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Gangaa 11 November 2020: Gangaa update Wednesday 11th November 2020, Chaturvedi family comes to court. The women are protesting there as well against Sagar and Chaturvedi Family. The ladies surround them. Sagar also comes with police. All of them are taken inside safely by police.

Janvi’s parents are talking to their lawyer when Chatruvedi family comes in. All of them look uncomfortably at one another. Ganga calls Pulkit. He has no news of Palash or Mehri. He agrees to call her as soon he gets some info. Has the hearing begun? She shares that it will start as soon as judge will come. We don’t have a judge. How can Palash Sir disappear on the last day of hearing? What will happen now? Sagar comes and stands in the witness box. Judge takes his seat. He asks for both the lawyers. Sabharwal gives his intro before him. Judge asks for Sagar’s lawyer. Otherwise the decision will go against him in the absence of his lawyer. This court cannot delay the decision anymore. Niru walks in surprising everyone. I am Sagar’s lawyer. Sabharwal gets tensed. I couldn’t do it as a judge so I resigned. I am a lawyer yet again. He presents the papers to judge. Sagar has signed them. I am his lawyer now. Judge checks the papers and then starts the proceeding. Ganga wipes her tears.

Sabharwal presents his side of the story blaming Sagar for killing Janvi. Chaturvedi family is rich yet they demanded dowry from Janvi and her family. It dint stop even after marriage. Niru tells Ganga they have enough proofs like Janvi’s phone call record, the money transfer from Sagar’s account and the fingerprints on the syringe which doesn’t belong to Sagar. We only need a witness. If Mehri comes then we will surely win. I will manage things here somehow. I will try to get another date. If you are able to bring Mehri till then, then it will be good. We have to stop judge from delivering a verdict today. I will try to engage him for 2 hours. Go and bring Mehri till then. She nods.

Gangaa update Wednesday 11 November 2020: Outside, Ganga speaks to Pulkit. The hearing has started. If we don’t bring Mehri Didi in two hours then everything will be finished. Pulkit says Palash’s house is still locked. I couldn’t even reach Palash’s mom. She tells him to find Mehri from anywhere. She says we checked everywhere. She reasons that someone might have seen her going out or something. I will go and ask in my locality. He thinks to go to her home in Banaras to find some clue. They end the call. Ganga is waiting for rickshaw when a kid gives a letter to Ganga from Palash’s side. He asks her to come to meet him at some specific place. Ganga is confused. Why is Sir calling me here?

Niru speaks in court about all the clues he has. He points out that there was some third person in the room as well. NIru and Sabharwal counter question one another. Judge asks Niru if he wants to present some other proof or witness. Niru agrees. My witness will take some time to reach here. Judge gives him time till lunch.

Ganga requests Niru to get another date for hearing somehow. I am going to bring Mehri Didi but I don’t know how much time it will take. Just postpone the date somehow. I will find them and just come. Sagar and Niru ask her about it but she doesn’t tell anything to them. Sagar tells Ganga against it. I don’t feel it right. Where are you going? She replies that she cannot sit peacefully as his life is in danger. Don’t worry. I will be fine. She boards an auto and reaches the said location. She walks inside a house and calls out for Palash. She hears a sound and looks into a room only to find Mehri kept there. She is unconscious and tied to a chair. Ganga shakes her face. Wake up, Mehri Didi. Palash closes the door from inside. Ganga looks at him.

Palash tells Ganga it is no use freeing Mehri. She is inebriated. She wont be able to stand even, forget about running. Ganga gets concerned for her. Who turned her like this? He calls her beautiful. I liked you the moment I saw you. I liked your simplicity, your innocence. They got me towards you. She asks him what has happened to him. What are you saying? He says this is your problem. You never thought what I will feel like. Can you not see love in my eyes? Dint you see it ever? I did so much to get you. I did everything for the first time in life to get you. I accept that my way is wrong but you dint leave any other option for me. I don’t regret anything. I gave everything for the girl I loved. You dint see anything as Sagar is in your head. Do you know what he did? He tried to bring me close to you till Janvi was alive. Now that she is no more, he wants you. He wants to come between us, and separate us. We cannot come close till Sagar is there. He has to stay in jail so we can become one.

Gangaa update Wednesday 11 November 2020: Ganga looks at him in shock. Palash takes Ganga in another room. He has made all the preps for their marriage. I want to marry you today itself. Ganga frees her hand from his grip. How dare you think like this about me? you are mad. I was mad to not trust Sagar. He told me not to trust you. Palash nods. I mad because you all made me mad. What else Sagar gave you other than unhappiness? He has ruined janvi’s life. I wont let him ruin your life. I have gone really ahead in this race. I cannot accept defeat now. I understand fights in love. I will make you agree. She frees her hands from his clutches. He tells her to think through. I will free Mehri if you agree to marry me. She will give her statement. You will try all your life but wont find Mehri anywhere otherwise. I can even kill her. Sagar will be in jail all his life then. What do you want – our marriage or Sagar’s destruction? The choice is yours!

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