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Geet monday 9th march 2020 update starlife

Geet monday update 9th march 2020 starlife
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This is Geet monday 9 march 2020 update; Geet 9 march 2020, Maneet get up from under the table n are looking at each other and Sweety says… ‘Such a sweet kudi right?? And thats coz she is from my Pind …!!’  She comes to Geet and says…’U know just how sweetly u told about the other company..! *Maneet exchange glances* U just pleased my heart..!!’  *Sweety hugs Geet* and *Geet stares at MSK*  Sweety tells MSK .. ‘Maan ji..i hv decided that the kudi of my pind shall work with my project. ..!!’   *Sasha comments that …look…all villagers have gathered in a union!*  Sweety says..’I have decided ..Geet will come with me..!!’  MSK says…’No …it cant be…without Geet wat will i do?Geet…’  *Realises where he is* and says…’Without Geet how will this company run?? Coz Geet does all the work of the company herself!’  Sweety says…’If Geet is important for this office then this project is also important for the company.!! Geet will come with me..!!’   Geet says…’No problem..i will handle her event along with my office work..! *MSK startled and about to protest*  Sweety  interrupts and says..’Well then the decision is made..the kudi of my Pind will come with me..!!’ and asks Geet to come with her to show her the work… !!  Geet walking while looking at MSK n MSK looks longingly at her..!! 

