Geet Saturday 15 February 2020 update starlife


Geet Saturday 15 February 2020 update starlife; Maan jumps over a wall to find Geet, quietly. Geet is contemplating what to do now, as the police have gone as well. Maan has made his way into the house, and Geet is upset that she can’t make Dev pay.. she doesn’t know what to do. Maan walks to the room where Geet is, and turns away when he hears her voice. He unlocks it and opens the door, where Geet turns around. He throws the dupatta back at Geet, who scrambles to put it on.

Back at the house, Mahinder tells Brij off for even thinking of getting Geet married. Brij tells him that because of Geet, the whole family is suffering. The police came today because of her – and what happens if she doesn’t sign the papers tomorrow? Brij & Mahinder rant at each other, when Darji screams for quiet, and tells them that Brij is right. Everyone is shocked – Rajinder asks how he could think of doing that to Geet. Darji says that they made a mistake once, but it won’t happen again.

Geet Saturday 15 February 2020 update starlife

Back to ManEet, and Maan knew that Geet purposely didn’t come down. He wonders if treachery runs in female blood. Geet replies that she doesn’t know about that, but men wear treachery on their heads all the time. Maan says that when he first met her he thought she was a good girl, but today he realises how sly she is, and she’s probably done another bad thing elsewhere. Geet gets real angry and tells him to take off the blindfold and realise the truth.
Maan talks of the land – he wants her signature. Geet finally agrees, but on one condition. She wants the name & address of the agent who sold him the land. Maan says she’s in no position to bargain. But Geet stands firm – she’ll sign if he completes the condition. Maan asks her if she’s really thinking of blackmailing Maan Singh Khurana. He grabs her hand to drag her to the police station, and Geet says not to hold a girl’s hand like that. Maan retorts that it’s a litte thing, and he feels no shame.
As he’s dragging her to the station, Geet stumbles and almost falls when Maan saves her, and they stare at each other – there’s a flashback of when Maan saved Geet from drowning. Maan, embarrassed, looks away and stands Geet up, and drags her away.

Back at the ranch, Mahinder pleads with Darji not to get Geet married. Rajinder says they’ll forcefully get Geet to sign, and Mahinder agrees. Just then, Maan is shown walking Geet towards the family. Everyone freaks out, and Darji stands up
Brij goes up to Maan to tell him off – but Maan cuts him off. Maan tells everyone that to blackmail Maan Singh Khurana is impossible. He taunts Brij about giving his word to the inspector – what would happen if Maan called the inspector now? He calls all of them liars and traitors, and moves menacingly towards Geet, and tells her to sign, or he’ll call the police. Geet tells him to call them. Mahinder goes to stand in between ManEet, and Rajinder says that they have no intention of taking his land.

Geet Saturday 15 February 2020 update starlife

Maan tells them to tell Geet to sign without any conditions. ManEet have a staring contest, and Brij says he knows how to handle Geet. He’ll have the papers signed by tomorrow, and Maan finally agrees. He leaves, and Geet says she won’t sign the papers. She wants to punish Dev, and that she will complete.


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