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Gangaa 21 October 2020: Gangaa Wednesday update 21st October 2020, Amma ji throws a white saree at her. This is in your destiny. You should not live in any illusion. You only have this white colour in your life. Wear it. Ganga recalls how she was forced to break her bangles, change her saree in childhood and what all happened afterwards. Amma ji repeats that widow life is a tough Tapasya but you don’t understand. Listen to me. I am not your enemy. I too am a mother. I want to save you from the pain. You are walking on the wrong path. You are a widow. These colourful clothes, vermilion don’t suit you. You would not have to see this day if your husband was alive. Wear white saree. Ganga tells her to stop crying. I am not crying. Why are you crying then? If you think I will accept a widow’s life after whatever happened then I am wrong. When you could not accept Sagar filling vermilion in my head, how did you think that I will accept it that I am a widow of someone who I never met or knew? I listened to everything that you said till now to keep you happy but not anymore.

Gangaa update Wednesday 21 October 2020: I will not follow any of your superstitions anymore. I refuse to follow them. I refuse to wear a white saree, to the rule of not eating after sunset. It is ok if I don’t get my love but it does not mean my life is over. This is actually a new beginning of my life. I will live it fully. I will make myself worth something. Amma ji is shocked. Ganga is the flowing water which knows how to make its way and quench others’ thirst. This Ganga is similar to the river. Her Bappa is proud of her. She holds the white saree. From today onwards, I free myself from every bondage of this white saree! She keeps the vermilion box in the house temple. She prays to Kanha ji to give her strength. I should free myself from Sagar and this love for forever. I should be able to forget everything. She gives the keys back to Amma ji. they are of the same trunk in which you have locked my happiness. You threw it towards me that day but I don’t think I need it. I have to do a lot for now. I have to find myself, do something. The journey is way too long. The day it completes, I will come and take this key from you myself. Keep this safely with you till then. Amma ji is taken aback. Ganga says you have to start afresh at times to live happily. I am going to do that only. I just have to

Janvi and Sagar have spent the night sitting outside in the balcony. She tells him to go inside. I did what you asked from me. Listen to me once. He gets up to go when Ganga comes there. She is about to go her way when Sagar holds her hand. Why dint you apply vermilion? She says you wiped it yourself and then ask me about it. He again pulls her to him. You removed me and my love from your heart so easily? She replies how can the one who pelted stone at the mirror to break it can ask this question. She leaves from there.

Pulkit is shocked to know Sagar married Ganga yesterday. Pulkit confronts Sagar. What did you do in your madness? Sagar questions him on his act too. Pulkit says I dint do it happily. I was in some problem. That decision broke me. It was a decision of helplessness. Sagar justifies his action the same way. Sudha ji asks for Ganga from Maharaj ji. She called me. I have come to take her. Supirya is confused. Sudha shares that Ganga wants to live in the widow ashram from today onwards. She had faith that her loved ones live here who will make a dream house for her. She was wrong. The very people broke her trust.

Ganga helps Niru in wearing his sandals. I am leaving for forever. he says I dint ask you to leave the house. She replies that he did not say so but his love created an illusion in her head that this house is hers too. Your words of pitying me broke it at the very same moment. I have no right to stay here anymore so I am leaving. She touches his feet. Bless me. I should become something so I can pay back your favours. She leaves.

Gangaa Wednesday 21 October 2020: Everyone looks at Ganga and Sudha. Pulkit asks Ganga to stop. Where are you going? You are leaving your house and going to widow ashram? Ganga clears that this isn’t her house. He knows about the pain that this house has given to her. You wont leave the house till I am alive. Dadi says home is made from love and trust. I feel you have an equal contribution in making this house. You have equal rights on this house. Amma ji gets angry. Pulkit knows she does not want Ganga to stay in her house anymore. She wont. From now onwards she will live in my house, across the rope. Ganga tells him not to fight with his family for her. I don’t want to live here. I cannot. Supriya too asks her to stay back. Ganga does not want any more favours from anyone. Pulkit knows she feels no one understands her here. I understood how much you value your self-respect the day you came to this house. You cannot stop me from asking you to stay back. If you feel it is a favour then you can pay rent to me. Sudha says only lucky people get such brothers. Ganga touches her feet. Supriya seconds Sudha. Ganga goes to the other side of the house. Ganga looks emotionally at her family on the other side of the rope.

