Geet January Teasers 2020 on Starlife


Geet January Teasers 2020 on Starlife

Below are the Geet January Teasers 2020 on Starlife, which is a newly added Starlife movie;

Thursday 1 January 2020

Maan asks Geet to help him in getting registration for the land. Geet is devastated on recalling about Dev. She is shocked to learn about her pregnancy and conceals the same from her family. Dev is fascinated with Naintara’s beauty and praises her. Geet panics on thinking about Brij.

Geet calls Dev after getting afraid thinking of Brij. But Nayantara doesn’t allow Dev to talk to Geet. Then Guruvinder tells Geet that Channi was killed because she was pregnant. Later, Geet meets Maan as she goes out in search of Gurvinder. Will Geet reveal her fears to Maan?

Friday 2 January 2020

Naintara sends a message to Geet to manipulate her to think that Dev wants to meet her. Gurvinder escapes from getting killed by Brij. Geet agrees to go to Amritsar with Maan. Naintara books a ticket to India. Richi brings a wounded Gurvinder home. Geet escapes from Birj to meet Dev.

Rajji informs Gurvinder that Geet has asked her to keep him in the Handa house. Geet asks Maan Singh to not interfere in her personal matters. Brij enquires Rajji about Geet. Geet is shcoked when Naintara tells her that she is Dev’s wife. Naintara tells Geet that Dev wants her to abort her baby.

Geet January Teasers 2020 on Starlife

Saturday 3 January 2020

Naintara insists Geet to abort her baby and asks her to sign the abortion papers. Brij informs Rano that Geet has eloped from the house. Geet signs the property documents. Maan Singh rescues Geet from an accident. Naintara informs Brij that Geet has gone to the hospital to abort her baby.

Daarji asks Brij to bring Geet home. Rupinder tries to console Rano. Daarji confronts Geet for trying to elope from the house. Geet informs Daarji that she had been to Amritsar to meet Dev. She reveals to Daarji that she is pregnant. Geet tells the family that she does not want to abort her baby.

Sunday 4 January 2020

Geet wants Mohinder’s support as pressure for an abortion mounts. Darjee then tells Maan – who comes with a copy of the registry papers – that Geet hasn’t returned. Later, Geet helps Gurvinder escape from Brij and Rano lies to Darjee that Geet has agreed to abort. Will Maan be able to meet Geet?

Geet requests Maan Singh to take Gurvinder with him. Daarji informs Daima that the Handas want to abort Geet’s baby. Geet confronts Rano for lying to Daarji that she wants abort her baby. She requests Daarji to not force her to abort her baby. Daima refuses to abort Geet’s baby.



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