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Geet 17 July 2020: Geet Friday 17th update July 2020 The episode starts with Maan quickly rushing out of the dhaba, and talking to himself – saying that Maan Singh Khurana doesn’t do things like that, so how did he do it today? First the chillies, then the bhangra, and then lassi on his muche – what’s happening to him?

Geet 17 July 2020: He goes and sits in his car, and then notices Geet laughing. He asks her if her lassi was mixed with bhang that she’s laughing like that? Geet laughs some more and informs him that although they can sit in the car, they can’t go anywhere. Maan asks why, and Geet tells him to get out of the car… this is when Maan notices his tyres have been stolen.
Maan complains, and Geet remarks that there would have been no use to steal one tyre. Maan looks at her, and Geet wonders aloud why he’s looking at her. Maan silently asks what she’s on about, and Geet mentions that Maan Singh Khurana always notices everything, so then why didn’t he notice the tyres missing? Maan instantly blurts out “because of you”… MaanEet moment (it was quick.. kudos for that).

Maan looks away and says that he knew he shouldn’t have come with Geet – something always happens. It would have been better if he hadn’t come with her to the dhaba. Geet looks up and asks Babaji why Maan is starting on her again, and Maan hears…
Geet straightens up and tells Maan that at dhabas, bikes and trucks aren’t seen.. so when a big car is seen here, obviously a nice thief won’t let go of the opportunity… and then says something about a bird flying away – akin to crying over spilt milk. (credit to dee30 for the translation).
Geet then says they should go home. Maan inquires how they’ll get home, and Geet says by walking. Just then, a storm (more like THE storm) comes, and Maan complains that only this was left to happen. It starts raining, and Maan runs back to his car.

Geet update Friday 17 July 2020: Geet on the other hand, is enjoying the rain… and calls Maan out of his car. She says that feeling the rain is full of pleasure. Maan retorts that Geet is in need of a mental hospital. Maan hates the rain, and Geet asks him why he always finds the bad bits about everything? A rose, and he finds the thorns, a storm, and he finds the mud.

Geet tells him that happiness is derived from the little moments in life – happiness isn’t far, it’s right here, but Maan seems to have closed the door to his happiness so tight that it’s like he’s waiting for a big happy moment.
Maan says that he’s not waiting for anyone, and Geet says that’s more worry for her now… waiting should always happen – in cold weather, waiting for hot tea; finishing some work, waiting for congrats; the weather’s first monsoon, waiting for the first droplets… She starts frolicking in the rain…
Maan watches her, and then closes his eyes and thinks back to Geet wiping the lassi off his face, and of Geet dancing… he opens his eyes, and “Muhje Behne Do” starts.

Maan watches her from his car… and then he walks out, still watching her. Geet is cupping her hands… and the song stops… Geet’s remembering her moments with Dev – when he put his hand under hers during the other rainstorm, and kisses her head, reliving that first night together. Maan touches her shoulder, and Geet turns around startled.
Maan notices her crying, and asks what’s wrong… she H-U-G-S him.

Geet 17 July 2020: He returns the hug, and Muhje Behne Do continues… until Geet suddenly pulls away from him. She’s sobbing, and she tells him she has to go home.. she’s sorry, and runs off. Maan tries to stop her, but to no avail. He looks after her, and then spreads his arms and lets the rain fall on him…
He realises that Dev was right (well duh Maan) – Maan is changing… Geet is changing him…

Twist of Fate update friday 17 July 2020

The next day starts off with a shower scene at the Khurana mansion – Maan is thinking of all his moments with Geet, from their first meeting, to their first hug, to their numerous moments at the office, to the dancing at the dhaba, to their hug… the shower turns off.

Geet Friday update 17 July 2020: At the Khurana building, Cupid (Mr.Chopra) mentions that it’s getting late, and Maan still isn’t there. Geet says he’ll be there soon. Adi takes Geet to the side, and mentions that Maan’s middle name was ‘punctual’, but today he’s late? Something big must have happened. Geet thinks back to the hug… and Maan is also thinking of it while pouring milk into a cup. He’s in a daze as he thinks about her, and sits down at the table.
Dev comes, and sits down with him. He starts talking to Maan, but Maan pays no attention until Dev mentions the word secretary. Hearing this, Maan wakes up.. and Dev laughs, mentioning that it took him to say the word secretary before Maan focused. Maan smiles slightly before realising what Dev’s going on about, and abruptly stands up, and says no. Maan was thinking about work, and he’s late. He goes to leave, and Dev lets him know he wants to talk about business. Maan says in the evening, and walks off.

Back at the office, Adi walks towards Geet and Pinky.. and mentions that Cupid has been waiting for an hour. Just then SB & TB come, and SB sarcastically congratulates Adi for becoming a secretary. She then turns towards Geet, and accuses her of not reminding Maan about the meeting today. Geet lets SB know that she wrote the date in his calendar, but she’s going to call him again.
Geet Friday 17 July 2020 update: She stands next to the phone, and finally gathers courage to call him – as Maan is walking through the building, still in a daze. Geet calls him, and cheerfully asks him where he is so she can inform Cupid of his whereabouts. Instead of answering, Maan hangs up thinking back to Geet twirling in the rain and hugging her… He asks himself why he can’t control himself.. when he hears Geet’s voice? How is Maan going to face her?
Geet stands at the phone, saying he cut the phone?

Geet 17 update July 2020: Quick scene b/w Dev & Naintara – Naintara asks Dev if he talked to Maan.. Dev says Maan was a bit busy, so he’ll talk to him tomorrow (arrey, Dev toh Naintara ke ishaare pe naachre hain). Naintara icily asks why Dev doesn’t understand… everything is waiting for him, but he still delays it all. Naintara asks if Dev wants to be spoonfed all his life, and Dev rebukes her… but she doesn’t stop. If Dev doesn’t start working in the office, he has no idea what Naintara will do to him and this house… she will play with people’s lives if she has to.
Dev retorts that he’ll talk to Maan… and then she won’t be able to open her mouth.

Geet goes to open a door, and bumps into Maan…
The episode ends with a MaanEet moment…

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