

Ganga leaves the house recalling everything with Shiv. Riya and Savitri stood in the hall. Ganga bends to take her blessings but Savitri backs up and strictly wishes her to stay happy, but she can’t forgive her about her son’s condition. Ganga walks outside where Sagar was waiting. Kushal comes to inform them that Shiv has won the case, Sagar proved in the court that the will was fake. Savitri curtly congratulates Sagar, then goes to call Pratab. Pratab ignores the call. Savitri understands he is avoiding to speak to her. Sagar tells Kushal to thank Shiv from his side and asks Ganga to leave.

Shiv remembers going to Maharaj ji for help. Maharaj ji was worried. Shiv gives him the photo, Maharaj ji recognizes Ganga and Krishna. He says this is Sagar’s wife, she was lost on the day of Makarsakranti. He tells Shiv that Sagar also didn’t return home. Shiv assured Maharaj ji it would be as his wish. He cries in temple, calling Ganga’s name in rage. Ganga can hear the cry, as Shiv wished someone stops Ganga. Sagar tells Ganga to leave. Ganga gets into the car with him.

The car was stopped by some robbers. Ganga takes her jewelry off, even her mangal sooter. A man comes to inform Shiv that Ganga and Sagar have been attacked by some robbers. Sagar forbids Ganga take her mangal sooter off. The robbers hit Sagar and Ganga with their sticks. Shiv had driven to the place. Ganga lost her balance, Shiv comes to hold him. Pratab was watching the attack and fights the goons. Sagar turns to find Ganga fallen over the floor. The goons had run away. Ganga wakes up recalling her past with Sagar. Pratab points at gun towards Shiv that Sagar watches. He goes to save Shiv and gets bullet shots over his chest. Ganga wakes up calling Sagar’s name and recognizes him. Shiv was moved, realizing she had regained her memory.


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