Gangaa Wednesday 22nd January 2020 update zee world


Gangaa Wednesday 22nd January 2020 update zee world

Gangaa Wednesday 22nd January 2020 update zee world; Savitri was speechless. Ganga understands that Savitri was involved in this game with Pratab. Savitri reminds Ganga that Shiv won’t trust her at any cost, for him his mother’s trust is very strong. Savitri and Pratab leave.

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At home, Dai Maa stops Shiv who was burning coals to punish himself. Dai Maa tries to convince him that Ganga only wanted to help him. Ganga watches him spread burning coals on the floor. Dai Maa stops him, Shiv asks what good would Ganga get by provoking him against his brother. Had Ganga understood him, she should have told him the truth in some other way. She only wanted to prove her able to be everything, and if Dai Maa wants Ganga to get Parvati’s place in this house. Ganga goes to stop Shiv. Shiv stops her right there and tells her to go away. With tears in eyes Ganga runs out of the room. Ganga was crying in the room watching Parvati’s photo. Dai Maa comes to make her up, Ganga questions why Shiv thinks she is lying. It wasn’t a story. She wonders why there is always bad happening to her. Dai Maa assures she trusts her, Ganga must be right about Pratab. Ganga asks why Shiv doesn’t understand this, why he doesn’t realize he is being betrayed by his family. Dai Maa says she knows what Ganga can do, she shuts the door and cautiously tells Ganga about the secret of the family Parvati also knew.

Savitri’s love for Shiv is only a show off, she only hates Shiv and wants to win over him. Ganga asks if Shiv can’t see this, why she didn’t Shiv about it. Dai Maa asks if Shiv would believe. He has unwavering trust over his mother and brother. He is also angry with her only because of this truth. Ganga says Shiv respects and cares for Savitri, then why she hates him. Dai Maa says she wants Pratab as MathaDesh. She dislikes when people respect Shiv, he is like a stone in her eyes. Dai Maa says Ganga must win Shiv’s trust the way he trusted Parvati. The family never wants her get into Shiv’s life as a companion. Ganga was sure they must plan something once again, she wonders how to tell Shiv about it. Dai Maa says Ganga must win over Shiv’s trust so that no one can break it again, it’s not easy but also not impossible. Outside, Shiv calls Dai Maa. Dai Maa goes outside after advising Ganga again. Gangaa 2 Wednesday 22nd January 2020 update zee world

In the room, Savitri was determined not to let Ganga take Parvati’s place. She then scolds Pratab for being so careless hadn’t she been there. Kushaal was passing by and hears their conversation from outside. Pratab says everything went well, but Ganga ruined this game. Savitri scolds him for arguing in return. She says she would do whatever she has to, now on. In the corridor, Riya comes to Kushaal and asks him to think about their family. She takes him to the room, Kushaal was flattered.

Ganga sat lonely thinking about Shiv.
The next morning, everyone was having breakfast. Kushaal asks Riya about Ganga. Ganga comes outside and apologizes for whatever happened yesterday. She agrees to do what she is asked to. Shiv was silent. Ganga announces from today she would live in the hall. Savitri looks towards face of everyone.

Savitri questions Dai Maa if she already knew Ganga was going to stay in the hall. Dai Maa explains she never shares anything with her, she is the elder daughter in law at home. Later, Savitri says like each year she would gift everyone with the gifts and dresses. Kushaal suggests this year, Shiv and Ganga must do the Pooja.


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