Geet in her cabin working on the computer and simultaneously firing orders to 2 bandars (Pandeyji and Manisha) and calls Pinky to get a file!  Geet cribs that hope all this work is done properly….then i have to do MSKs work also..!! … Geet Monday 9th March 2020 MSK enters n signals Pandeyji and Manisha to leave…and they promptly leave..!! Geet thinks its Pinky and says…’Gimme the file Pinky’ and extends her hand to ask for the file without looking..!!’  *MSK notices the heart shaped locket and gets flashback of him with Geet in the file room and the ring dropping on the floor from the locket!!*  MSK streches his hand and puts in Geets hand and holds it firmly and Geet looks up startled and MSK comes near Geet and pulls her closer to himself..!!  Geet looks down shyly n MSK puts his left hand on her chin and lifts make her look in his eyes..!! He promptly holds the locket hanging in her left hand and starts to open it…..but Geet tries to cover it… *MSK looks at Geet and Geet silently says dont…*
MSK opens the locket and Geet keeps looking at him!! MSK takes out the ring and shows to Geet….and says.. ‘So while fighting also u kept my thoughts with urself? U talked with a lot of attitude before me…but when alone… u culdn stay without me… right Geet?? Alone..while looking at the ring…u were thinking of me!!’ Geet monday 9 march 2020 update *Geet looks down shyly* and MSK continues ‘But its not ur fault …thats the magic of MSK!!’  Geet says…’Yeah…Magician..big deal…!! U dun value that i treasured ur possession with so much care….!! And well why wuld u care…after all u distanced urself from me…!! U removed my taveez na??…now look ur not even answering..’  MSK smiles and starts taking off his tie and opening his shirt buttons and starts walking towards Geet and Geet starts walking backwards and says…’What are u doing!’ and MSK says…’That what i should do..!!’ and Geet is shocked and says..’Oh God..what kind of things are u saying..and says…what should we do..??’  and MSK says…’Well i need an opportunity !’ and Geet finds herself at a corner in the room..and says…’Look ..what are u doing? Please stop..!!’ and MSK says..’I am… showing u ur taveez…!!’ Geet smiles and holds her taveez and says..’U too… just showing ur anger externally and whole day u trouble me… but whole day.. u think about me only….. right??’ 
MSK shows the ring and says…..this ring should b where it belongs..n Geet says…holding the taveez that …n this should be where its place is *while putting Taveez inside MSKs shirt near his heart* and keeps her hand on his heart..!! Geet March 2020 starlife teasers MSK squeezes her hand and then takes the ring and puts the ring on Geets left ring finger…..and Flashback of Taqdeer moment..!! Maneet smile at each other..and are really close..!!
Pinky comes as kabab me haddi to give the file..n says.. ‘Geet…ur file..!’ and tells MSK that..Pindi Queen is calling u … MSK leaves from there…!! *Geet smiles* MSK comes to his cabin n NT is sitting on his chair….  and MSK is shocked and starlted …!! NT gets up and says…’Ur chair is very comfortable .. Maan Veerji’ and MSK glares…!! Geet monday 9 march 2020 update NT says…’I hope u din feel bad that i sat on ur chair..?? I just wanted to see how it felt to sit on the chair of the CEO’ and MSK says..’I have heard that u were begging before the Board of Directors (BODs) ..but no one listened to u??’  NT says..’U have a lot of confidence on ur BODs ..but i don need them anymore.. i know how to do my work myself…!!’  MSK says..’I know u very well NT.. .ur shrewd brain is not going to rest easy..!!’  NT says..’U identified me correctly..but…a small gap remained..that by the time u identified me..i went ahead of u…. i m ..!!’   MSK completes saying..’holding 25% shares of the company!!’ NT startled…and MSK says…’Surprised?  How i know everything..even before u told me?? NT..i m the boss of this company…. Geet Monday 9th March 2020 the major stakeholder of this company.. and whatever happens here cannot be hidden from my eyes..!! 25% shares being on the name of someone else is not a small thing..!! NT …..i din get answer to one thing… if 25% shares of this company were with Dev then why did u n Dev ruin Geets life??’ 
NT says.. ‘May be ur brother can answer this question better…but since u asked me..let me tell u ..that back then.. ur brother Dev…used to care for u and ur family name a lot..and by selling off the shares he din want to create a disrepute for the family and its name.. so to save ur pride he ruined anothers pride!! Now when all has come into the open… Geet monday 9 march 2020 update let me come in front n play!!’ MSK says..’This is not a cat n mouse game..but business n i m not Dev..but MSK.. n if u hv so much of desire to work here..then do..but remember.. that with the kind of passion and desire and speed with which u wanted to enter this company….u wuld want to run off even faster but i wont let u run away… i will ensure to make ur condition so worse that ….u will be scared to take not only mine but anyone elses chair..!!’  NT says…’U too remember one thing that  I am not going to go away from here..!!’ and MSK crosses her and goes and sits on his chair..!! 
MSK says… Geet Monday 9th March 2020 while going close the door n seek an apointment before u come to my cabin next time..!! NT is walking out of MSKs cabin n Sweety comes from other side..n Geet walking in between n NT n Sweety both smile  n Sweety winks at NT ..
Part 2
MSK sees Geet in the KC office alley working n calls her in the cabin..n Geet first refuses but MSK insists saying…he has to give her a dictation..!! Geet still protests but before she can say anything..MSK puts the phone down..!!  Geet comes into the cabin n says..’Sir!!’  MSK says..’Write a dictation… the fax u read..i need to answer that..!!’  Geet looks at him a bit startled..!! MSK looks at Geet and says.. ‘Write to them that ..i have accepted their sorry….*Geet smiles and looks at MSK n MSK smiles too.. MSK gets up from his chair and walks towards Geet*  also write that i liked their Sorry letter a lot..!! *Geet smiles and looks down shyly* and MSK adds.. ‘Tho the language culd have been better ..*Geet looks up startled* and MSK continues..’But its ok’ and Geet gets annoyed and looks away and MSK comes behind Geet near to her and Geet starts to walk away and MSK holds on to her dupatta..and pulls her closer!!  
Geet says…’Since yesterday till many things happened but…we culdn spend even two moments together..Geet!’  He turns Geet around and comes closer..and Geet says..’What are u doing..someone will come!!’  MSK puts his finger on her lip and says…’Today we wont talk of others….today we will talk of just us! Geet monday 9 march 2020 update We have been together since such a long time ….during this…we had so many fights and misunderstanding… so many times we promised to not talk to each other…but every time..we broke those promises to come together..!!’ *Geet lifts her hand which was between MSK n her to MSKs face and almost touches it!*  MSK holds her hand and kisses it..!! 
Part 3
NT with Pindi Queen n says..’Dunno how to thank u!! U so easily made MSK to let Geet go with u..!! Thank u Sweety!!’ .n Sweety says… ‘Well see now u talked like a fool….Naintare.. ur my buddy ….n ur enemy is my enemy .!!.She tried to create roadblocks in ur life na…now i wont leave her..!! But i dun understand as to how she works wit so much spunk and enthusiasm??’..
NT says….her spunk and enthusiasm is due to MSK……Till MSK is with her…breaking her spirits is very difficult..!!’  Sweety says…’Tell me straightforward …what should happen according to u!’  n NT says.. Geet Monday 9th March 2020 ‘She has to be taken a place ….where MSK cant reach her..and then ..she has to be harassed so much….that she wont be able to find a way to even run!!’…….. n Sweety tells NT ‘This time… u dun worry ..let my party come n we will hit the rod when its hot (Mauka dekhke chauka)’ n NT self thot….’Now u see Geet how i get rid of u n ur baby..permanently!!’

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