Geet 2 update Tuesday 21st January 2020 Starlife


Geet 2 update Tuesday 21st January 2020 Starlife

Geet 2 update Tuesday 21st January 2020 Starlife; Geet pays the rickshaw driver and gets out…she starts to walk inside as everyone around her stares at her (weirdos!).

Geet says to herself that they are staring at me as if I have come from a zoo LOL…aww she convinces herself that it doesn’t matter since Maan told her that she shouldn’t have to worry about anything. That makes her really happy! Alright…what’s with the writers? I mean even in “high” class people wear salwaar suit!….anyways some women go crazy in convo about the standard of 5 star and all after seeing Geet. She says to herself that say whatever that you want I am not going to worry…what’s wrong with salwaar suit anyways?
On the other hand…some ladies have surrounded Mr.Chopra and asking him about Maan…he tells them that he is just arriving…and Maan does. Anyways, the reporters have surrounded him and asking questions about the new project. Geet is really happy to see him! Aww Maan just walks past her as she calls out to him. She says to herself that he might not have heard her…maybe by looking at her…he remembers her (wait what happened?). Geet tries to walk toward Maan…but these two Macho men stop her! Maan on the other greets Mr. Chopra…who introduces him to the two women.
LOLGeet says oye helloji I want to go inside to the two BG…lol but there is no response! lmao she apologizes to them and says I think you two can’t hear me. lmao Geet asks them can’t you two see either? LOLShe tries to wave her hand!…but they don’t respond! She yells that she needs to go inside! Some dude comes and says that they can see and hear you that’s exactly why they are not letting you inside. Okay…really weird…she has the pass but the guy still doesn’t let her through. The guy let’s some random couple through…Geet speaks up that you didn’t even ask them where they were going and I have a pass. The idiot is like I don’t know where you got the pass from…but you can’t be our guest! She tells him that Maan give to her…but the guy still acts like a jerk.
Some random guy expresses his happiness that Maan came and then asks why didn’t Geet come? Maan remembers Geet telling him about the dinner thing…and how they shouldn’t be seen together. He tells the guy that she is his secratery!…He also remembers Dev talking about it. Maan thinks to himself that I won’t change because of Geet…Dev is wrong I am not changing but why am I not able to forget her. He remembers catching hold of her dupatta while the Maahi dude sings in the bg…and other flashbacks. He says to himself that I was the one who told her not to come but why do I feel like she is here?
Geet tries to get in but the bg stops her again…Geet tells him not to dare try to stop me! The dude again tries to stop her…ughh what the hell is wrong with them Angry. Geet finally calls out to Maan and he notices her…lol not him but everyone else is staring at her direction as well. Geet says to herself maybe I spoke too much everyone is looking this way. Some lady asks is she your friend? Maan replies that no she is his secratery…which surprises all of them. lol while Geet calls out to him again. Maan motions for her to come up…lol she nods and then gives an evil eye to the people who tried to stop her LOL. Maan is smithin by her and keeps on staring at her while the dude in the bg gala pharing again! They walk toward each other…staring…they even stare each other while they are standing right next to each other. Maan comes out of his trance…and looks confused LOL.
Geet really innocently says…sir I came sir! LOL…you saw right that I didn’t get scared of anyone…or cared…you saw how I yelled…lol and stops when she realizes that Maan looks embarassed/angry. Maan keeps on staring at her as she finishes her sentence…he immediately looks away. She happily tells him that didn’t you tell me that I should have confidence in myself…look I did as you told me. Maan is too memirized to care!…..and
Happy Birthday to Me!! lol since it’s 12 here now :p
lol sorry back to the update

