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Geet update Monday 29 June 2020; Geet 29th June 2020, Geet comes back from college, and starts changing out of her clothes when Rajji comes. Rajji realises that Geet is going to look for Dev, even if she took off her wedding ornaments. Rajji gives Geet money she saved up.

Geet 29 June 2020 Brij finds out that Geet went to college – and isn’t happy. He knows Geet is up to something. Geet & Rajji go to the guest house that Dev & his family stayed at – and (what do ya know,) there was a proper Canadian number. So Geet & Rajji go to a phonebooth to call...

Geet 29 June 2020 In the meantime, Rano walks into Geet’s room for something, and Nurpinder walks in and sees Rajji’s broken piggy bank. The women realise Geet’s run away because her clothes aren’t there. (Obviously Brij finds out…)Geet calls the number given to her…. OMG – it rings.. and guess who’s number it is!! What do ya know – Dev really is a Canadian. Naintara picks up the phone, and totally freaks out that Geet has called. She realises that Geet is smart, and tells Dev that she (Naintara) is his only wife.

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Geet 29 June 2020 Brij is looking for Geet, and she runs in front of his car. He starts chasing her, and she ends up hiding in another Jeep. The Jeep drives off with Geet inside, hiding.Brij is pretty angry, and then he sees Rajji looking for Geet. He grabs her forcefully, and takes her home. Rajji eventually admits that Geet has gone looking for Dev.It seems to be a night of revelations because the driver of the Jeep is none other than Maan, and he hasn’t realised that Geet is in his Jeep.. the epi ends on split shots of them.

Precap: Maan tells Geet the papers have her signature on it…

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