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Gangaa 16 September 2020: Update on Gangaa Wednesday 16th September 2020, Ganga hauls the pic out of fire. It is somewhat scorched from the sides. She takes a gander at the photograph. Where are you Sagar? We are closest companions. This is the reason we adore and see each other so well. We needn’t bother with words. This thing just has bound us in a tough bond.

Sagar gets hiccups. Who is considering me? Janvi says I will take everybody’s name individually. The second your hiccups stop, that is the individual who is considering you. Sagar takes Ganga’s name. The hiccups stop. Janvi looks awkward. His companions get some information about Ganga. Sagar shares Ganga is his best/best companion. His companions inquire as to whether it implies love. Sagar’s companions bother Janvi. Sagar denies. She is my closest companion. We have been close since youth. It is unimaginable for me to think that way.

Ganga’s hand got singed simultaneously. This isn’t anything. I am longing for you since years. This fire isn’t anything when contrasted with the fire consuming inside me. Then again, Sagar talks about a riddle. The young lady ought to be scuh that you need to investigate her. I know Ganga since adolescence. I realize her back to front. I can’t feel that ways for her ever! Ganga says I love you to the photograph. Sagar keeps talking. I have never taken a gander at her that ways. Closest companions are closest companions are all things considered. They can’t be darlings.

Amma ji calls for Ganga so she heads inside. Amma ji is addressing intellectual ji. Mehri shoos JP away. She later gripes to Ganga about JP. He is consistently after me. Ganga says he was just tailing you. Mehri is angered. Amma ji is taking a gander at the photographs of young ladies for Pulkit. Ganga looks at the photographs. Prabha comes all of a sudden. Prabha sits with Amma ji. Ganga is shocked to think about Amma ji’s goals. She recollects Pulkit’s affection for Saloni. Madhvi says we will complete Pulkit’s commitment this time when Sagar will come over. The wedding can happen somewhat later. Ganga recommends asking Pulkit first. Possibly he prefers somebody. It is the best thing if your life accomplice is somebody who you know as of now. Madhvi reviews Ganga and Sagar’s nearness before he left for lodging. Madhvi asks Ganga to go to kitchen. Try not to talk in the middle of older folks. Prabha calls attention to that Pulkit isn’t working. We ought to get Sagar wedded first. Ganga talks in the middle. Seniors wed first. Pulkit Bhaiya will wed first. Madhvi takes a gander at Ganga. She heads inside.

Ganga mumbles indignantly to herself. She considers Sagar. He is just mine. He clutched my hand forever. He won’t wed anybody like this!

Janvi’s sibling (Sahil) is additionally going to the gathering. Sagar kids about him. He generally goes out on the town yet the outcome is consistently 0. He can’t wed in this birth. Sahil comes all of a sudden. Why not? Let me locate a decent young lady first. Sagar solicits his definition from a decent young lady. Sahil says I don’t have a clue. Sagar gets some information about his date today. Sahil remarks that the young lady was acceptable however something was absent. Janvi too needs to recognize what he is searching for in a young lady. Sahil discloses that she needs to emerge from his fantasies. Her straightforwardness will say everything regarding her. Sagar acts all drowsy. They were exchanges of 60s. Will you find such a young lady in the present date? Just young ladies with old, traditionalist reasoning can think that way.

Ganga converses with Pulkit. All the good old ladies of the house are thinking to trap you. They are discussing your marriage. Inform them regarding your affection for Saloni Didi. Accumulate your mental fortitude on the off chance that you love her. Pulkit reasons that he needs to ask Saloni first. She isn’t conversing with me. How might I take things forward? Ganga says you both love each other then why not. He says it was years prior. I don’t have the foggiest idea what befallen her in the present. He sees her consumed hand and goes to bring salve. He applies balm on her hand. She comments that he hasn’t changed a piece in every one of these years. You actually love and care for everybody. In what capacity can Saloni Didi change? He goes all peaceful. She speaks emphatically about affection. I am certain she adores you still a similar way. Genuine romance happens just a single time.

Sahil says genuine romance happens just a single time. The day I meet such a young lady, I will comprehend that she is the one. Sagar uproariously inquires as to whether they share a similar inclination. Janvi pulls him down. Try not to make a joke of my sibling. Sahil says the eyes can see everything. Janvi agrees with her sibling’s stance. Sagar gives his telephone to Sahil. See which young lady you like. You can pass judgment on everybody from face so you will comprehend. Janvi likes the thought. She checks the photographs with her sibling. He requests that her stop on one photograph. Sagar checks the photograph. He says Ganga. Sahil likes the name. Janvi is upbeat for her sibling. Sagar goes all tranquil. Janvi inquires as to whether he has any issue with her sibling preferring Ganga. Sagar decreases. She is my closest companion all things considered. She is a widow! Sahil doesn’t worry about it. It isn’t her misstep. Janvi approaches Sagar to thoroughly take care of Sahil and Ganga. Will you help? I think about your kinship with Ganga. Bhai can’t do anything without your assistance. You need to do the matchmaking. She is your closest companion. You would need her to have a decent accomplice throughout everyday life. Sagar concurs. We as a whole are in any case going to Banaras. I will make her meet Sahil there. It is your (Sahil’s) employment to cause her to concur.