Maan thinks to himself…why were my eyes searching for Geet before…and when she is in front of me…Maan gets confused/angry at himself and before Geet can say anything else…he walks away (such a child I tell ya :P). lmao…Geet follows him and when they get to a table…Maan takes out a chair for him but she goes and sits on the other one LOL. lol Maan just looks like somebody stole his candy…Geet happily tells him to sit down! this is our table…look our name is even on itLOL. lol Maan tries really hard not to smile and even scolds himself for doing so. Geet calls out to him again and he finally sits down with a grumpy school kid who has a crush on the girl next to himLOL. Maan kills the happiness by asking Geet why did she come here? lol Geet goes on about the bhashan that he gave her…and Maan seems to regret saying anything at all! Maan wants to be a spoiled sport and says I tell you a lot of stuff but you don’t listen to any of them! When I tell you to somewhere you say no…and when I say no you come there. Not listening to me is your favourite hobby right? lol Geet says no but swining in your garden.LOL Maan looks shocked…Geet apologizes immediately LOL. Maan immediately orders his food and when Geet tries to explain…he tells her not now…just order. Geet angrily opens the menu and asks what are all these dishes? The waiter says Italian…which reminds her of Dev…awwwCry. Geet looks lost…while Maan stares at her…the waiter suggests Pasta…but she doesn’t answer…so Maan calls out her name. Geet randomly picks up a number…in anger…the waiter asks her if she is sure and she says YES….lol btw she has picked lobsters…and sumi loves lobsters :P. Maan immediately looks at what she ordered and says maybe you should order something else…Geet says I want to eat THIS! They both look at each other in anger. Maan asks the waiter to please bring it! Geet says if I knew you would feel so bad if I came…then I would never have come! She says she doesn’t know why his mood changes whenever she comes…he then remembers what Dev said about him changing. He angrily tells her nothing has changed! You have importance in my life…why do you think so?
Geet angry and says all you men are the same! as long as we do what you like…you’re fine but if we do what we like…you get angry. She says she made a mistake coming here! She starts to walk away but Maan stops her by holding her hand. They have a staring contest again :P. He apologizes saying that he spoke a bit too much. Geet says it’s fine you’re my boss you can say whatever you want…but only at office and not here…this is not office. It’ll be better if I leave…I don’t want to have dinner anymore. lol Maan stops her by taking Mr. Chopra’s name and the fact that they have already ordered.
Dev on the other hand…wants to get out of the house so he can meet the taxi driver. Nainatra hugs him…and Dev asks what’s up? She tells him that Dadi has agreed for Dev to work in the office…he says that he is sure that bro will never agree.
I guess a scene got cut off…
anyways…it seem as if Geet has spilled something on Maan and she apolozies cutely LOL. Maan says he will be back after cleaning it up. lol oo the lobsters are here…she says that before he comes back I should open this up or else he’ll make fun of me again…(dammit i missed that scene!). The same jerk dude comes back…and humilates Geet! Geet tries to defend herself but the guy just continue on…arre don’t people there wear salwaar suit? I live in Canada but I like wearing salwaar suit! ugh! Anyways Maan watches from the side! lol Geet yells at him…and compares the food to the dhaba food. Maan comes there and says you’re the one who is getting ahead of himself…the jerk says oo I was just asking her if she needs anything else. Geet says that I don’t need your support…I can fight my own battles. Maan replies…I am sure! Geet tries to say something but Maan ignores her…and yells at the jerk. He tells Geet to leave with him! Geet says it’s kk you can finish eating! Maan is about to say where you get insulted…but stops himself Embarrassed. Another staring contest! He changes it to where somebody is not respected ….Maan Singh Khurana can’t stay there for a second! He just takes her hand…and drags her off.
Mk drags geet out of the hotel, she says to him that she fails to understand after all what he wants ( he loves you beta, grow up, did not he give so many clues), first he says do not care what people say, stand up for your rights and when I was fighting for my rights you have dragged me out.( yup how can he tolerate your insult geet) He in anger replies all I said to fight for your own rights, I have not asked you to create any drama. She feels bad. He yells back at her if she herself ould sit or he has to drag her again. Geet goes and sit. He turns on AC she switched it off, he smiles to himself ( yaar these two speak so much even when they are silent) and remembers in his mind what all she told to manager about dhaaba. She notices him smiling and ask why is he smiling like this ( hahaha MK smiling should be headline news) she is sure that he must be making fun of her like manager ( geet are you nuts???? No wonder MK calls you disaster) he politely replies no he was thinking about manager, her comment on food should not affect his career. You compare five star hotels with dhaaba??? Geet innocently in confidence tells him no sir dhaaba’s food is best.  but then she remembers that he must have never eaten at dhaaba. He is little annoyed and says please when I could cook myself while camping in jungle why can not I eat that foos. Geet is geet replies you used to live with fire and water alone aounds good in hindi aag aur paani ke saath akele rahte then She adds as you can not sit in open environment, you are only fit for five star where one has rationing on smile too( oh gosh MK has listened all quietly). He says no not like that, she is on roll today so says then let’s go have date there he instantly says of course not and apni geet challenges MK are you scared?? Ho gaya that is it. Done. He stops car hard turns back and drives back to dhaaba (OMG what a night MK is geet ka remote control puppet.). She walks excitedly, but MK hesitant she comes back to him using same word ghabra gaye, I knew it you won’t be comfortable sitting here, if you wish we can go back. MK questions back to her did he say some think like that or what?? She nodes in no. MK starts walking, looking around any one can tell he is very uneasy. Geet is behind him, pokes him at back and signals to sit. He sits looses his balance a bit now it’s time for geet to smirk, guy comes to ask for order start telling what all he has MK stops him and asks Menu card nahi hai, he is more innocent than geet replies who yaha nahi banta ( wonderful he thought menu card is dish, kudos to dialogue writers one liner, it’s so natural and spontaneous) Geet smiles, interrupts them and orders. MK is shocked to hear her, surprisingly asks has she ordered so much food for just two of them???  Smarty geet asks why sir it’s not enough??? ( OMG reminded me 5 spoons sugar in coffee), we can order more later and she goes actually she does not like wasting food. Mk is too annoyed.
