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Gangaa 6 December 2020: Gangaa update Sunday 6th December 2020, Krishna finally wakes up and sagar asks her to get ready. sagar says that its time to go, but she says that she doesnt want to go from here. he comments what kind of a girl she is, as she is enjoying here and her mother must be very scared. he asks her to come along, but she says that she wishes to stay here for some more time, referring to her as Junglee uncle, as he met her in the jungle. she asks him his true name, and he diverts the topic. then she asks him to name her too, and asks who does she remind him of. he smiles at the irony, and says that he remembers a small bird, and describes the qualities, thet ganga in her childhood had. she says that she cant understand a word and asks him to give her a name. he names her Goraiyya. she finds it weird but likes it still. he gives her his hands and helps her get up. then he gets her ready and she extends her hands for him to pick her up. he is taken aback but complies, and she gets on him piggyback forcibly, saying that her legs are burning. she refers to him as uncle, but he says that he isnt maternal uncle. she asks why, but he insists. she expresses how everyone is frustrated with her questions. he asks her to stop babbling. they start on their Journey.

Meanwhile, ganga too wakes up and again gets out in the search of her daughter. when madhvi comes out, she finds ganga gone, and gets tensed. she looks around, but doesnt find her, and wonders where she went. she rushes in to tell niru about it. he gets tensed too, and says that she must have gone to search for krishna. she says that they should go and stop her, as she has high fever. he says that noone could have stopped her, as her child is lost and she wont sit at peace, being the mother. he asks her, that her anger is at him, but still, in all those years, she never came for pulkit once. she gets tensed and leaves. he is tensed too.

Ammaji is tensed to know that niru and madhvi met in the ashram. but pulkiot assures that everything is fine. Pulkit tells her what happened to krishna. ammaji is tensed. he says that everyone is searching for her. zoya hears from a distance. ammaji blames ganga, but he says that ganga isnt at fault. she asks what if sagar and ganga see each other, as he is very enraged at her and her betrayal, and if his mood gets upset, then her plan is ruined, and she cant afford that to happen. zoya hears all this.

Gangaa 6 December 2020 zee world: Ganga screams and looks for krishna. the police tell her that they spotted child’s feet towards the dak bungla. they holler towards there. she starts screaming for krishna, which she actually hears from a distance and points the same to sagar, who thinks that he is just aking another excuse to stay back, as she doesnt want to leave the jungle. but she tells him that its not just the jungle she would leave, she would also miss out on being with him, as from here, they both shall go their separate ways. he gets tensed hearing this. then they come at a diversion and he asks her which way they should go. they are at a difference of opinions. Meanwhile, ganga senses someone’s presence far from the bushes. she rushes towards there and finally reaches the Dak Bungalow. Later, ganga enters the house, where sagar stayed with krishna, along with the police, but doesnt find them. they find chocolate wrappers though, which tells ganga that krishna was here last night, but with someone else, as they spot socks too, and the rifle. ganga is distressed wondering who it might be. ganga assures herself that nothing has happened to krishna. she also finds the red ribbon, which belongs to her too. she is distressed.

Ganga comes back home, and kashish tells her that krishna hasnt returned home. she is apalled and grived to know this. she almost collapses. kashish handles her, and asks her to sit down. the phone rings and ganga hurriedly picks it up. its niru who reprimands her for leaving like this, without telling, in such high fever. hurriedly, ganga says that krishna is still missing, and that they searched everywhere. she says that they got to know that krishna is with someone, whose background they know nothing about, and how scared she is. he asks her not to worry, as krishna would be found, and asks her to stay put at house, as she might just return. she complies. ganga refuses to drink water, while kashish tries to get her to calm down. ganga blames it all on herself, while kashish asks her not to blame herself, as krishna would come back definitely.

Krishna and sagar meanwhile arrive next to the highway. she takes the credit for having taken the right path. he asks for vehicles on the road, to ask for a lift. the people are doubtful of sagar’s character, as he vehemently denies and clarifies the situation, and expresses the utter need for help. they deny to help, so as not to enter into complications. he gets frustrated when his efforts go in vain. he returns back to her. she decides to take matters in her own hand, and reaches near the road. krishna hitchhikes on the road, and finally lands at a car, in which a couple is going on the highway. she requests for their help, narrating the entire story, a totally fictional story, but which is completely believable because of her age and her innocence and they comply. she continues to thwart them with their indirect questions about the jugnel, with her innocence and pleading eyes. convinced by his wife, he agrees to help. she then signals sagar to come too. he arrives from behind the bushes. they are boggled, and ask if he is with her only. she complies. they ask her how are they related. Instinctively at a loss for answer, she says that he is her father. he eyes her tensedly. they are about to get in, when sagar asks her in whispers, why did she lie. krishna assures him that when he was speaking the truth, they didnt get anyone’s help, and hence she had to take the help of lies, to get people to help them, and if lies are said for a genuine motive, then it doesnt count as a sin. he is shocked at her maturity and is rendered speechless. they both sit and the car drives off.

Sagar finally gets krishna back in Banaras safely, while she thanks the couple and then start walking on foot. sagar is tensed as he eyes the mohalla being the same as Ganga’s. she asks if he knows anyone here, when he asks if she stays in this mohalla. he walks in a daze through the lanes.

