Geet friday 6th march 2020 starlife


In Geet Friday 6th March 2020; Geet friday 6 march 2020 update  Arahana is dragging Geet by the poolside. , Geet asks her to let go of her hand, she does & Geet falls into the pool. Geet calls out for help since she can’t swim. Everyone gathers around but nobody jumps in (looks like except for our hero nobody else knows how to swim there )….Suddenly out of nowhere Maan lifts Geet into his arms & walks out of the pool…Mahiiiii playing in the background. Geet reminds Maan that’s how they first met in Hoshyarpur ( girl has amnesia….wasn’t their first meeting in the mela where the taveez got stuck to Maan’s jacket…..)…..Looks like Maan is also not pleased with her memory because he gives her an angry stare & plonks her down…….. Geet friday 6 march 2020 update He then tells people around that the circus show is over & to resume with the party…….. He walks away leaving behind a teary eyed Geet. She has flashbacks of all the times he insulted her & resolves to speak to him…..

geet starlife Meera is tending to a sick Dev……. She remembers how she got him home after he had fainted. She rues the fact that despite what Dev has done she can’t ignore him & her principles become weak when she sees him ( Meera you are a lost cause…..sudhar jaa before its too late) She comments that Geet is unaware of the fact that she has got Dev home (poor Geet…..she’s gonna be once again homeless because of Dev……

friday update on geet 6th march 2020 , Maan at the bar with a glass of alcohol in his hands. He remembers the Diwali night scene & breaks the glass (munda is sach mein Superman….how come he never gets hurt….)……He thinks that Geet is no different from others & her tears & her smile have no effect on him. Geet walks in to talk to him. Geet friday 6 march 2020 update Adi & Pinky try to stop her from confronting Maan because he’s angry but she’s determined to know the reason why Maan called her there…..for work or to insult her. Geet Friday 6 March 2020 update She approaches Maan & asks him. He says that if she hasn’t figured out the answer yet then there’s no point in him saying anything ( why can’t these two talk sensibly for once….) Arahana comes there & asks Geet why she hasn’t left yet. Geet friday 6 march 2020 update Geet replies she has no intention of leaving & tells her that if she sows thorns, she’ll get thorns in return…..
… Maan asks them what they are talking about but Geet says its nothing concerning him & she can fight her battles alone. Arahana then asks Maan for a dance….he first refuses but when she says that he’s giving Geet undue importance he agrees & follows her to the dance floor. Geet Friday 6th March 2020 They start dancing on some weird song (have never heard it before…..if its Geet teams’s original score then seriously they need to change their music director…)….Maan is dancing all the time giving angry glances at Geet (GC is such a fab dancer…..his moves were very elegant…) Geet is looking on with tears in her eyes. While dancing he swirls Arahana away & approaches Geet. Geet Friday 6 March He puts his hand forward….just when Geet is about to put her hand in his he takes Arahana’s hand & resumes dancing with her. He then lifts Arahana like he did during the Kurbaan Hua sequence……..Seeing this Geet is shattered & leaves from there. Maan goes looking for her.

Geet Tuesday 4 February 2020 update

Geet Friday 6th March 2020 She asks him why he’s making a spectacle of himself….
.. She asks him to stop. He says he’s doing nothing wrong. She says all that is happening is wrong. He pulls her close & says that he knows why she’s upset. Geet friday 6 march 2020 update Its because she can’t tolerate the fact that he’s moved on & her presence doesn’t make a difference to him (Maan Singh Khurana needs a reality check fast…..) Geet friday 6th march 2020 starlife  She wants to leave but he starts manhandling her & forcefully makes her dance with him. She pleads to him to let go but he keeps dancing. Geet 6 March She can’t take it anymore & slaps him…….. Episode ends on Geet’s shocked face & Maan’s angry face.


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