Gangaa update Thursday 30th January 2020 on zee world


Gangaa update Thursday 30th January 2020 on zee world

Gangaa update Thursday 30th January 2020 on zee world: At home, Kushal teases Jhumki by holding a medicine bottle and says Shiv got this medicine which is to get a son borne. He leaves placing the medicine on a table. Jhumki and Riya watch the medicine together.

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Shiv washes his hands and was about to thank Ganga for her help. Shiv now pours hand for Ganga and Radhika to wash their hands.
Savitri instructs her man on phone to finish the work tonight. Savitri tells Poorab this school won’t be completed until she is alive. At night, some men enters to weaken the base of school wall.
The next morning, Ganga was ready to leave with Shiv. Shiv tells Ganga to come after having breakfast, but also bring breakfast for him. She notices Shiv forgot his phone but he had left already.
As Shiv reaches, he watches a little girl standing in front of the wall and notices the cement of the wall had been broken. He goes to ask the girl where she came from. The girl tells Shiv she used to play in this garden, where has it gone. Shiv assures there would be a huge ground to play in the school. The girl was excited to come to school. Ganga had reached the site, the wall fell over Shiv.

Ganga calls around for help, then removes the bricks. Shiv tells Ganga to call someone for help, as he is suffocating. Ganga wasn’t ready to leave him alone, then helps him to come out from under the wall. Shiv had been injured badly as a pillar was stuck within his stomach. He fell over Ganga who was worried to see her blood. He takes courage and ties a cloth piece around his stomach, then holds the unconscious Ganga towards home. At home, both Ganga and Shiv were ill.

Gangaa 2 Thursday update 30th January 2020 zee world

Ganga wakes up in her room to find Radhika beside her. There, Shiv wakes up calling Ganga’s name. Kushal tells him to take rest. Shiv sits up anyway saying he is fine. Radhika tells Ganga doctor was sure Ganga would get fine. Ganga asks about Shiv only. Shiv comes to the room then, Ganga sits up. Kushal thinks for a while, then takes Radhika outside sparing Shiv with Ganga. Shiv had brought a box with him and tells Ganga about Ayurvedic medicine he prepared for her. He tells Ganga this box belongs to Parvati and is really precious. She thought the medicines would act fast if in this box, today he is handing this box to her. Ganga takes the box. He places another bead in her mangal sooter saying today it seems she has fulfilled all the promises about their marriage. Ganga smiles, while tears fell over her eyes.
Savitri was curt, wondering why all their tricks fail. Pratab says they must make Shiv realize he is wrong in trusting Ganga. Savitri was sure if there is a difference between Ganga and Shiv, it would adversely affect their marriage. Shiv was taking Ganga’s bedding to the room, Savitri comes to tell Shiv it feels good he is moving on in his life. Shiv doesn’t understand. Savitri appreciates he didn’t hesitate in going inside Parvati’s room today, and gifted Parvati’s box to Ganga as well. Today she has got rid of her burden today watching Shiv happy with his second wife, he must not have remembered Parvati. She smiles saying they can’t cease to live if someone has gone. She watches Shiv turn around and leave after dropping Ganga’s beddings there on floor.


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