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Geet Full Story, Plot, Casts, Teasers on Starlife, Geet is a show about the life & troubles of a young 18-year old girl named Geet.

Full Story;

Geet marries a guy because her family told her to; as a girl, she has no power whatsoever to go against her family. She marries Dev on her family’s wish and three days later, Dev ditches her, takes her family’s money and property and heads off to Canada. Dev leaves Geet pregnant on the airpot. After severing ties with her family from Hoshiyarpur for attempting to wrongfully kill her (due to her pregnancy), Geet moves to Delhi and is now working under Maan Singh Khurana.
Maan gets Geet to a separate place and confesses that he will be by her side for every happiness and sadness. He also vows her that from that very moment everything is going to be truth and nothing fake, including their engagement. In the mean time Dev comes looking out for Maan, but couldn’t see as the room was very dark. Then, Geet goes but she hides and hears what Maan and Dev are talking about ( not knowing that it’s Dev with him). She overhears Maan saying that his life is so much better and he’s very happy with Geet.
Dev tells Geet that he is very sorry and that if Geet tells Maan about their past, Maan will die. Then, when Geet goes back to the dressing room, some girls see that Geet’s mehndi is messed up and tell her that it is bad luck and they take off the jewerly that Maan gave her to wear.Naintara confronts Dev and Meera and Naintara fills Dadimaa’s brain with bad thoughts. Naintara tells Meera to leave and to move on with her life. Dev tells Naintara that Meera knows everything. Pinky and Adi go home and Pinky’s dad reveal that Geet is pregnant. Pinky and Adi are shocked.
Naintara threatens Meera because she says that Meera is only Dev’s friend and she has no right to tell Dev what’s right or wrong. Dev confronts Naintara and tells her to be quiet. Naintara says that if Dev tells Dadimaa and Maan the truth about Geet, then both of them will die and Naintara doesn’t want them to find out because she fears the punishment she will be given with Dev. Meera leaves saying that this is a fight between a husband and wife. At Pinky’s house, Adi and Pinky are still shocked because Maan and Geet are not married. Pinky’s dad tells them that Geet faced unpleasant encounters in Hoshiarpur with her family, which is why she came to Delhi.
Then, Geet thinks about where she should go and Meera meets her!! Meera and geet are both shocked. geet tells meera that she was right, you have to tell what’s in your heart, but she didn’t manage to do that. She saw her past in front of her eyes ( meaning dev) and she couldn’t control it. meera explains that your past never leaves you. meera and geet express their feelings about their past and love life. they realize that they share a lot of common problems and interests about love. geet tells meera that maan will have to listen to her full story and meera says how will you find maan and geet is confused because she never told meera that maan has disappeared, so how does she know? she tells geet that she knows because of the way she is talking about him. meera takes geet to her house.

Geet Full Story, Plot, Casts, Teasers on Starlife

In the morning, geet tells meera how naintara told maan false things about geet. meera calls dev to inform him and dev gets mad at naintara and tells her to stay away from maan and geet’s life and happiness. dev is ready to go to jail and naintara goes to the office to find maan for her own purpose.


Geet, abandoned by her NRI husband, braves difficulties to find her way in a new city, and in turn, finds the love and support of a new family.
  • Drashti Dhami as Geet Maan Singh Khurana
  • Gurmeet Chaudhary as Maan Singh Khurana


  • Anju Mahendru as Savitri Khuranna
  • Abhinav Shukla/Samir Sharma as Dev Singh Khurana
  • Nikunj Malik as Anwesha Singh Khurana
  • Melanie Pais as Nandini Handa
  • Tanushree Kaushal/Usma Bachani as Parminder Singh Khurana
  • Karishma Randhawa/ Sonali Nikam as Naintara Singh Rathore
  • Behzaad Khan as Brij Handa
  • Talat Rekhi as Daarji Handa
  • Praneet Bhat as Aditya
  • Aditi Chopra as Pinky
  • Kanika Maheshwari as Sasha
  • Aakanksha Nimonkar as Tasha
  • Perneet Chauhan as Meera
  • Jaanvi Sangwan as Beeji
  • Prashant Chawla as Teji
  • Ahwaan Kumar as Lucky
  • Khushbu Thakkar as Preeto Lucky
  • Shalini Kapoor Sagar as Rano Handa
  • Neelu Kohli as Rupinder Handa
  • Vicky Ahuja as Mohinderlaal Handa
  • Manish Naggdev as Gurvinder
  • Jay Bhanushali as Yash Malhotra
  • Neha Jhulka as Pari
  • Piyush Sahdev as Arjun Singh Rathore
  • Vishal Thakkar as Manav
  • Iira Soni as Nitya
  • Arjun Pundir as Sangram Gujjar
  • Vikas Sethi as Vikram

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