Gangaa 13 October 2020: Gangaa Tuesday update 13th October 2020, Ganga rushes upstairs. She thinks of Sagar’s words. He asks her why she came here. Who are you running away from? Now? I ran from this truth till date. I acted all blind to my feelings. Today, when I got strong enough to accept it; when I figured out you are the one I have been looking for, you are running away? Don’t do this. You cannot run away like this! She says you find all this a joke. You call me youor friend some times and lover on the other. You are thinking of your feelings today also. You did not think of my feelings ever. He knows he has hurt her a lot. Everything will be fine now. She denies. It is too late. They hear a car horn. She says everyone has come. I have to go. Prabha smiles from a distance. She hides so they cannot see her. Ganga tells Sagar not to say it again for the betterment of this family and himself. It is good for you to stay away from me. She heads downstairs. Prabha thinks that the time for this family to cry has come! Amma ji was right. This girl will bring their downfall one day. That day isn’t far.

Amma ji and Madhvi question Maharaj ji on what happened at home. Niru dismisses it. It is good that nothing happened. Ganga joins them. Pulkit asks her what happened. She is all quiet. Ganga says nothing and leaves from there. She comes in the kitchen and wipes her tears. Supriya and Pulkit come there. What happened? Ganga still does not say anything. She tries to busy herself with something or the other. She keeps wiping her tears all along.

Sagar thinks of Ganga’s love confession; of him telling her that he likes Janvi; of whatever happened after that between them and of what happened just now.

Yash is shocked to know Sagar loves Ganga. Your doubt was right. She says I said it in childhood only. Ratan is all quiet. She asks him if he is melting towards his sister again. You gave up again, right? Ratan replies that he can never forget what they did with him, his family, especially Madhvi. They put my son behind bars for a stranger girl! They are very proud of their family name. I wont sit peacefully till I destroy them. He changes the sim card of his phone. We have made arrangements to hurt one son of the family. How can I spare someone else? Ratan calls Pulkit. He has covered his phone with a kerchief and talks about financing his business. He asks for 1.5 lacs from him first. Pulkit needs a week’s time but Ratan advises him to arrange it asap. He shares a fake name – Rajiv Bhardwaj. Pulkit agrees to call him back.

Pulkit thinks of the deal. It is good but what good is it for me. I am good for nothing. I cannot spend money on myself! Supriya hears him. She gives him her jewellery. They will cost more than 1.5 lacs. He does not want to sell them for his business. She says he can get her many more later when his business is set. This isn’t greater than your happiness. He is reluctant but she makes him take it. He thanks her. You don’t know what you did for me today. Thank you so much. She says I dint do it for you. I did it for us. It is an amazing deal. Just go for it. He smiles. I feel as if I got some jackpot. They both smile.

Gangaa update Tuesday 13 October 2020: Ratan knows that this deal is very tempting for Pulkit. He will get money from anywhere. Poor guy, he doesn’t know how much it will cost him!

Ganga has still kept the ashes of the things she burnt some time ago (of Sagar and her). Amma ji wakes up because of the mosquitoes. She also asks Ganga to close the door. She gets up to do so when she notices Sagar outside. He covers her mouth. Amma ji turns around so she immediately lies down. Sagar is lying next to him only. She tells him to go but he insists upon talking to her right away. She again pretends to lie down as Amma ji turns in her sleep. Ganga again asks Sagar to leave but in vain. They both go outside together.

Sagar brings Ganga upstairs. She says what madness is this. why did you bring me here forcibly? I said I don’t want to talk to you. He shushes her by keeping a finger on her lips. He agrees that he is an idiot. I understood things late but I finally did. She wants to go but he asks her if she remembers what happened 10 years ago. Flashback is shown. Sagar had made her wear one anklet. He had kept the other one with him. Flashback ends. You broke all the ties and gave it back to me when I came back. He shows it to her. She recalls doing so. Either Sagar will make me wear the pair in both my feet or I will never wear it. He says you think I forgot everything. No, I kept every memory related to you with me, including this anklet. I was waiting to make you wear it. I took time in understanding the real meaning of our relation. But I did understand. It isn’t friendship but love! He makes her sit down and then ties an anklet in her each foot. Tears roll down her cheeks. She stands up. She removes the anklet and hands it back to him. Relations, memories, you kept them all safely to come to me when you will realise it. Ask me what it is to stay away from you. I have learnt to bear this pain by staying away from you and even after your return! 10 years, 112 days, 34 hours and 25 seconds – I have only loved you!

