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Geet update Friday 19th June 2020; Geet update Friday 19 June 2020, The show starts with Dev and Geet on the bridge. Dev says the first time we met here and last time also we are meeting here only. Geet is about to say something when Brij comes there. He shouts at Geet to go home and starts hitting Dev very badly in anger. Geet who is standing behind the tree is traumatized. She cries but feels helpless.

Geet update Friday 19 June 2020 Geet then goes home..Darji loudly shouts her name. She goes in front of Darji and brings her hand forward so that he can hit her. All the family members look on. As Darji was about to hit Geet Dev comes and keeps his hand over Geet’s. He says sorry for what happened and takes the blame that it was he who called Geet and its not Geet’s fault. But Brij and Darji dont agree. Brij is about to hit Dev with the talwar.

Jiji Maa update Monday 22 June 2020 on Adom TV

Geet update Friday 19th June 2020 At that time a few police officers come and inquire about Channi’s death. They just handle it somehow saying that Channi’s mother is gone mad and is lying. The police ask Dev how did he get hurt as he had some bruises on his face. Dev answers that he fell down. The police then goes. Dev with folded hands apologizes again and says that their family respect matters to him too as he also cares about their family. He says that hes feeling very bad that he is leaving something else and going..Geet 19 June 2020 Something is not right. As he was leaving , Darji is touched by his behaviour and asks Dev if he is ready to marry Geet within 3 days.

Geet Friday Update 19 June 2020 Next scene is Geet with her sis and bro. They tease her regarding her marriage and Dev. They go to get ready for the roka ceremony. Dev and Geet’s roka is performed with traditional punjabi music in BG. Jewels is given to Dev’s family and all hugs are going on. Geet is looking very sad and scared. Dev’s bhabhi and mom smile and give each other cunning looks.

Pre-cap – Dev and Geet are talking at the fields with her younger bro and sis. Brij comes and shouts at them to go inside.

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