Gangaa update Tuesday 14th January 2020 on Zee World


Gangaa update Tuesday 14th January 2020 on Zee World

Gangaa update Tuesday 14th January 2020 on Zee World; Shiv takes the driving lead of the car halfway and rushes the car towards home. There, Shiv’s mother mourned over the death of her husband. Pratab asks about Aashi, his wife says she doesn’t want to come out of her room.

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The Pandit comes to ask them prepare for cremation ceremony. An old lady brings a child girl downstairs, she was excited that grandfather and her father, Shiv has returned. She looks towards the body and questions the lady why he is laying the way her mother was laid. She was informed that he has died, and goes to mourn over the dead body.

A lady takes Radhika inside, ladies gossip that Radhika was his beloved granddaughter. Pratab sat lost, her mother whispers to him to take his father for cremation and fulfil the rituals by himself. Pratab announces they should leave now.

His wife thinks that mother’s hatred for her step son Shiv is increasing day by day; this can benefit her and her husband. There, Shiv’s sister comes to her husband who disagreed taking the dead body before Shiv’s arrival. He goes to discuss it with Pratab, but Pratab wasn’t in a mood to listen to him.

Shiv reach home and hurries inside. Ganga looks around at the new place from under her veil. Shiv was leaving when his mother follows him saying cremation must have took place. Shiv says he can’t leave without have a last glance at Bauji. He asks Ganga to come down, she doesn’t respond but she shouts at her. Ganga steps down the jeep, Shiv drives away in hurry.

Gangaa update Tuesday 14th January 2020 on Zee World

At home, Radhika was crying badly, not ready to eat anything. She watches her grandma talking to Ganga. Pratab’s wife asks if this is the new bride, and asks about her name. Ganga replies as Ganga, recalling Shiv’s introduction.

Pratab’s wife taunts this is why she washed their happiness. Shiv’s mother says she can’t step inside before Grahpravesh. She sends Thumki to get Dai Ma. They ask about her luggage, but Ganga replies she has no luggage. The lady says her husband kept Ganga’s mother for years, why would she get any dowry; she has killed her husband as soon as stepped into his son’s life. Dai Ma takes Ganga inside.

Pandit suggests Pratab must wait a little more, as Shiv is the eldest son and has the right for performing the last rituals. Pratab says he has to inherit everything from his father, not Shiv and begins the litting. He smirks over his victory, but Shiv calls his name from behind.

Pratab explains to Shiv he had to take the responsibility only because Pandit ji was saying it’s being late in cremation. Pandit announces now the elder son will perform the ritual. Shiv performs the rituals with teary eyes.
While walking across the corridors, Ganga asks Dai Maa if she lives here for long. Dai ma boasts she is here since her mother in law was married here.

She brings Ganga inside, saying soon she will be welcomed inside the house but till then she must stay here. She lightens the room by removing the curtains. Ganga had removed the veil. Dai Ma asks why she removed her veil, and warns her to do this in front of her mother in law. Ganga compliments her to be a strange lady.

Dai Ma qualifies she is Savitri Devi, Shiv’s mother. Ganga says she would call the wrong as wrong. Dai Maa says she is complete shadow of Parvati, her mother. Ganga doesn’t understand. Dai ma says she has been sent here for some reason. Ganga wish she had known who she is. Dai Ma was worried.


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