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Gangaa update Tuesday 24 December 2019 on Zee World

Gangaa update Tuesday 24 December 2019 on Zee World, Krishna is insistent that she wishes to go out, despite kashish trying to make her understand otherwise, that she isnt well yet. she calls for ganga to assuage the situation. ganga composes herself after the call and then adds that she is coming.

she then gets to know that krishna wants to go outside. kashish vehemently denies. but ganga stops her, and then tells krishna that she shall take her, the private nurse is tensed too. kashish is boggled, as to how can krishna be taken outside, in such weakness. ganga asks her to quieten with her eyes. krishna asks if she would really take her out. ganga complies as she starts taking off her IV veins. kashish watches resignedly.

while sonu and zoya are plotting their move, ammaji comes and hurriedly asks him to take the car out, and then gets sagar to come out too. he is boggled but still follows.

Ganga takes krishna to the temple, and while they are praying, ganga wonders that what she plans to tell krishna today isnt the exact truth nor the exact false, as she did agree for the lord to be her husband in childhood, and the other truth that she intends to hide, is that whenever she saw the lord, she always saw sagar’s face in it. she tells her that Lord krishna is her husband and her father. krishna is boggled. ganga asks her to name lord krishna, the next time anyone asks her, and if she misses her father, sh can easily come here, near him, as she would feel good. she says that people dont care for relations, but not the lord, as he never turns their own children away, as they have immense love for their offsprings.

Gangaa update Tuesday 24 December 2019 on Zee World

she asks krishna if she understood. she smiles and complies. she thinks that krishna is everyone’s father and hers too, but like everyone has a father, she has one too and wants to know about him. she says that she knows ganga isnt saying the entire truth and is hiding, but this time she wont ask, as she always gets upset when she does that as she has bothered her enough, but requests her to make her meet her father, and begs for one clue, as to who is it, and then she can easily search for him. she smiles as she gets an idea, and then ganga starts walking out with krishna. krishna reminds in her mind the promise, that krishna made to make her meet her father.

Meanwhile, sagar arrives with ammaji at the same temple, who is boggled, as to why they are here, while she adds that they shall soon know. as they rush out, krishna and ganga confront sagar and ammaji who are just going on. they al get emotional. ammaji remembers sagar’s conversation yesterday. krishna finds sagar’s face in the temple, replacing krishan’s idol, and wonders if god is trying to give her a signal, that sagar is indeed her father. MEanwhile, Ammaji asks sagar, as they stand in front of the temple, asking him to just tell her once, if krishna is his child. sagar speaks up that krishna is indeed his child. she is overwhelmed, while he is himself emotional at this new found revelation. the screen freezes on her overwhelmed face.

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