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Gangaa update Wednesday 1st January 2020 on Zee World

Gangaa update Wednesday 1st January 2020 on Zee World; Ganga comes to Kashish’s room and asks if she would be able to leave her child; would she be able to do this? Kashish withdraws herself, crying that she is a bad mother. She has decided to hand her child to someone else before giving birth. She wonders she should not abort him, and must stay here for social protection and respect of her child. Her dreams would be broken, but at least Supriya would be happy.

Ganga comes to Sagar’s help, he taunts why she didn’t come a few days later. She asks why is he taunting, and explains she had to change. She confirms if he would be able to play this machine, Sagar says he know what he has been doing. Ganga feels cold, but denies in front of Sagar. He goes to get a shawl for her, Ganga replies she is fine. Sagar was annoyed as he can see how well she is.

Ganga asks if he isn’t cold, Sagar says its not that cold even. Ganga wraps herself in the shawl, and notices Sagar puffing his fingers. Ganga thinks sometimes she feels he is the same old Sagar, but sometimes it feels this wedding is only a liability for him. Sagar tells her to wait and goes to call Niru and Madhvi.
Niru and Madhvi were clueless, Sagar brings them to the hall and says today Niru is going to fulfil one of the dreams of Madhvi. Niru wonders what he and Ganga are about to do, Sagar goes inside. He switches the machine on, ice fell off Madhvi and Niru in the hall. Madhvi enjoys, while Sagar and Ganga happily watch them. Niru honestly tells Madhvi he didn’t know Sagar and Ganga were planning snowfall in Banaras. Madhvi says she has seen snowfall with him today, her wish has been fulfilled.

Gangaa update Wednesday 1st January 2020 on Zee World

Ganga notices Sagar shivering out of cold. She teases that it wasn’t really cold. Sagar says he is a gentle man, and must help her. Ganga says she would also have to show some grace, and covers half of her shawl over Sagar.
Ganga watches Niru and Madhvi hugging each other, and thanks Sagar for making these moments special for Madhvi and Nirandar. She was shocked that Niranjan still remember Madhvi’s wish, else people forget. Sagar stares at her, they recall the time when Sagar came to hug Ganga in the kitchen from behind. He asked where she wants to go for honeymoon. Ganga wished to go to a cold place, where they were alone; and it was dark with her favorite song playing. Sagar sang her favorite song in recognition. Ganga takes a leave, remembering some work. Sagar says Ganga thinks he forgot his promise, he didn’t; he remember each and everything.
In the room, Nirandar and Madhvi hug, Madhvi hides her tears. Ganga runs to the kitchen, thinking Sagar doesn’t remember anything. There was sudden lightening, electricity goes off. Ganga watches Sagar behind her and slips over him. He holds her close to his face, she tries to withdraw herself but Sagar doesn’t leave her. She shies as he moves his hand around her face. With a bang of window, Ganga realizes it was her day dreaming.
Madhvi was weepy as she rubs Niru’s head, who had fallen asleep.
The nurse comes to the stage with a pack of gun powder in hand. She was determine to change wedding environment into death house tomorrow. She spoke to a lady on call that there must be no mistake tomorrow, Ganga and Sagar should not be left alive. She enjoyed thinking about burning of Chattervedi family.
The next morning, Krishna passes a flying kiss to Sagar from behind the window. Nirandar was with Sagar, Niru asks if Sagar is going to bid him that he is getting emotional. Sagar forbids him say this again. Niru was happy that they will be together. There, Madhvi confirms Ganga if she is happy. Krishna gets them garland. Niranjan asks Sagar what is he excited about today, and tells Sagar he was impatient to see Madhvi as bride. He couldn’t withdraw his eyes from over her; he is restless even today. Sagar cries hugging Niru.
Ganga gets Madhvi ready. Madhvi tells her to get ready now, as its her wedding actually. Krishna wants to get Ganga ready. She was upset that the flowers on her hair didn’t adjust well. Ganga tells Krishna they are loveable. Supriya comes to call them downstairs. Kashish was watching from upstairs. The nurse awaited the blast at lighting of fire.
Pulkit notices an old man try to enter the wedding unnoticed. He asks about his identity, the nurse at once goes to tell Pulkit its her father. She greets him, then explains to Pulkit she invited him here. Pulkit apologizes him, and tells the nurse to serve him well. She points towards the man, who says he wished to see this family’s destruction with his own eyes.
Ganga and Madhvi come downstairs. Krishna calls Sagar, while Niranjan stands up.

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