Geet January Teasers 2022: Dev imparts to Meera about the chance of wedding Geet for cash since they were in a monstrous debt.

Starlife Geet Teasers January 2022

Saturday 1 January 2022

Episode 85

Geet realizes that something terrible is going to take place. She asks why she’s not affected by Maan’s presumptuous lead is as yet dedicated to him.

Episode 86

Maan just as Geet are both astonished by their sentiments towards each the other. Geet can’t find Maan in the home and embarks to observe him. Geet thinks that he is in the mosque. In any case, he’s enraged in light of the fact that she has went to Dadimaa at home all alone.

Sunday 2 January 2022

Episode 87

Dadima is attempting in persuading Maan that Geet is worried for him. Geet doesn’t educate Maan regarding her anxiety for him. Then, Dev and Naintara engage in a disagreement about Geet.

Episode 88

Maan needs Geet to join his group again. She concurs in any case, she vows to avoid Maan. But she’s concerned that she’ll need to see him day by day.

Monday 3 January 2022

Episode 89

Geet might want to work with Sasha to look into her abilities. Sasha questions the relationship she has with Maan on the grounds that she’s at his home and chooses to get vengeance on Maan. In the interim, Naintara recruits an investigator to examine Geet.

Episode 90

Maan demands Geet to stay away from the undertaking that is situated in Hoshiyarpur nonetheless, Geet doesn’t agree. But, as she presents her proposition, she thinks about her family from Hoshiyarpur and can’t continue.

Tuesday 4 January 2022

Episode 91

The investigator illuminates Dev the way that Geet is presently in Delhi. In the interim, Geet chooses to not allow herself to cherish Maan in light of the fact that she is the obligation of bringing up their child. In the end, she chooses to leave Maan, she begins going after various positions.

Episode 92

Dadimaa is sick she blacks out when Geet converses with her about the takeoff of Maan and that she should be conceded to hospital. Geet is attempting to contact Maan however Dev reacts to the phone. In the interim, Maan rejects a task which Geet was presented in her place.

Wednesday 5 January 2022

Episode 93

Dadimaa understands that Geet likes Maan nonetheless, she relegates Geet and Adi to track down a proper young lady to wed. Maan to get married. Geet chooses to get hitched with the expectation that having Maan hitched will assist her with continuing on.

Episode 94

Nayantara finds that Geet was utilized in Khurana constructions. As an outcome, Dadimaa requests that Maan get hitched and he concurs since her wellbeing declines. But, he’s shocked to discover that Geet is exploring young ladies to wed him.

Thursday 6 January 2022

Episode 95

Geet threatens young ladies who visit Maan by discussing his arrogance. Maan needs her to observe a lady who would go with Maan to Dadimaa and afterward be taken out from the gathering.

Episode 96

Dev notices Geet in the washroom, be that as it may, he believes he’s dreaming things. Since none of the young ladies have consented to Maan’s terms, Geet plans to send Sasha to Maan. Is Maan’s arrangement effective?

Friday 7 January 2022

Episode 97

Maan picks a young lady Pari she is drawn to Maan. Geet is irritated when she sees her fainting over his photos and discussing them. She illuminates her Maan is a supervisor who is requesting and peevish Maan who can hear her.

Episode 98

Assuming Geet isn’t with Maan when he isn’t anywhere near, he illuminates her to make a gathering for lunch with Pari toward the beginning of the day for lunch. Meanwhile, Maan saves food prepared for Geet as well. Geet is glad and gives suppers to Maan.

Saturday 8 January 2022

Episode 99

Maan needs to request that Geet for ideas dazzle Pari. Even however Geet would rather avoid being around her, she illuminates her to give her a curiously large teddy bear rather than earrings. Pari is scared to get Maan’s consideration, yet it will just objective him to be irritated.

Episode 100

Geet finds Maan and Pari in a disco. She trades Maan’s beverage for Pari’s beverage as Pari might want to make Maan drunk. He actually drinks moving along with Geet alongside Pari. Geet and Maan can embrace each other.

Sunday 9 January 2022

Episode 101

At the point when she understands her association with Maan, Geet feels remorseful and urges him to keep his separation. But, Maan in his intoxicated state admits to his adoration for Geet. As they notice their conduct, Pari speculates Maan and Geet are companions.

Episode 102

Maan says to Geet that he’s forgotten about the episode since he was plastered, and is staying away from her. Maan chooses to relinquish the sentiments he has toward Geet.

Monday 10 January 2022

Episode 103

Pari endeavors to decide if Maan seriously loves Geet and discovers that he is. She illuminates Maan she will leave always and has left an unexpected present for Geet.

