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In Geet 28 march 2020; Geet saturday 28 march 2020 update, Maneet enter the restaurant….and Geet asks MSK …’Am i looking good in this saree?’ and MSK says..’Yes ur looking very beautiful’ .. Geet thanks MSK and exclaims..’Wow this is a nice restaurant..come lets sit at this table!’ As Maneet are about to sit.. a waiter comes and stops Maneet and says..’Excuse me sir…not at this table….! There is a special table booked for u both! Please come..!’ MSK says..’But Geet.. we hadnt booked any table….!’ Geet says..’No..but lets see..’ Waiter pulls the chair and asks Maneet to sit..!! MSK tells Geet..’Dun u think ..these people are doing a tad too much?’ Waiters come with food and start to keep on the table…MSK stops them and says..’One minute…neither have we ordered food nor have we asked to make all these arrangements..!’ Waiter says..’Sir..ur our special guest…and u dun need to order!’ MSK says..’But how can we be ur special guest? And why are u people making special arrangement for us?’ Waiter says…’Sir..we dont know..! We are doing what our Manager asks us to do!’ MSK disturbed and says..’This is heights..but without our saying..why is ur Manager doing all this for us? Who will pay for all this?’ Waiter says… Geet 28 march 2020 update ‘U dun have to worry about payment..Manager sir has instructed us not to collect any bill from you!’ MSK says..’Why would someone else pay our bill..!’ MSK says..’ one..thing..u sit here..i will be right back.!’ MSK gets up and tells the waiters to remove all the food they had brought and says..’Whatever we wish to order..we will tell …! Wheres your manager?’  Waiter says..’In his cabin!

MSK comes to the cabin n sees someone standing withe a file n his hand…. !! MSK says..’What is all this?’ The guy says..’I din get u?’  MSK says..’Why are u giving us special treatment?? Sometimes u r getting our room decorated..sometimes u arrange Candle Light dinner..Why all this is happening?’  The guy says..’I have not done anything like that…’ MSK says..’But ur waiters are saying that..they are getting instructions from u..!And they also said that we are ur special guest..’ The guy says…’Oh…well i m not the manager..rather his friend..who is waiting for him!’ MSK says..’Oh..(writes a message on a paper)Give this message to ur friend and tell him that i want to meet him!’ The guy takes the note and says..’Ok’  !! Geet 28 march 2020 update MSK leaves from there and comes and sits with Geet..! Geet asks..’Maan..did u talk to the Manager?’  MSK says..’He was not there in his cabin! But i have left a message for him! Atleast lets get to know..why he is doing so much for us!’  Geet says..’Leave all this… how does it make a difference to us..! If someone wants to do something for us..let him do..!! And we are not losing anything… we are food.. free cake..! I suggest that next time also..we come in this hotel to stay!’ MSK looks at Geet and says..’So u like things which are for free more?’ Geet clarifies..’No Maan..i din mean that..!I was thinking that if someone wants to do something for us..from their heart… then why should we break that poor chaps heart..! Anyways..leave it.. Lets have some food.. !!’ 
Geet update saturday 28 march 2020 Geet calls waiter and asks if Punjabi cuisine is available..and Waiter says…’It is..’ and Geet orders… ‘1 Panner Tikka.. 1 Dal Makhni…4 Nan ..Raita.. Masala Papad..’ and ‘Jeera rice..and Achar..’  MSK taken aback and grins.. n tells ‘Geet are u feeding the entire hotel?’ Geet touches MSKs biceps and says..’Maan..u have such a big body…but u eat so less!!’ MSK says..’I m a normal i will eat normal only..!’ Geet says..’Again..ur…’ !!  MSK gets a call…. n he receives it…!! MSK says..’Hello..’ but is unable to hear the voice..of the other person..n so gets up from his seat and stands aside and says..’Yes Sharma ji.. i will return in a day or two..! U do one think..pick ur file from the office..! As soon as u reach there..(MSK turns and sees a guy..looking in Geets direction)!’  MSK tells the guy on the phone..’I will call u back..!!’ and cuts the call..!! MSK gets flashbacks of the moments where he felt Maneet were being stalked and says..’Is this the same guy who keeps looking at us discreetly?’  MSK approaches the guy..and turns him around and says…’What is this?? Why are u stealing glances?’ The guy says..’What?’ MSK says..’What…do u think..i dunno ..that ever since me and my wife have come here..u are chasing us… watching us discreetly??’ The guy says..’What are u talking about? Why wuld i look at ur wife..when i myself have come here to celebrate my Anniversary with my wife..!! Today is our Anniversary..and i have planned a surprise for her..! I am happy she is on seeing my surprise..!’ (Points to his wife and MSK sees..!!) The girl gets a ring in the glass of drinks and is delighted…the guy goes over and hugs his wife..!!  MSK exclaims..’Something is wrong..Manager giving us surprise.. and someone following us..!’ 