Santoshi buys a bus ticket to Banaras. She feels as if someone is watching her but cannot see anyone. A guy informs Kranti Ma that Santoshi is leaving for Banaras. Kranti Ma tells the guy to do as they have been told. The call ends. Kranti Ma says Santoshi’s time has come. Santoshi sits in the bus holding the Kalash. If doing this task gives happiness to Dhaiya Sir and his family then I will surely do it.

Janvi’s parents are upset with Janvi for taking such a big decision that too without informing them. Niru says Sagar is equally to be blamed. I know that the situation is difficult but not so much that it cannot be handled. Janvi’s mother suggests holding a reception today evening itself. We wont give people time to think or react. Amma ji likes the idea. Everything will be fine. Sagar will take Janvi to temple. Sagar stands there all lost. Janvi hits him with her elbow to shake him out of his thoughts. He leaves from there without saying anything.

Pulkit offers to drop Ganga to college. She has to collect her exam ticket. Supriya says how she will come back. Ganga suggests taking a rickshaw. They notice Sagar standing by the door and listening to their convo. Ganga adds the sooner she learns to walk alone the better it will be for her. She leaves with Pulkit.

Madhvi tells Sagar it was his decision to marry Janvi. What will her parents think if you will behave like this with her? Take her to temple. Everything will be fine. he is sure nothing can be fine again.

Santoshi gets down at Banaras. The goons are keeping an eye on her. They offer to guide her as to where she has to go. He misbehaves a little with her making her uncomfortable. Santoshi runs away. She still feels she is being followed. Kranti Ma’s goons are keeping a track on her. She runs to look for a safer place. Kranti Ma checks to know about Santoshi’s whereabouts. She orders her men to turn it all into a riot. The goons chase Santoshi. They go looking for in a different direction as she hides.

Ganga collects her hall ticket. Bappa, your Ganga is going to make a new start of your life today. bless me that I pass with good marks and climb the first ladder towards success.

Santoshi gets surrounded by the goons. She has reached a dead end. She notices a few people nearby with police who are protesting against something. The goons get alert. Santoshi mixes in the crowd. They update Kranti Ma about the same.

Sanotshi asks Ganga why she is saying so about her vermilion. Santoshi touches her forehead. Ganga sets it right. Dint your husband come with you? Santoshi is uncomfortable. Ganga says sorry. Santoshi denies. He will accompany me next time to Banaras if Santoshi Ma wishes so. Are you married? Ganga shakes her head. Maybe you don’t know how innocent and sweet you are. Santoshi sweetly says she knows. They smile. Ganga says let’s go home now.

Sagar is looking for Janvi in the crowd. He hears a girl screaming for help and rescues her. He questions the so called goons. What did you get by doing all this? See what has happened. The goons hit him with a stick. He is hurt. Ganga and Santoshi run to find a way to home. Sagar begins to feel dizzy because of his head injury. Ganga notices him and is stunned. She leaves Santoshi’s hand and runs to Sagar. Kranti Ma’s goons stand before Santoshi. Ganga holds Sagar. Santoshi shouts Ganga but Ganga is concerned about Sagar. She keeps looking around for help but in vain. He has lost conscious. The goons cover Santoshi’s mouth as she tries to shout at Ganga. One of the goons get a call. We have the girl. They show knife to Santoshi.

Gangaa update Wednesday 21 October 2020: Nupur shouts for Santoshi. Maid tells her Santoshi is not at home. Nupur sends her to call Madhu Mam. Dhaiya asks her what happened. Kaka says hopefully you realise now how important Santoshi is as she isn’t here today. Dhairya reminds her Santoshi is a maid. She will always be one. I neither think of her as my wife nor I ever will. Madhu comes there. Nupur complains to her. Madhu asks the maid to bring juice. No one will take Santoshi’s name in this house again. I am fed up. Her FIL tells her to think about Santoshi. No one knows where she is. You should find out. Madhu does not care. Nupur thinks Santoshi ran away. Dhairya hopes it happens. Atleast I will be free from her. Madhu tells them not to worry about Santoshi. She left on her will so she will come.

Police notice the goons so they run away. Ganga requests Santoshi to do something. Sagar isn’t opening his eyes. There is no one around for help. Ganga is in tears. Santoshi sprinkles water on Sagar. Everything will be fine. Santoshi requests police to help them. They take Sagar to hospital.

