Geet update sunday 28 June 2020; Geet 28th June 2020, The episode starts with Darji going to hit Geet, when someone starts knocking on the door. Geet is yelling that Dev is innocent as she’s being lead away. Mohinder opens the door, and it turns out to be Maan. He introduces himself, and Mahinder asks what work he has with their family. Maan tells him that he’s bought their land, and so he’s come to meet them. Mahinder questiongly repeats Maan’s words, and is shocked.

The next scene shows Geet’s hand being bandaged by Rano, and while it’s happening, Geet starts thinking over her memories with Dev – him bandaging her foot; Dev saying I love you to Geet while they’re at the airport; Dev reassuring Geet that he’ll never leave her (yeah that’s true, he won’t leave her head or heart now).
She says to herself that even if no one understands, Devji loves her extremely, and she should find him. The ladies stop her from going anywhere, and Nurpinder tells Geet to drink some water, and to calm her head down. Geet pays no attention and is still murmuring to herself, so Nurpinder tells Rano to make her see sense. Rano can’t, and so Nurpinder tries to remind Geet of what happens in this household – Geet knows what Brij is like, but she won’t back down. She tells Geet to understand, and Geet turns around and repeats that whether or not they understand, Dev does love her.
The ladies really freak out, and Nurpinder shakes Geet telling her to understand that he’s not coming back. Geet remains silent, but pushes Nurpinder’s hand away in a form of defiance. The ladies are shocked and very worried.

Geet 28 June 2020 The scene cuts back to Maan and the men of Geet’s family. Maan tells them that he has bought the land and he has the papers – but they’re not completed. Maan shows them the file, and the men freak out – it’s the same file that they gave to Dev as part of Geet’s dowry.
Worriedly, Mahinder goes to Darji to tell him that Dev sold the land that they gave to him. Darji is upset (he doesn’t look angry for once, more sad), and Brij murmurs to himself that it’s just one betrayal after another, and now what else will they have to go through? Maan looks questiongly at this, and the men look worried.
Maan asks what Brij said about betrayal, and tells them that he has the legitimate papers – so who’s going down to the registry with him?

The scene cuts back to Geet – she asks them why they are berating her about Dev. It’s not as if they can anymore, as they’ve already done her bidaai, and made her a stranger to the house. (I don’t think it’s possible for the women to get anymore shocked) Geet goes to grab her stuff to go look for Dev all she knows is that she loves Dev, and will do anything to find him. She runs out of the room with the women at her heels.

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Geet 28th June 2020 Back to Maan – Rajinder asks him on who sold him the land. Maan says what type of question is that – they sold the land to him; and then he realises – “Oh, I know what’s going on – you’re playing a game.” Brij replies, yeah, so what if they are? Maan retorts for the date of registry if that’s the case, and to be cautioned that he will have the land, no matter what happens.
The men look worried, when Brij notices Geet walking towards the front door. He hurriedly tries to get Maan out of the house, and as Maan is telling them that they only have until the next morning, Geet has started running towards the door.
Maan has walked out, and the door shuts on him, as Geet is screaming “Devji” and everyone is trying to restrain her. Maan hears the commotion, but walks away.

Back in the house, Geet is screaming for them to let her go, and Brij pushes her onto the floor, and tells her that if she ever tries to go out of the house again, he’ll break her legs. Geet almost starts crying, when she remembers what Maan said to her – “if you want to use your brain, then don’t cry.” Geet thinks to herself that Brij won’t be able to stop her now.

Geet 28 June 2020 The next day, the men are shown in the courtyard, and Rajinder throws the jewellery on the floor saying that they’re all fake. Brij wants to find Dev and kill him (typical – hasn’t he got a new bride to think about; I meant the floor). Mahinder comes, and tells them that the pandit was fake as well – he went to the mandir and no one knew of him. Darji starts thinking of Dev’s family, and all the lies they told – and realises he’s made a massive mistake (so he admits it.. about time).
He sits down and remorses that on Jinder’s saying, they agreed to the wedding, but they should have done a background check. Mahinder tells him that it’s not Darji’s fault, but his – he suspected them so many times, but he did nothing – he ruined his daughter’s life. Rajinder hugs him, and tells him that they’re all at fault here.
Brij wonders what happens to their reputation now – what are they going to tell everyone, that they got Geet married to a betrayer? The family’s reputation is going to be made into dust. Geet is still wearing her bridal stuff, and if someone sees her – they won’t have an answer.
Darji admits they’ve made a mistake, but the best thing to do would be to kill the thoughts and memories they have. Mahinder implores Darji to think of Geet – she won’t be able to deal with it, and Darji tells him they understand his pain, but they need to think with their heads, not their hearts. Darji calls for Geet.

Geet comes downstairs towards Darji looking a bit worried, and Brij tells Geet to take off her mangalsutra (ooooh, now you gonna cop it Brij, this isn’t the same Geet anymore). Geet turns towards Brij and the family looks worried at what might happen. Geet thinks of her wedding, and holds onto her mangalsutra.
Brij asks her if she didn’t hear – “take off the mangalsutra, and wipe the sindoor.” Geet has fire in her eyes, and asks him how he can order a married person to take of her sindoor, when she keeps it on even after death? Brij tells her that if she doesn’t do it, he will – and goes to remove it, when Geet stops him. She walks back, and bumps into Darji.
She notices the family watching her, but not saying anything – and she tells them to tell Brij where to go. Brij asks if she’s going to teach him dharam, and Geet says yes she will. She wonders what type of family she has – instead of looking for her husband, they want her to take of her wedding ornaments? But Geet won’t back down – and Brij tries to tell her that Dev kicked her out. She tells him he hasn’t gone anywhere.

Geet 28 June 2020 Geet goes to Darji and asks him why he isn’t saying anything, especially when he was the one who trusted Dev the most – “when everyone was against him, you gave my hand into his, and in this very courtyard you told him to marry my daughter in 3 days.” She implores Darji to tell Brij that Dev isn’t wrong, and that he’s coming back for her.
Darji cracks, and tells her to be quiet (or something, I didn’t get it). How is it that Geet can’t understand a simple thing – Dev isn’t coming back. He tells her to get rid of her wedding ornaments. Geet freaks out…

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