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Gangaa 5 January 2021: Gangaa update Tuesday 5th January 2021, Krishna makes niru see the analogy as to how ganga feels for her, then he must be feeling for sagar too. he then asks her to make him speak to sagar. krishna complies. Sagar talks on video chatting, asking niru about his health. niru says that nothing happend. sagar says that madhavi didnt say anything, but he wishes to know everything. niru gets down the bed. he starts walking and jumping, also just to prove that he is absolutely fine, and they are exaggerating it unnecessarily and that he is hale and hearty. he adds that he has to live many more years. ganga comes and finds him like this, and is reminded of the limited time that he has. she is apalled. he starts talking about how he feels burdenede that his sons are completely unsettled in life. she hears this distraught. sagar gets emotional hearing this. ganga begins to go, when niru and krishna ask her about the reports. ganga wonders what to say, while sagar waits. she wonders how to shatter his dreams and hopes, and that he wouldnt be able to bear this, and die like this. they nudge her to talk up, but she doesnt have the guts. as he talks about dying, sagar and ganga get upset. she says that its all normal and asks him not to overstress. then they talk back to sagar who asks him to take care, while ganga leaves from there. he is extremely upset but is relieved that ganga is there to take care.

In her room, ganga is apalled as to what is happening and why, and how is he leaving them like this. she is apalled to find that she would be bereft of niru very soon. while she is inconsolably crying, she hears screams of the children playing with niru. she finds him, coming out, playing with them, and then panting for breath. she gets concerned, and then slams the children for being so careless. madhavi comes and finds her like this, and asks her to calm down. krishna sulks. niru and madhavi calm her down. he goes in to rest. madhavi is tensed and then asks ganga whats the matter as she has never screamed at children, then why today, as she claims that he is okay, then why bother so much. she asks if there is anything that she is hiding. ganga lies and denies. after MAdhavi agrees to her statements, adding that she kows she doesnt lie and leaves, ganga is apalled, at the way she is deceiving everyone.

In the corridor, ganga walks lost, when niru confronts her, and asks whats wrong with him, as she is behaving weird. she gets baffled, and denies. he asks her to clearly speak up, whats bothering her. she makes an excuse and says that he hasnt eaten yet still, and she cant see him like this. he claims that he cant eat such plain food, and talks of snacks. she denies, but then gets affected when he emotionally blackmails her. she gets affected, and rushes to make it. he is overjoyed.

While she is making in the kitchen, ganga finds madhavi coming in, who asks who is she making it for. ganga says that its for niru. madhavi reprimands her for giving such food, when he is strictly prohibited oily food. ganga tries to say that a couple wont make any difference. madhavi lashes at her for being so irresponsible. ammaji comes, and madhavi complains to her. ammaji too lashes and asks her to stop. madhavi laments as to what she is upto, and asks her not to do so again. ganga wonders what dilemma she is placed in.

In the room, while supriya is working, pulkit tries to strike a conversation, but she goes in, and then is reminded of his affair with kashish. she is deeply hurt, but wonders if onl he is to be blamed. she starts lamenting at the scenario.

Later, ganga secretively gets them for niru, while he is asleep. she wakes him up, after remembering how he also used to do the same for her. they sit down to talk. she talks about how she got scolded, and asks him to finish it soon. he eyes her talking emotionally about his liking. she gets emotional as she eyes him savouring them. she hugs him tightly, while he talks about what happiness she brought. he urges her to start afresh with sagar and clear everything between supriya and pulkit somehow. she tries to distract him from the topic, but he says that he knows she shall fulfill it. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

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