Someone shown entering a cabin …and he sets the nameplate properly and it reads..’Dev Singh Khurana’ !! Devs face shown (new guy)…!! Dev’s friend asks..’Dev what is all this? Why did u make me lie?’ Dev says..’Coz i cant come before them…!’ Dev lifts a pic which has Anne-MSK-Dev and looks at it..!  
Geet update saturday 28 march 2020 Arjun in his cabin and is bargaining with the Mandap decorator….for revising the budget ! The guy says…its not feasible ..but Arjun manages to convince him and he finally agrees!! The mandap guy says.. ‘In a short while u have captured the markets pulse!’ The guy says..’Well u pay 2 lacs..and show me the designs of the Mandap!’ Arjun says..’Well that my partner will show u..!’ and calls Anne …and asks her to come to his cabin! The Mandap guy says..’U r new partner..knows work very well..! She has been here for just a few days..but her name is already being discussed in the market..!’ Arjun says. ‘Yah..!’ Anne comes with the designs..and Arjun introes Anne to the Mandap guy..! Anne shows the Mandap designs to the guy…! Anne says..’I want the Mandap in the shape of a pyramid and a long corridor to enter…!’ The Mandap guy is happy to see the designs !! Arjun too is impressed and checks out the designs..! Anne gets a call from Manav…and Anne talks to him and keeps the call down..!! Anne tells Arjun that..’Manav had called and wants to see the rings..for the wedding..!’ Arjun says..’Well..not a problem ..jeweller had called..ring is ready and shall come in a short while..!’ Anne suggests..’So i will ask him to come to office..!’ Arjun says..’Yes… such i have to go to meet the caterers…around one hour..n then we will discuss with the decorators..!’ 
Anne checking out the sarees n Romeo n Manisha come with gift baskets…n ask where to keep..Anne shows..!! Manisha comes and says.’Some more jeweleries have come..where to put Anne baby?’ Anne says…’How many times will u ask..keep it over there..!’ Romeo and Pinky are discussing the invite list..and Romeo says..’I feel there is some problem ..have sent cards to all ..except Major Chawdhari..!’ Pinky says..’Oops sorry..i forgot to write it….u write it..i have to go to see the saree..!’ Romeo asks for the pen n she gives while walking over to Manisha..who is checking the saree….! Manisha says..’Pinky ..what is this… Brides saree has such slim border.u have to get the border embroidered again..!’ 
Pinky says ..’Well do u know how much time it takes to get an embroidery done?’ Manisha nods.. Pinky says..’Well then..dun stick ur foot in things u know nothing about.. and by the way..this saree is not for the bride..but her mums..!!’ Peon comes and says to Pinky..’Brides ring has come!’ and hands over the case with the ring..!! Anne says..’Show me once..’ Pinky opens the box and brings to Anne..and Romeo checks it out as well and says..’Its very nice..!’ Geet update saturday 28 march 2020 A guy calls Romeo over to check the flowers and he goes..! Manav comes and looks around seeing everyone busy with wedding preparations and says..’U r office is decked up like a soon be brides dressing room..!’  Anne says…’Finally after all this effort..all this luggage is reaching here..!! Finally i feel relieved!’ Manav says…’Thats nice…and can i help u?’ Anne says..’Well all the arrangements are finally done…so..thank you!’ Manisha comes to says..that the Mehendi designer has come…! All discussing the Mehendi designs …and Arjun walks in!! Manav looks at Arjun and hugs him and asks.. ‘Whats up? By the way..looking at u guys i realised that wedding planning is not an easy job! To make one wedding successful..u all are working so much…and so many of u !! Thats commendable!’ Arjun grins and Anne says..’Our motto is …that ..whatever work u take up..u finish it with full honesty .. be it a wedding planning..enemity or love..!’ Anne looks at Arjun who looks back.. and Anne continues..’That its a separate issue that some people dun agree with me..!’ Manav says to Arjun..’Well atleast i believe one thing..that love has to be with full honesty! What say?’ Arjun silent..!! 