Gangaa Tuesday 13 October 2020: Ganga gives the ashes to Sagar. It is of my love and faith. Everything is finished. You are responsible for it. You only ended it and you yourself cannot understand it. He tries to make her understand but she makes him leave her. Throw these in water. There is no point in keeping it. She turns to go when he holds her hand. You wrote them for me but did not send. You must have thought to give it to me when I am home, so I realise how much I mean to you. Wait here! He goes inside his rooms and brings a glass of water. He mixes them in water and drinks them. She is shocked. All your feelings are inside me now. You cannot go away from me ever. Agree now that I love you. Forgive me please. I love you! She requests him to listen to her. Go back to London. The path you are thinking to walk on, will only take you down. I have been through this pain and yearning so I am asking you to go back. He stands there helpless.

Next morning, pundit ji tells Ganga to do a sankalp on Bappa’s Punya-thithi. Is there no one else in your house? Ganga explains that she was everything to her Bappa. I only will do it. Sagar holds her hand just when she extends it. I respect Ganga’s Bappa a lot. Will I not do this much for him? He asks Ganga if she thinks he wont remember this day. She makes him leave her hand. There should be a relation to do puja together. He is only my friend. We share no relation. Right, Sagar? Tell me what relation do we share? I only will do this. She does all the rituals herself. Sagar watches her quietly. He also folds his hands to pray along. Ganga begins to follow pundit ji upstairs when Sagar stops her. Sagar asks Ganga why she is trying to run away from him. You easily said that we share nothing. How can you say that it is nothing? She replies that she said the truth. Just saying I love you does not solve problems. You just got engaged. Your fiancé left for home and you realised your love for me? What will you call this relation? If someone asks you what relation we share then what will you say to them. Who am I? In your fiancé’s absence, will I be your mistress? He says her name angrily as he raises his hand mid air. She wipes her tears. You could have slapped me. You have this much right as I gave it to you but I don’t have any right on you. You never gave any right or name to this nameless relation. She heads upstairs. Her words haunt Sagar. He looks at Ganga and thinks of putting vermilion in her forehead in childhood. Since then, she has always thought of him as her husband while he had said that he likes Janvi. He is distracted to hear the bells ringing in temple. He takes her with him.

Gangaa 13 October 2020 update: Sagar brings Ganga in the temple. She demands to know why he brought her here. He wants to give a name to their relation; to prove it that my love for you is genuine; that this isn’t fake; that we have equal rights on one another. I will prove it! He picks up vermilion from the puja thaal. I filled vermillion in your forehead in childhood. I forgot it though. I will do it again today and give this relation a name. She looks at him stunned. He holds his hand near her head but she stops him. I have applied vermilion in my head since childhood till today. But it stayed only between us and only I lived it. You realised it today only while I spent my 10 years with it. I wont let you make the same mistake again. I cannot play hide and seek anymore. In everyone’s eyes, you are Janvi’s fiancé. The preps are on. You will do this only in God’s presence. I wont accept it and neither will anyone else. He tries to say something but she stays put. I have been through a lot already. I don’t have the strength and wish to bear any more pain. She leaves from there teary eyed. He looks at his hand.

Janvi smiles looking at her pics with Sagar. Her mother teases her. Call him if you miss him. Sagar is in temple only when his phone rings. He looks at the incoming call. Ganga’s words echo in his head. He disconnects it. Janvi wonders what’s keeping Sagar busy. Is he with Ganga? it cannot be! I have to know where he is and with whom.

Madhvi and Amma ji are busy in buying clothes and jewellery for Janvi. Amma ji asks Niru to join them but he has to leave for Mumbai. You guys carry on. Madhvi tells him to meet Janvi and her parents. He nods. Supriya gives a sindoor daani to Madhvi. Madhvi wants to do a grand wedding of Sagar. Amma ji wants to make up for the boring Pulkit’s marriage. Pulkit hears it and is upset. Prabha seconds Amma ji. She asks Supriya about her jewellery. Supriya says I am not habituated to wearing them so I did not. Amma ji tells her to wear them. You are newly married. Prabha likes a saree for herself. Madhvi tells her to take whatever she likes. Ganga is rushing somewhere when Amma ji asks her to make garland for evening puja.

Gangaa update Tuesday 13 October 2020: She turns to go when Prabha stops her. That can happen later too. She makes Ganga sit with them. We are choosing clothes for Sagar’s bride. I feel so bad to think of wat she had to bear because of my son. I pray she gets all happiness of the world. Ganga tries to go but Prabha asks her to sit. Tell us what colour will suit her. Ganga replies that she knows nothing of colours. Sagar’s would be wife will look good in everything. Ask Sagar only. He chose his wife so he will make her wear clothes of his choice only. Amma ji nods. She asks Sagar what he will like. Prabha says Janvi and Ganga’s skin tone is same. We should try it on her. She keeps the red chunri on Ganga. Madhvi and Amma ji look on in shock.

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