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Gangaa 17 December 2020: Gangaa update Thursday 17th December 2020, Ammaji asks what nonsense is he talking. yash asks her how else does she explain that sagar, with a perfectly good memory, couldnt remember. madhavi is aghast at the way yash and prabha did this to their own family, even after she forgave every mistake of hers. she says that prabha might have been spared, but he wont be. yash asks him, not to get ahead, as he shall kill krishna. sagar asks him not to. yash says that he has already killed once, and it wouldnt be a bigger problem if he kills again. niru asks him not to do anything like that. yash asks him to ensure that he is able to leave from here, or else he kills krishna. ganga begs him to let krishna go, and gets berserk and frantic. krishna struggles in his grasp. yash says that he laments at her situation, and begging for her daughter’s life. he reminds the way she had sent him to jail, and he shall seek revenge from her daughter. all are apalled as he clutches at krishna.

Sagar and ganga eye contact with each other, and then with a jerk pull off the rug on which he was standing. yash is caught off balance, while krishna is caught by madhavi. yash tries to get up. Finally ganga overpowers yash, and takes him down, the same way, Durga took down on Mahishasur. she asks how dare he touch her krishna, and tested her patience yet again, but she iosnt the old ganga. she tells him that today not ganga, but krishna’s mother stands in front of him and now he shall know what a mother can do for the child. she says that people like him are a taint on the society and she shall finish this tarnish on the society today once and for all. all are tensed as they look at her. he apologises, but she is about to land a blow, when kashish and sagar stop her, asking if she has gone mad. the police take him away, while sagar calms ganga down, as she watches him venomously. she goes to krishna and hugs her, asking if she is okay. all are emotional seeing this. krishna says that she is okay, as they both saved her. ganga and sagar eye each other emotionally, as tears stream down their cheeks. krishna then asks the truth behind yash’s story about sagar being her father. ganga is at a loss of an answer, while sagar waits in anticipation, along with others to speak up. she looks at everyone, while kashish asks her to accept it today, and asks how long shall she keep this from krishna. ganga gets tensed, then wiping her tears, she asks krishna to come along. she leaves with her, and kashish tensedly follows. sagar remembers what yash told is stunned into silence. he rushes after ganga, while all watch tensedly.

Gangaa 17 December 2020: Krishna continues to berserkedly ask ganga, about the truth behind what yash said. she continues to dodge the question, while kashish is asked by ganga to handle krishna. sagar comes and starts slamming the door, asking her to open up, calling to ganga. krishna tries to rush to him, but ganga asks her to go change, and locks kashish in the inside room, with krishna, while herself waits outside, wondering what shall she do, as sagar continues to slam on the main door, begging for the door to be opened. she is tensed when the knock stops suddenly. wiping her tears, she opens the door slightly, and finds him sitting resignedly, on the stairs, with his back towards the house. he turns back and finds her standing there. they both look at each other tensedly, and yet awkwardly romantically. sagar arrives with folded hands at ganga’s doosteps, apologising profusely, saying that he knows he doesnt deserve forgiveness and begging for apology and along with it, whatever punishment that she gives him. he says that she was right and he wrong, and that one mistake, distanced themselves so much, and that he never thought in these seven years, what ould have they both gone through, and begs her to come back. he bends down to touch her feet, totally lost and disheartened, willing to do anything to rectify his mistake. distraught, ganga says that he should be punished, as he made a grave mistake, by not trusting her, their love and even her character and he shall get it too, and starts hitting him, that this is his punishment, and asks why he did so while getting emotionally weak as all of her anger melts down, and desperation and emotions kick in and asks why he did this, and then hugs him tightly, as she clutches at him. he hugs her back, too, tears streaming down their cheeks inconsolably. he wipes her tears and asks about krishna. suddenly, she realises that she had been dreaming this sequence all along. sagar infact stands up, and comes to her, as ganga remembers every insult and sniding remark that he placed at her. enraged, she gets inside and slams back the door. sagar stands dejectedly outside. she turns back yet again to eye him, while her good self asks her whats she thinking, as she should do, since her sagar is calling her, the sagar who is the true love of her life, whose thoughts never left her, today that sagar stands in front of her, with open arms. the good self asks her to remember all the moments of their love, and not let some weak moments, hamper it away. ganga starts reminisceing his gestures of affection in all these years. she starts smiling through her tears. she is about to get ahead, when her practical self, jolts her and asks her what is she thinking, and if she hasnt had enough betrayal, deceit and pain, and asks if he wants to go through the disbelieving insult and humiliation yet again, and says that only she can preserve her self respect. the good one asks her not to make this an ego issue, and asks her to move ahead, and absolve herself from all pain and torture, but she gets to know that he only cares about krishna and not her or else he would have clutched her forcibly, in his arms, and tells that sagar is merely distracting her, and that years, he didnt believe her, but yash’s statement, he instantly believed only for krishna. she is in a mental dilemma.