Zee world Gangaa 6 December 2020: Ganga comes out of the residence, oblivious of sagar’s presence, and is ecstatic as she rushes ahead, while he watches her totally mesmerised. but she rushes past him, and he is boggled. then amused, she retreats back, to eye him, they both adore each other romantically. she waives her wet hair at her, and he is taken aback, as he cant stop seeing her. he caresses her face and then realises that he was dreaming. then he finds krishna standing asking him if he knows anyone from here. he gets tensed and speechless, as she insists on showing him the house. he denies, saying that he has to go, as his mother is waiting for him too. she is boggled. he says that he is here for still some more days. she is in the hope of meeting him. but he says that they never shall. she asks him not to say so, as she enjoyed a lot with him, and never called anyone her father, and now he is leaving her. he gets emotional, and assures her that whatever lie she created, cant become the truth, and they are accidental strangers, and became friends, but now they need to part. she gets sad and tensed. he asks her not to worry, as soon she would forget him. she says that she never shall, as she knows him, as her uncle, then why should she forget him, as she knows him. he says that she shall have to, as they dont even know each other’s actual names, are just jungle buddies, who spent some time together. Krishna asks him if he has a note. he complies and gives her one. she asks him to write G on one side for Goraiyya and JU on the other side for Junglee Uncle, so that she can see it and remember him. he gets overwhelmed but complies. he asks her to go, as he needs to leave. but she asks him to meet her mother atleast, as she would be happy, and he would feel good too. he asks what good would that do. she asks him to wait while she calls her out.

Scene 2:
Location: Ganga’s residence
Ganga is overwhelmed as she finds krishna back home, while she casually and with confidence assures her that she would have come back, and ganga shouldnt have been worried. ganga badgers her with many questions, but krishna puts her at ease. she talks about an uncle having saved her, while ganga is boggled. krishna narrates everything and then points at him standing there. ganga is shocked as she looks up. just then, two people pass sagar. when ganga sees, she finds noone. krishna gets tensed too. ganga stands boggled, while sagar turns around, hidden to avoid being seen. krishna narrates everything, sad, while ganga feels for her. sagar is himself apalled too. ganga asks her not to worry, and takes her home. but krishna says that she should have met him, as he is very handsome and loving, and also shows the note, narrating how he cared for her, and how she took it as the remembrance. Ganga eyes it tensedly. Sagar meanwhile walks listlessly on the road too overwhelmed with emotions, and leaves. Krishna asks ganga if that uncle would forget her. ganga doesnt respond. Sagar finally takes a break and sits under a tree, too weighed down remembering what happened.

Later, as ganga bandages krishna’s hand, krishna continues to chatter on, about sagar and his endless tales, and all of her anecdotes with him. ganga listens on intently, and smiles at her animated bantering. ganga gets lost, and krishna asks whats the matter. ganga says that she feels she knows this uncle. krishna says that it isnt possible, as he doesnt stay here. krishna doesnt remember, and asks her to try and name cities. ganga cites a few, but krishna discards them off. then suddenly she remembers and says that he said he stays in London. ganga is shocked to hear this too.

Scene 3:
Location: In the market
Gangaa 6 December 2020: As krishna hurried ahead, on the bicycle, ganga and kashish are on their way to the temple, to thank the lord, for krishna’s safety. kashish starts talking about how sagar could be her junglee uncle. ganga too decides to rubbish this concern off. kashish says that even if he was, then why did he leave without meeting her. just then, krishna comes and asks ganga to tie her hqair, while kashish is set to thinking. she asks more about this Junglee Uncle. Krishna starts narrating, and ganga and kashish hear on tensedly. ganga has a completely different image of sagar, while krishna narrates incidents. as krishna gets busy, kashish talks about how the description doesnt seem like sagar at all. ganga listens tensedly. krishna comments that uncle said he would never meet her again. Ganga tells krishna that he was right as stays in London, and she here in Benaras, then how can they meet. she asks her to forget about him, or else she shall be unnecessarily pained, if she remembers him too much. krishna says that remembrance doesnt cause pain, and asks her to see for herself, that she shall definitely met him again. ganga asks how is she so sure. krishna is adamant. as she rides off, ganga eyes her, while krishna continues eyeing the note, sure that they shall meet again.

Scene 4:
Location: Ashram
As niru is asleep, and bothered by the curtain blowing in the wind, madhvi notices, and accidentally, they both try and stop the curtain at the same time. they are both taken aback. she gives a justification, and comments on how weak he looks. he says that he has aged, and that he cant sleep too. she says that he must be overburdened with work, and asks when has this been happening since. he says that its seven years, coutning the years which passed ever since she left. she leaves, citing that she shall get him tea. she rushes to the kitchen, visibly tensed and upset, trying to hide back emotions.

Meanwhile, pulkit, supriya and ammaji arrive, and they are made to sit. niru comes out. madhavi eyes them tensedly, and is shocked. she gets emotional, and rushes to touch ammaji’s feet, as they both cry their hearts out. ammaji asks about her well being, and she complies, and reciprocates too. Pulkit and Supriya get emotional too. supriya touches her feet, and madhavi asks her well being too. madhavi gets to pulkit, but he stands away. they all get tensed.

Later, sagar arrives back in the ashram, and as he pays off the taxi fellow and gets a change of notes, he remembers the note he gave to krishna, ad starts smiling. the screen freezes on his and krishna’s face.


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