Geet Thursday 27 February 2020 update


Geet 27 February 2020; Geet has changed into a new dress with her wedding bangles and sindoor with her trademark hairstyle. She looked very pretty though Ok so ya well..she wants to get out of the house and she takes the help of Rajji and Titoo. They clear the way so that Geet can go outside and search for Dev. So without anybody’s notice they go outside.

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Geet thursday 27 February 2020, Dolly comes up to bring Geet. She goes up to see Raji standing alone by the window.Dolly comes to know that Geet has gone away..out of the house. Down Daarji is calling Geet and telling everybodty that she is forbidden from going outside. Dolly and Rajji get scared.

Geet 27 February 2020, Geet is on the bike with Tito behind her. They are searching everywhere for Dev on the roads. Then they decide to go and check at the guest house where they stayed. As Geet is moving past towards the guest house , Dev is also coming from the land..they show both of them going parallel ways.

Geet is going towards the guest house…when she dashes with Brij who is in the car. They have an accident. Geet falls the same way when she met Dev..she rolls over..they show the flash-back of the dupatta scene. Geet is then brought to life by Brij who starts shouting at her. He pushes her into the car. Geet is begging him that she wants to check the guest house for Devji. Geet thursday 27 February 2020

They reach the house. Daarji is shouting at Geet for going out of the house..But shes adamant that Devji will not betray her. Everybody is very shocked with her reaction. She even back answers Daarji. Brij gets very angry and starts shouting at her. But she still talks about Dev and not being wrong. Brij slaps her. Geet’s leg gets stuck to a thorn and blood is pouring. Brij holds her neck when Geet says she cannot forget Dev. Geet’s mother is begging him to leave. But he doesnt. Suddenly a door bell rings. They take Geet on top with her bloody foot prints making marks on the floor. Geet thursday 27 February 2020

Geet 27 February 2020, Mohinder opens the door and sees some man. Maan turns and introduces himself as Maan Singh Khurana. He says he wants to buy their land.


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