Episode 104

Maan needs Geet to play his fiancee before Dadima. Geet is hesitantly uncertain and the two deny their relationship to Maan!

Tuesday 11 January 2022

Episode 105

At the point when Tasha questions Maan in regards to his relationship to Geet He lets everyone know that she’s his fiancee. In the interim, Rasika documents a body of evidence against Maan who stops her undertaking in mid-course.

Episode 106

Geet can arrive at Hoshiyarpur. Maan demands her going back. If she doesn’t she declines, he addresses her powerfully to Delhi anyway their vehicle is damaged. They are saved by a family that they had recently met at a Dhaba, who transport them to the wedding.

Wednesday 12 January 2022

Episode 107

Geet can meet Rasika and illuminates her that they have informed the locals that Rasika needs to build the lodging on their property. Geet undermines Rasika with furious resident assuming she doesn’t take the matter off her plate.

Episode 108

Rasika is the person who returns her case and Maan recognizes Geet for taking the risk. He delights Geet by welcoming her to visit her sisters Rajji just as her more youthful sibling Tito. Rajji tells Geet

Thursday 13 January 2022

Episode 109

Brij’s men are kidnapped by Geet and are ready to kill her , yet Maan shows up in the nick of time of time. Geet illuminates Maan that she’s had the option to rebuff Brij for his activities by sending him to prison. She is charmed when Maan says that he will always remember her , and can’t be without her.

Episode 110

Geet reviews that Maan was harmed during the battle, and she surges back to her office to ensure he is okay. The staff at the workplace keep away from her as they accept Maan is her life partner.

Friday 14 January 2022

Episode 111

Dadimaa advises Dev to concede his blunder and guarantees that Maan will absolutely acknowledge his apology. In the interim, she designs an office party to honor the commitment between Geet Maan and Geet Maan.

Episode 112

Maan is inflexible Nayantara to alter her way of life, or Maan won’t fail to remember her. Maan encourages Geet to never disregard her sentiments, and afterward puts the wedding band in her hands. Will Geet concede her feelings now?

Saturday 15 January 2022

Episode 113

Geet is pleased with the jewel ring. In any case, when she needs to ask Maan the explanation he constrained her to wear it, Maan doesn’t respond. After that, when he welcomes her to be important for another undertaking for lodges she says no.

Episode 114

Following his anxiety about her Geet decides to address Maan the subtleties of her own life just as her pregnancy, since she won’t be ready to undermine Maan. In the interim, Dev additionally plans to illuminate Maan reality with regards to Geet.

Sunday 16 January 2022

Episode 115

Geet finds Maan playing with the children at a party for a client. She is captivated by her silk saree. Geet is attempting to converse with him about her, yet he accepts she’ll propose to him. He then, at that point, welcomes her to discuss her thoughts.

Episode 116

Maan is crushed and accepts that Geet has sold out her. Geet chooses to impart to Maan reality, yet he can’t listen. He doesn’t answer to her in any way. The office staff is stunned to see a change in his conduct.

Monday 17 January 2022

Episode 117

Maan chooses to alter the bearing of an undertaking since he doesn’t wish to follow Geet’s plans. Geet endeavors to uncover reality, yet Maan requests that she clarify why she didn’t educated him about their pregnancy previously.

Episode 118

Maan takes care of Geet however she isn’t content with Geet’s treatment. The family rejects Dadimaa’s idea of reaching the doctor. In the interim, Dev is too hesitant to even think about uncovering to Maan what’s truly going on. But, Maan is glad that Nayantara has left his life.

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Episode 119

Dev helps his companion Meera in planning her new home. When Sasha needs Pinky to move the table of Geet into Maan’s office space, he becomes irate and quenches Pinky.

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Episode 120

Assuming that Maan feels responsibility and endeavors to support her, she connects with him the conditions under which she had to leave her family, and furthermore about the one who had undermined her. What is Maan do?

Wednesday 19 January 2022

Episode 121

While they are talking, Geet attempts to move away from Maan yet again. He can find Maan at the station, and apologizes for his past activities.

Episode 122

Meera is enraged at Dev for undermining the existence of a girl. While Maan is somewhat aggravated, Maan needs to keep Geet content However, he is quick to look into the individual who has destroyed her life. Maan is curious to see if Geet is looking for vengeance.

Thursday 20 January 2022

Episode 123

Ignorant Dev is the sibling of Maan, Geet can keep a cover on the insights concerning his brother. Maan is additionally reluctant to scold Geet with respect to her past encounters, despite the fact that she offers to assist with getting equity.

Episode 124

Geet Maan and Maan have a gathering with their customers in Manali. Geet guarantees him to never let her previous impact her present. Maan is bothered when the customer proposes Geet shou

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