Ganga continues urging Pulkit to not surrender so without any problem. Your adoration can carry the person in question to you. It is so ground-breaking. You can’t surrender in affection. It invigorates you to battle anything throughout everyday life. You never separate anybody in any circumstance. She recalls the vermilion occurrence. I realize you love Saloni Didi a great deal and need her to be with you. Will you have the option to live without her? You love her to such an extent why released her?

Ganga addresses Pulkit. I realize you love Saloni Didi a ton and need her to be with you. Will you have the option to live without her? You love her to such an extent why released her? We will converse with Babu immediately. Pulkit stops her. I am not prepared at this point. She reasons that it can get late. Remain here unobtrusively. She goes to kitchen for a moment. Pulkit remains there befuddled.

Ganga brings tea for Niru. He approaches her how she brought tea for him today without requesting it. You don’t permit others to offer it to me. She discusses his bustling day in court. I realize you need it. She says Pulkit Bhaiya need to converse with you. She gets out for Pulkit. Pulkit goes into in the examination room. Ganga urges him to talk. Madhvi comes to offer coat to Niru. She also holds on to perceive what’s going on. Niru asks Pulkit to shout out. Pulkit bumbles. Niru requests that he talk quick. I don’t have time. Ganga asks Pulkit to talk. You both met after so much trouble. Madhvi too asks Pulkit to talk. Pulkit says I would prefer not to get hitched. Ganga signals him to talk further. Niru likes the thought. You are on the whole adult yet aren’t settled. You do entryway to entryway deals. For what reason will somebody give you their young lady? Pulkit comments that he has revealed to him commonly. I collect PCs. It isn’t deals. I do establishment. I concur the business is little however things will be fine soon. Niru insults that it will improve when he turns 50. Accept position in Gupta’s firm. Pulkit will not take his assistance. Niru insults him. You aren’t proficient to do anything all alone so I need to help! Pulkit is harmed. Niru leaves. Madhvi advises Pulkit not to take it to his heart. Pulkit holds his clench hand indignantly. He leaves there annoyed. Madhvi and Ganga tail him. He resents Niru. He reproved me and insulted me. What’s left at this point? Amma ji thinks if Niru and Pulkit met again today. Pulkit says I know I dint satisfy his hopes. He needs everybody to turn into a legal counselor. He generally calls me futile; slacker. I was unable to turn into a legal counselor like Sagar so I do deals. Indeed, I do it! At the point when his more youthful child is satisfying his fantasy then for what reason isn’t he letting his other child satisfies his own fantasy. Why power? Madhvi says Niru talks for your kindness as it were. Pulkit despises the insults he gets the opportunity to hear day and night. I needn’t bother with it! He goes higher up.

Madhvi has never observed Pulkit this furious. There is doubtlessly something. Amma ji considers conversing with Niru. He needs to comprehend Pulkit has grown up. He wont be cheerful in the event that he hears insults day and night. Madhvi says the purpose for Pulkit’s annoyance is something different. Ganga considers accomplishing something. I don’t think Bhaiya will have the option to enlighten anybody concerning Saloni Didi. Ganga stands calm when Madhvi inquires as to whether she knows the explanation. She shakes her head. She leaves to accomplish something.

Janvi, Sahil and Sagar are in the train. Janvi offers thoughts to Sahil to invest energy with Ganga. I will appreciate wandering around with Sagar. Sagar advises Janvi to not tell anybody that they are dating. My family is antiquated. Nobody likes it. Janvi discusses Ganga. She is really tolerant you said. Sagar says she isn’t tolerant like individuals in London. She is passionate and basic. She can do anything. Try not to disclose to her anything. She can even beginning paying attention to it very.

Ganga chooses to get Pulkit wedded to Saloni. She converses with JP. Ganga will never withdraw or surrender with regards to love and feelings. I will mind Saloni Didi. I should know why she isn’t conversing with Bhaiya. She heads inside. The house is totally embellished. A couple of women are singing. Mehendi work is going on there. Ganga welcomes a woman (Saloni’s mom) she runs over. Saloni’s mom doesn’t perceive her. Ganga shares she is Saloni’s companion. Saloni’s mom gets some information about her white saree. Is it true that you are a widow? Ganga decreases. I am just professing to be one. There was play in our school today. I am coming straightforwardly from that point. I dint get time to change. Saloni’s mom focuses at Saloni’s room.

Ganga is stunned to know Saloni is wedding another person. She cherishes Pulkit Bhaiya. How might she wed another person at that point? Salni sees Ganga in the mirror. She sends her companions outside. Ganga asks Saloni how she can do this with Bhaiya. You both love each other a great deal then why? She inquires as to whether Pulkit sent her here. Ganga

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