Sagar meanwhile wonders whats he thinking, as he should go and hug her, and get rid of her pain, and cry and let her cry too, so that they can start afresh. he gets ahead but is in a dilemma whether he has the right to do that to ganga, and what if she gets angry and goes inside. they both are in their own dilemma. as they confront each other, sagar asks ganga if she can forgive him. she gets defiant, and says that its too late and she cant. he still comes inside and begs her not to say so, with folded hands, as due to the drug, he didnt remember anything. he says that he is mortified with embarassment and begs her to come back. she says that the reason isnt the durg, but rhe fact that he had so little belief in her later on. she asks him to go, as she cant forgive him for this. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Ganga asks sagar to go away and do this favour atleast. she turns away, hiding back tears, while he turns tensedly too. she turns around to find him gone. On the road, sagar walks listlessly, and then sits under a tree, and finds daughters playing with their fathers, and gets emotional at his own state. he wipes his tears. seeing their interaction, he gets emotional, as he hears and sees that a father can go to any length for his daughter. he starts thinking about krishna and thinks that he cant let her go so easily, and says that he can compromise his ego, self respect and everything else. he says that he shall beg from ganga if he has to. he rushes back.

Meanwhile, krishna, behind locked doors, screams to open the door as she wants to talk to sagar. ganga stands tensedly. krishna continues to scream for the both of them, while ganga stands distraught. she leaves from there, and opens the door, and finds sagar rushing in hurriedly. both are shocked to see each other. he hears krishna screaming for the both of them, and begging to be let out. he is apalled.

Scene 2:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
Gangaa 17 December 2020: ammaji is sure that sagar would come back defeated. they ask her not to form assumptions. she asks him how can he say so. niru says that then they shall have to explain themselves, that its too late, and due to sagar’s fault, he shall have to bear the pain and torment. ammaji asks him not to say bitter words. niru says that everyone has to pay for their mistakes, like him. madhavi gets tensed. ammaji complies. she says that she is a fool not to think good stuff, as they have always seen how much ganga loves him, and can do anything, and now with krishna in the picture, things shall get better. she compliments krishna’s beauty. she then says that had sagar accepted this earlier, then they wouldnt have had to bring someone else from outside. juhi hears this tensed. madhavi is shocked. niru asks her not to talk like this, as ammaji says that she isnt attached to juhi. ammaji starts glaoting about krishna, while juhi hears tensed and distraught. madhavi and niru notice her sad and go to her to cheer her up. but juhi leaves hastily from there.

In their room, pulkit and supriya decide how good it would be if ganga and sagar live with them, along with krishna. he is doubtful whether ganga shall agree. she says that she shall herself get ganga if she refuses. juhi comes in crying. they rush to attend to her, and ask her whats the reason. juhi asks why have they brought her here, as ammaji doesnt like her, and she shall be thrown out, if krishna comes. they are apalled to hear this.

In her room, zoya is furious that things arent working out and wonders what shall she do now. sonu asks her not to worry as things would have sorted out if they had to. she is boggled. he says that the truth maybe out, but their ego and arrogance shall stand in the way, of their united relation. she says that its not just about sagar and ganga, as they like to give each other pain, but due to krishna, things can change. she is furious.

Scene 3:
Location: Ganga’s residence
sagar advances towards opening the door, hearing krishna cry, but ganga continues tp push him away, asking him to go. he tries to make her understand to stop her egoistic resolve, and think about krishna and her parenting. he apologises and begs for forgiveness, but she continues to rant about her ego and torment, and her self respect. she reminds him of the indifference that he put her through at different phases of her life, when krishna needed the father the most, and continues asking where was he, in all the formative , and now suddenly it makes a difference. he holds her and pins her against the wall. he begs for a chance to talk, and says that she is right, and he wasnt where and when he should have been there for krishna, as a father, and she cant underrstand the pain thqat he is undergoing right now, realising that. he cups her face, and says that krishna is his daughter and he too has the right, and accepts that he made a mistake, but begs for a chance to relieve her of all the pain, that she went through alone and tormented, because he left her. he says that he shall balance it all out, and never give her a chance to complain again. she says that this isnt an account to be settled. he asks if only she suffered and says that he too has a complaint, that when he forgot everything, she should have nudged him and made him remember. he says that he knows he didnt trust her, but its true that she didnt revive the faith in him too. he clutches at her tightly, and she asks him to let go. he tries to hug her, but she shirks him away.

Gangaa 17 December 2020: He asks if she thinks he is dying to be with her and if he came for her, then he is mistaken as he has come for krishna. he says that he is habituated to stay without her, and he shall take krishna today and she cant stop him. she remembers zoya’s alarms and threats that prove to be right. he rushes and opens the door, and goes out to hug krishna. ganga is distraught. she rushes into his arms. kashish stands tensedly. krishna asks him if he is her father. he eyes her tensedly, and then caressing her face, he doesnt respond, and extends his hand and asks her to come along, to her house. Krishna holds sagar’s hand, eyeing ganga tensedly. kashish and ganga watch shocked, as they begin to leave. she is about to leave, when ganga asks her to stop and ganga asks her upfront, that she cant have everything in the world, and today she has to choose between her and sagar. she tells krishna that if she leaves today with him, then she shall lose her forever. all are shocked. she asks her to think clearly, and decide who she needs, sagar or her mother. krishna is in a dilemma, as she clutches at sagar’s hands, and looks at both of them. kashish watches tensedly. the screen freezes on krishna’s tensed face.

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