Two kids come running around, geet smiles says hi to lady, compliments her dupatta, MK does not like that, sradaarji with lady says hi to MK. MK says nothing, sardaarji says he is weird guy where did geet find him. geet smiles and replies not like this actually people who live in Mansion at Delhi, this is how they are. They do not know how to laugh or say hi. OMG MK is like I’ll kill you right now type expression. Geet realizes what she said, Kids run to MK asks why is he wearing coat, is he cold??? He tries to take off his coat in frustration. Kids bug him if the big car out side is his and would he give them ride ? Geet is smiling MK is annoyed ( it can not be better than this), He things to himself what mess he got in to becoz of geet, kids are unstoppable aks him why is he staring at aunty aka geet ( I wonder how come geet or Adinki never noticed this if kids can why not rest. Geet I understand was busy to satre back but saasha and CO???) He says in frustration he is not staring at anyone, geet is enjoying with me. She finally asks him if he likes kid??? He profoundly tells NO.
Cab Driver drops devil dev at pinky’s home. Dev asks him if he is sure, driver says yes. Dev walks around, when pinky’s father pat him on back and ask what is he doing here at night and looking in side the window like thief LOL. Dev makes an axcuse he saw a long last friend of him stays here so he has come to look for. Pinky’s father replies it’s his house so he has right to know. Dev could not answer and goes
Back to dineer date at dhaaba, food comes, geet happy, MK lost looking at food as if he is seeing alien. She asks him what is he thinking, starts eating, else food will get cold. ( cold toh MK ko hoga after eating here and getting drench in rain with you) MK says he will go wash his hand, wonderful one liner geet throws back to him ” SHER KABHI HAATH DHOODA HAI KYA” She has just called him lion means he is dusht daanav lion ( means lion never washes hand, OMG I laugh out so hard people started staring at me) She asks boy to help him in washing hand. Guy brings water, MK is like I’ll wash hand here?? He questions him back or else you will go to chandighar to wash hands. Helpless MK washes hands, asks for napkin another full toos, guy gives his cloth that is on his shoulder. MK gives up and refuses to take it ( it’s so hilarious MUST WATCH. One can not miss it), Geet could not control her smile ( OMG I wonder how can geet just smile. Main toh has has ke paagal), geet tells him to wipe on his pants, tonight is shocker night for MK, he sees guy bringing water with his fingers in it. Geet starts eating with hands and asks him to have food too. MK looks around does not like it at all how people eating with hands, sardaarji burping etc.
MK still not eating. Geet eats green chili says only chili can bring taste in food, have it, he says no thanks. Sradaarji jums in the convo says not to buy what gal says, his own wife had made him to eat 15 chilis to believe he loves her. Geet goes 15 mirch only some brave from Punjab can do, not an urban person. . Lady says no no he will do for you, geet corrects her he is my boss ( yup but you still hold his remote.) lady goes so what, bosses are also brave. Geet changes her tactics and replies no, he can not eat mirchi. MK is silent annoyed audience in all the conversation, suddenly speaks up and asks geet what does she think of him that he can not eat chili but I can eat. He picks up chili and starts eating, geet is shocked now says sir it’s very spicy you will fall sick. Geet is still trying to stop him, saying not to eat she was joking. MK keeps eating,tears start coming from his eyes, finally geet holds his hand, gives him lassi, and we see white lassi mooch below his black mooch LOL ( I only found out that she has given lassi not water when I saw mooch). Mahi in BG. Lady says now you know how is he .Geet tells her nothing like this he is my boss only. Lady apologizes. Mk staring at her.
Geet notices his mooch signals him, he wipes his tear ( oh rabba same way when he had asked geet to wipe his make up, role reversal hone laga already), she still tries to tell him in sign langague, he did not get it, she wipes it.( OMG the way he was looking at her I thot he is pakka going to kiss her now) Mahi in BG. MK amused.
People come with dholak, all excited, including geet, she says let’s do bhaangda, he questions back has she gone mad, she replies you say no for everything, (oh na geet ask him if he loves you?? Am sure he will say yes) she drags him, he stands watching her dancing, kid comes to him and says stare aunty at home ( na bachha at office, ghar main entry nahi hai abhiLOLWink, now dance, he starts dancing, geet is shocked.( me too, not that I mind) lady says guy is not weird the way he look.
Dev is asking pinky’s father if any gal stays here, he says yes my daughter, he goes ahead and asks if her friend is here too. Pinky’s father starts bashing him and says he knows what type of guy is he and makes dev goes away.
Maneet about to leave from dhaaba, when MK asks her if she believes now that he can enjoy at dhaaba, she nodes and says she wants to say that he is not evil dusht daanay. ( I can not believe geet told him on his face that she calls him dusht daanav) He asks dusht what? she says nothing and goes away. MK thinks to himself Maan singh Khuraana has done today what he never did before, what is happening to me


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