Manisha..choses a Mehendi design…and all agree that its really nice! Manisha asks Manav… ! Manav says..’Well i cant figure this..Anne why dun u put it on ur hand…!Then only i will be able to figure out..’ Arjun startled to hear and looks at Anne.. Anne says.’There are so many designs..i cant put all on my hand..!’ Manav says..’Not all.. but that one..’  Anne agrees and Mehendi put on Anne…!! All say..that it looks amazing on Anne!! Manisha asks Manav to come and see Anne’s mehendi and Manav holds Annes hand and looks at the Mehendi … Arjun stares..!! Manav looks and says..’Wow..pretty cool.! i had said..that practically it would look better..! But it was looking better on paper…’ Anne startled and Manav grins…!! Pinky tells Manav..u wanted to see the ring… here it is..!!  Manav looks at the ring and says..’Beautiful…i m sure its Annes choice..!’ Manav says..’I was about to say ..Anne to wear the ring..n show..but i think the ring size is not fit..for her!’ Anne says..’Well infact it is…the same size!’ Manav says..’Ok then wear it and show..!’ and puts the ring on Anne’s left ring finger… Arjun stares..! Anne looks at Arjun ..! Arjun gets up and leaves from there..!
Part 2
Geet update saturday 28 march 2020 Maneet coming down the flight of stairs and Geet teases MSK and says..’Dun be so suspicious Mr. Suspicious…!! I wish i were with u when u were talking to that guy…! It wuld have been so much fun to see ur face. ..u must be wondering where to look…!!’ MSK gets peeved and says…’I shouldnt have told u this…! U tease me for everything..!!’ Geet says…’Well if i dun tease u..then should i tease the neighbor?’ MSK says..’U wont improve..right?’ and Geet nods her head smilingly and says..’Sorry!’ Dev sees Maneet conversing in the hotel lobby…and walks away! MSK suddenly realises that he has forgotten the keys upstairs and asks Geet to wait as he goes to get the keys..!!Geet and MSK speak simultaneously..’Come back soon..’  Geet walks ahead in the lobby and checks herself in the mirror…!! As she turns after checking herself in the mirror.. she realises that she saw Dev who was coming out of a room …and Dev spots Geet too..!! By the time Geet turns to confirm her suspicion … Dev is no longer there..!! Geet starts to head towards where she saw Dev….but as she is about to open the door to the room where she saw Dev…. MSK comes and calls out for Geet…!! Geet stops in her tracks….n MSK asks..’What happened..?’ Geet looks at the door and says..’Nothing..u got the keys?’  MSK says..’Yes..’ and Geet says…’Ok then lets go!’ MSK too looks at the door to the room before both turn to leave…!! As Maneet are leaving… Dev comes out of the room n is shown in the bg..looking at Maneet..!! 
Anne -Arjun -Manav are coming out of a designers shop and Anne tells Manav that ‘There can be many themes but it all depends on what he wants..!! We can have wedding wit Cowboy theme or even Japanese theme!’ Manav says ‘No no.. i want typical indian wedding. Groom on horse…Ladies Sangeet…Band Baja….Dance! I want it completely Indian western!’ Arjun says….’I cant believe Manav ..u..the guy whom entire college used to call ‘Desi Angrez’ who always wanted everything American..he has so much love for his country??’ Manav says..’Having stayed away from home i realised that our values..culture are very compared to theirs!! There all relationships  n marriages end in divorce and look at here.. weddings r till death do us apart! Look at my mum n dad.. this year they are gonna celebrate their 31st Anniversary..but if u look at them it appears that they met just few weeks back..!! The reason for this  is Indian style marriage and Indian emotions..! Geet update saturday 28 march 2020 And thats why i told Uncle Khanna that wedding will be Indian style!!’  Anne says ..’I am amazed that despite of having stayed abroad for so long u have so much love for ur country and value its traditions especially Marriage! These days some people consider marriage as a joke.. as a game and sometimes a means to earn money!(Looking at Arjun who looks back at her)! Manav asks..’Really..who are u talking about?’ Anne says ‘Nobody in particular……Just talking in general! There are some such people!’
Part 3
Manav says..’Shall we leave?’ Arjun Anne nod and the trio go to the car..! Manav in drivers seat and Anne sits behind…! Arjun goes to sit in front seat with Manav!  Manav requests Arjun to go and sit behind so Anne can sit in the front seat as Manav wants to discuss something with Anne on the way and it was regarding Indian style wedding! Geet 28 march 2020 Arjun hesitates and Manav says..’While driving if i keep looking behind there could be chance of try n understand!’ Arjun agrees and goes to sit behind! Manav asks Arjun  if he felt bad and Arjun says..’Carry on buddy.. such small things dun trouble Arjun!!’ Arjun stares at Anne…!


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