Santoshi sees Ganga all worried for Sagar. Doc checks Sagar. They take him inside. Santoshi notices Santoshi Ma’s photo nearby. She goes to pray. The nurses stop Ganga from coming inside. Ganga too folds her hands. She paces anxiously outside. Ganga runs to inform Santoshi Sagar has gained conscious. Doc asks Sagar about his health. He asks about Ganga. Ganga stops at the door. Doc says we don’t know the name but maybe it was her only. She was worrying a lot about you. Is she your wife? Sagar says no. She isn’t my wife but Ganga. Ganga is in tears. I cannot meet him. I wont meet him. Santoshi stands in her way as she backs off. Why did you stop while going inside? Doc sends the nurse to bring the girl inside.

Ganga tells herself to keep her emotions in check. Sagar is Janvi’s husband now. He is nothing to me. Santoshi goes after Ganga. Janvi is in the same hospital. She asks police to drop her home. They tell her to wait till the situation is fine. Santoshi asks Ganga where she is going. Ganga notices Janvi there. Nurse comes to tell Ganga that the patient is asking for her. Janvi asks Ganga who the nurse was talking about. Ganga shares that she came to admit Sagar.

Santoshi’s family rues the fact that Santoshi did not sign the property papers till date. A man gets Pushpa’s call (the maid). They are surprised to know that Santoshi is missing since morning. Amma is shocked. How can it be? The family members speak against Santoshi but Amma has full faith in her.

Janvi and Sagar come home. Everyone panics seeing the wound on Sagar’s head. Janvi tells them everything. She lies that luckily she was there or else. She sheds fake tears. Niru thanks police for bringing the kids home safely. Ganga and Santoshi come there in a rickshaw just then. Santoshi notices Sagar there. Do they live under the same roof? Seems like Ganga is in some very big problem. Ganga and Sagar look at each other. Amma ji compliments Janvi. You saved my grandson. They all go inside except Niru, Madhvi and Sagar. Raghav ji shares that the situation is under control. Everything will be normal by evening. Madhvi is glad that the reception can happen nicely now. Sagar stands there only. Madhvi reminds him that Janvi’s parents are here only. What will they feel if you will react like this? I beg you. Pulkit asks the ladies to freshen up. I will take Santoshi to the ghaat near ashram once things calm down. Santoshi nods.

Santoshi asks Ganga about Sagar. You helped him so much, took care of him but dint even meet hi. I see restlessness on your face when you come face to face. Ganga shares that she is an orphan. This family raised her once she lost her parents. They have done lot many favours on me. Santoshi says Sagar’s name did not come in the story even once. Ganga says it is better to not talk about some parts of the life. Santoshi nods. Our lives are coincidental. I too am an orphan. Thanks to Santoshi Ma I have many new relations in life. There are some relations whose meaning I will find in some time. Ganga points out that their pain is alike. Maybe this is how we are like two sisters. Santoshi nods. They go inside.

Gangaa update Wednesday 21 October 2020: Madhu comes to her room. Kranti Ma did not call till now. I wonder what would have happened. I cannot keep everyone in dark till then. She calls Kranti Ma. How much more time will it take? I cannot keep my family members in dark for long. Kranti Ma tells her to wait. My men are doing their work. Madhu agrees.

Ganga is hanging clothes when she senses Sagar’s presence. She looks at him but then resumes her work. Since when did you begin to look away? I saw you before passing out. You came to meet. You left me on the streets to die. Why? I am standing here today because of Janvi or you would have! He holds her hands. She tells him to leave her hand. He asks her if she feels something because of his touch. I will leave your hand. Just tell me once if my touch does make you feel something inside you. The love shows in your eyes. She says when there is no love then how will you see it. She tries to leave but he holds her back. You are lying. You still love me a lot but are scared to accept it. She pushes him. Not I but you are scared to accept the truth. Truth is I don’t love you. It is as true as sun and moon. It would be good if you come out of this delusion. I have freed myself from all the bondages. This Ganga lives no longer for Sagar. He says ok. It is my marriage reception tonight. I invite you in the party. She is stunned. He asks her what happened. I know you don’t have the courage to come. She says why I will not have the courage. I will come as you have invited me. He leaves. Tears roll down her cheeks. Santoshi comes there. Ganga wipes her tears. I was looking for something that I dropped. Santoshi has heard everything. I know how much you both love each other. I cannot understand how after all this love Sagar is with someone else. Ganga rues sometimes people don’t understand things even after they are before your eyes. Santoshi asks her if she will attend the reception. Ganga understands that Sagar is taking her test. I cannot fail this test.

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