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Geet Tuesday 7 January 2020 update Starlife

Monday update on Geet 24 February 2020 starlife
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Geet Tuesday 7 January 2020 update Starlife

Geet Tuesday 7 January 2020 update Starlife; Geet gets back to her house to seek justice instead of going to the police station. Everyone is shocked to see Geet alive. Later, Maan advises Geet to seek legal help.

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Geet tells everyone about Brij’s attempt to kill her. Geet’s father asks Darjee to accept his mistake and Geet says she wants to cut ties with the family. Arguing with Geet, Brij accidentally confesses to killing Channi!

Naintara sobs as she tries to touch him, and tells Dev she loves him. Dev has had enough however, tells her to go before someone sees her here, and for her to wipe the tears – she’s his wife, she’s meant to listen. He tells Naintara that the next day he’s bringing Geet to the airport – the plan is on. He motions for Naintara to go. Geet Tuesday 7 January 2020 update Starlife

Geet Tuesday 7 January 2020 update

Geet is running through the corridor, and down the stairs wondering where Dev is. She reaches outside, and looks ahead of her, when Dev is shown behind her, watching her as she’s looking for him. He walks up behind her, and smiles as he touches her hair (that music really is creepy). She whips around, relieved to see it’s ‘Devji’. She holds onto him, telling him never to leave her again. Dev strokes her hair with this truly freaky smile..
He puts his hands on her face, and tells her not to cry – he was only being naughty, as he wanted for them to hold each other like that (I wanna scream, damn it).

He asks Geet how she could even think that he’d leave her, but if he does – to which Geet looks up shocked – then she should close her eyes and count to five, and he’ll be in front of her. She smiles and hugs him again, thinking that with him, they have seven lifetimes to spend together. Dev thinks to himself “just a few more hours Geet, and this relation will be over soon…” (thanks flamingo_aries for what Dev actually said.. made more sense, so I could translate it)

The scene cuts to the airport, and Geet looks out the window expectantly. She gets out of the car, and wonders how many people are there, before turning around looking at Dev. It’s then shown that Naintara & Pammi are standing behind her. Dev motions at Naintara, to which Geet turns and says her hellos. She goes to touch Pammi’s feet, and notices Pammi’s very worried. Naintara tells Geet that Pammi is just worn out from all the travelling (oh yeah, travelling).

Dev puts his bag on top of the rest of the luggage, and Kamya opens her mouth – “Highlight! Look at Dev’s face, it’s as if he hasn’t slept the entire night!” Naintara looks up sharply, Geet looks down smiling shyly, and Dev looks sternly at Kamya. Naintara realises what’s happened, and Dev tells off Kamya, saying she’s always making up stories. Geet looks distraught at what he says.Naintara tells Dev..ji if they’re ready to go. He looks up, as Naintara says that as it’s Geet’s first international flight, it’ll take her a little time to understand the procedures. Geet pipes up and mentions that forget an international flight, it’s her first time in an airport. Pammi looks very worried as she hears this, but Naintara tenderly tells Geet “there’s always a first time”.

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