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Gangaa 31 December 2020: Gangaa update Thursday 31 December 2020, Instigated by sagar’s threats, Ganga accepts his challenge saying that she shall stay here for a week, but only to prove him wrong and earn her krishna back. all are overjoyed as this is what they wanted. madhavi and supriya rush inside. sagar and krishna are amused at this decision. krishna takes both their hands, and then leads them inside the house. madhavi stops them at the door, with the arti thali. as she is about to come, madhavi starts doing so with full ritual, and the shagun thali for the ahu is presented to ganga. madhavi says that she doesnt know that, but for her, her bahu is entering the house. all are overwhelmed as ganga does the rituals of homecoming, while madhavi and ammaji do the tilak, and then hand the shagun ki thali. Ganga accepts it, and then steps her foot inside the house. pulkit watches tensedly. she complies in a daze, as sagar watches overwhelmed and then eyes the room decorated around, with the shagun thali in her hands. sagar and krishna are ecstatic. she turns back and eyes them both tensedly.

Krishna is overjoyed and rushes with ganga inside and shows her the room that sagar himself decorated. meanwhile, sagar gets niru’s call, who is informed about zoya’s behaviour and how she did what she did. he apologises to niru for givinng him this info. niru hears tensedly. sagar asks niru to come back from del soon. Meanwhile, krishna asks ganga why is she tensed. ganga asks if she doesnt miss her house, and her room and her toys. krishna says that she does. Ganga asks krishna if anyone asks which house, this or hers, is the one that she likes best. krishna says that both the houses are good, and cant she have the best things from both the houses, like her father from her and her mother from there. Sagar who has returned back, hears tensedly. ganga changes the topic, and asks krishna to freshen up, whil she gets ready to sleep too. krishna complies and leaves.

Gangaa 31 December 2020: Meanwhile, niru is apalled to know the truth about zoya and how seven years back, what problem she created. he wonders what he did and why couldnt he understand zoya and her motives. he then calls up the travel agent for a flight ticket to Varanasi.

In her room, supriya fumes at the importance that ganga, krishna and sagar are being given over juhi, and that all are paying attention to krishna, totally ignoring juhi. pulkit tries to make her understand that ganga and sagar have always been a part of this house, and its just that she has returned after a long time with her daughter. but Surpiya is still fuming, that juhi isnt given her own room, and neither was she made to sit where she wanted to at the puja. she cites that this is just the beginning, and they dont matter as is it, and now that they are here, they would be furthermore neglected. she says that if anyone ignores them, then she shall ask juhi not to befriend krishna. he tries to make her understand that its wrong, and they shouldnt bring in children in adults’ fight. she says that when there are such discriminations, then there isnt any need for friendship. he is tensed.

MEanwhile, krishna finds juhi, busy drawing, and tries to strike a coversation with her, trying to befriend her. they both comply. krishna invites her to the room, narrating all the attractive things that she has. juhi complies, but says that right now, she has to go to her mother, but would come later. krishna bids goodnight, asking her to come tomorrow. she complies and leaves.

LAter in the night, ganga is preparing the bed, when she reminiesces the romantic time that they had spent earlier in the room. she is apalled and in tears. sagar comes in and hands her the pillows. they both eye each other tensedly. krishna comes and says that she shall sleep here itself, and asks her for a story. Sagar is about to go, when krishna asks him to stay back, as she wont get sleep otherwise. sagar and ganga eye each other tensedly. they, he complies, and she sings her a lullaby, while he watches her. she finally doses off, and places their hands in each other’s. they both feel awkward. then she stealthily takes her hand away and gives krishna’s hand in his. she walks out. he too gently places her hand on the bed, and walks out after her. he catches up with her in the corridor, and pins her against the wall. they both have an awkward yet a romantic eyelock. he holds her, while she asks to let go. he asks if she doesnt even like him touching her, and asks her to look in his eyes, and see his pain and torment. she asks him to let go. he asks how can she see everything, but doesnt wish to register. he asks her for a response, if she is least affected. she denies. he asks her to speak angrily. she jerks him away, saying that he snatcehd krishna from her, and expects her to forgive and forget, and move on with him. she says that she is merely here for krishna and the challenge, that she shall win. he asks how can she not be affected by what krishna’s happiness is. sagar tells her that krishna wishes to stay with them both, and thats whats she wants to be happy, and reminds how she had asked her, why cant she have both. ganga is tensed to hear this. she says that she doesnt want her daughter to know the truth. he asks how long should he continue to be apologetic. she says that she has forgiven him, but not necessarily forgotten, as she remembers it totally fresh. she says that she wont be able to trust him ever again. she storms out. he is left standing tensed. the screen freezes on his face.

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